Nine Personal Hygiene Habits to Teach Your Teenager 

If you are the mother of a busy teenager who is more interested in listening to their playlist than looking after their health and skin, you might want to intervene before it is too late. At the age of 12-13, it is time to talk to the kids about how their body is changing and how to look their best without a ton or makeup or hairspray. As a parent, you are likely to have little or no say in their fashion choices, but you can still teach your teenagers how to create a healthy personal hygiene routine that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Below you can find ten habits you must encourage your teenagers to take on.

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  1. Brushing Teeth in the Morning and At Night

This habit is generally taught by parents at an early age, but teenagers tend to dismiss the routine, and this can cause several problems later in life. Make sure that you check on your teen in the morning before they leave for school, or they can claim to be too busy to complete this two-minute job. Likewise, explain to them that all the bacteria they leave in their mouth and on their teeth will work against the enamel through the night, so they must brush before bed.

Five Tips For Parenting With A Busy Schedule 

When you're run off your feet it's hard to spend quality time with your children. You want to give them as much of your attention as possible but other commitments like work and chores are getting in the way. Before you know it your children will be fully grown and off to college so utilise the time you do have with them early on. Here's a couple of ideas to help you out.

Get organized 

As a parent time is valuable. Look for areas of your life where you're wasting your energy. Making lists can be a great way of prioritising what needs to be done. Having it all written down means you can tick off what you've achieved as you go along. Categorising your noted can be s good way of deciding what's most important in your day. If you have a smart phone there are lots of apps that you can download to keep you on track. These devices can be set to notify you with little reminders to help you stay focused. Get things done at work so you don't have to stay late.

 8 Things To Do Today That Your Health Will Thank You For

Have you ever considered that what you do today has an impact on your health far into the future? The truth is that the things that you do for your health today have a much longer-lasting impact than you might realize. This is why taking care of your health (both your mental and physical health) today is so crucial, particularly if you plan on living to a ripe old age.

We live in a time where health has become an amazing trend. There are health drinks sold in every store, vegan restaurants spreading quickly across the globe, and probiotics in an incredible range of products, from food to skincare. We are incredibly lucky in terms of the time that we live in and the approach to health that the world offers today.

The problem is that far too many people are not taking advantage of the incredible time in which we live and are leaving their health (and happiness) down to chance. But you don’t have to be one of these people if you plan on leading a long and happy life, it is crucial that you start taking your health seriously and make changes to reflect that.

With that in mind, below is a list of eight things that you can do today that your health will thank you for in the future. These are not just things that will impact your physical health but also your mental health, as mental health and wellness is just as crucial to your happiness as physical health.

What is Travel Insurance?

People love to travel, not to mention the status of financial capacity to travel. There are many reasons why people want to travel and love to travel more often. People are willing to save money for dream destinations. But why people travel? For some, It's endless learning, others wanted an adventure and challenging themself. While many of us just want to celebrate life, relax, and appreciate what life is. Whatever reasons you have in mind that's fine as long as you're being responsible and there's nothing to worry about.

The Future Of Health Treatments

Many people believe that we are already living in the future because of all the new tech that has been incorporated into our lives over the past few years. For instance, just look at all the smart tech that we now have in our homes - it is now possible to buy a fridge or a coffee machine that can be connected to the internet. This would have been something only seen in sci-fi movies just five years ago!

It certainly seems like technology is moving very fast. And this can only be a good thing, especially in one part of life - health and medicines. Thanks to lots of new tech advances and developments, the health and pharmaceutical industries are benefiting greatly. You can already see much of this tech in common health settings like hospitals and GP practices. However, there is much more under the surface that you can't see. Testing laboratories, for example, commonly use NovoPath software to track specimens, make reports and view imaging, helping to speed up diagnosis for patients. Want to know where else all of this new tech could take us? Here are some of the forecasts that many experts believe will quickly take over the world of health treatments.

Remote Consultations Become Possible

Video calls are now becoming a normal way to communicate with our friends and family. For instance, I’m sure you’ve used apps like FaceTime and Skype quite a few times over the past few years to get in touch with your nearest and dearest. Well, pretty soon it looks like remote consultations with doctors and health professionals will be the new norm thanks to developments in video tech. So, rather than have to go to your nearest doctor’s practice to find out the reason for your symptoms, you will simply be able to give your doc a quick call and he or she will be able to consult you via a video call. It is believed that this will help more people catch dangerous health conditions and diseases in their early stages.

Start a Blog to Document Your Parenting Fun and Frustrations

Every parent is different, but we're all learning as we go along. There are lots of lessons you'll learn as a parent, as well as many frustrations, joys and surprises. Often you'll want to share these things, or just see if anyone else is experiencing the same things you are. Although you might have friends who are parents, sometimes you can feel like you haven't exactly found your "parenting tribe". One way you can reach out to more people and engage with other parents is by starting a blog. It's a fun thing to do, a great way to share your opinions, and a way you can practise and showcase your creative skills too. If you're thinking of starting a blog, here are some things to consider.

Revealing Your Personal Life Online

Before you decide to start up a blog, think about how much of yourself you want to share online. Many of us already share a lot of information through social media, but we often prefer to share it with friends only. Also, these are usually only snapshots of our lives and not in-depth posts. If you start a blog, how are you going to approach it? Are you going to be anonymous or perhaps avoid mentioning your children's names? What subjects are you prepared to discuss? Remember that once something is online, it can be very hard to get rid of. Are you prepared for your children to read what you write if they one day discover your blog?

Enjoying a youthful Christmas season with Premium HyC 150


The holidays are here! The most wonderful season of the year that each and every Filipino look forward to. It’s the season of giving, shopping for gifts and reuniting with family and friends. With all of these Christmas activities, we can’t help but feel stressed and fatigued despite all the cheers. We prepare for heavier traffic, crowded malls, out-of-town trips and the holiday parties. Add to this, the days before the long break also brings deadlines and piles of paperwork to finish.
Although technology has designed a lot of tools to help us cope with all the stress and excitement the holidays bring like online shopping and video conference parties, Filipinos are still fond of going through the rigorous traffic and long lines of the Christmas shopping rush. This kind of dedication to the holidays is to prove to their loved ones and friends that they are special – their gifts were bought with much effort and their presence are felt during parties.

 Keeping Up With The Kids This Winter Break

Children are pretty much life’s biggest adventure and it isn’t until you are a parent yourself that you realize that there is a lot more to raising a family than just ensuring they’re fed and warm. A big part of raising children is keeping them entertained, and as a parent, this job falls to you most of the time. When school vacation times approach, it can be stressful. Without the distraction of school and homework, children are easily bored – no matter their age.


Teenagers that prefer to spend their time holed up in the privacy of their bedrooms are just as hard to keep entertained as the three-year-old that wants to make Lego towers in the den. Winter break is probably the hardest of the school vacation breaks, as unless you live somewhere that gets a decent snowfall, you can find yourself truly stuck for ideas. Cabin fever is very real during the school vacation, but the beauty of the winter break is the sheer level of indoor activities that can be done with a festive theme. Most parents appreciate the necessity of screen time while the kids are at home, and when you have teenagers upstairs using one TV set and smaller children downstairs with another TV set, plus tablets and smartphones on the go, you need to ensure you have the right internet speed to keep up. So, before you get started with any winter activities, make sure that you’ve updated your service with las vegas internet providers. Not every day will be sponsored by screen time, of course, but when the weather is harsh outside and there is housework to be done it can be an absolute blessing. Keeping the kids occupied without the use of electronics, in a day where most toys are electronic, and tablets are the go-to entertainment system, isn’t easy. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some great ways to keep the kids occupied and learning all at the same time.


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It doesn’t matter whether you use Lego blocks, stickle bricks, or wooden cubes, children can be entertained for hours with blocks. Older children may turn their nose up at the idea of building blocks for fun, but the beauty there is that so many companies are making building more structured. Check out these building kits for older kids, and they can get as involved in building blocks as the younger children in the house. Buy bigger blocks for younger children rather than the tiny bricks, as they can play for ages without getting frustrated. It’s a great way to spend time, and it never gets old!





Craft supplies need to be replenished for the winter break for this one, but you can really encourage creativity by getting the kids to make something without there being an actual task. Keep drawers of glue, ribbons, paper, sparkles, felt and glitter stocked up. The best thing about the festive break is the fact you can make Christmas decorations and holiday cards for the family. Giving the kids the chance to let loose and create without rules is a wonderful way to see their creative side come out. A school is a good place for kids to be, but there isn’t much room to be creative with glitter! So, get the crafts out and watch their imaginations unfold.

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Children are all about imagination, and if you have the supplies to make puppets together (as part of making!), you can spend time with the children writing a short play and acting it out with the puppets. You can even use the clothes of the grown-ups in the house as dress-up clothes and put on a little skit for the parent who isn’t at home all the time.


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Story Time

Rather than sitting down and taking some time to read books, why not give the kids a story starter to make up their own? This is a great game for older children, especially, as they can really allow their imagination to flourish. Starting a story and allowing children to fill the blanks, like Ad-Libs, can really invite humor and imagination to the table. It’s also a great way for you to see how your children’s minds work.





One of the best ways to spend time with the kids is baking. Christmas cookies, gingerbread men, cakes – whatever you fancy, you need to get stuck in together. There are some excellent recipes for Christmas cookies here, so take a look and pick the favorite flavor of the gang. You could make a day of baking and decorating biscuits and cupcakes, and then tie this in with a movie night. Homemade snacks, anyone?


Image Source


Camp Out

Festive movies, sleeping bags, and midnight feasts don’t have to take part outside in the garden. Create a den in the living area and drape sheets over the sofas and chairs to make an indoor tent. Tell spooky stories, eat s’more-themed cupcakes, and sing Christmas songs. You don’t have to go outside in sub-zero temperatures to enjoy a camping experience. You don’t even have to wait until bedtime to camp out if you don’t want to; make a day of it and spend time playing forts!


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Snow Fight

If you get a flurry of snow before your children break out for school, make use of it. There’s nothing that says making memories like getting stuck into fresh powder and having a snowman-building competition! Get the neighborhood kids together and have a snowball fight and make snow angels. If you aren’t a big fan of the snow, make snowflakes with these instructions and hang them from the windows – they’ll look so beautifully festive, especially if you add on some silver glitter!

Spending time with the children doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be expensive. There are so many things you can do to make your winter break fun and successful. Rediscover your relationship with the kids and have fun while you do it.

5 Things That Are Stopping You From Sleeping Tonight

There is nothing worse than feeling so incredibly tired that you can’t focus on anything. Everything takes three times as long to do, and you don’t seem to be able to figure out the simplest of problems in your head. Good quality sleep isn’t easy to accomplish, though. There are plenty of reasons why your time in bed isn’t leaving you refreshed, focused and energized. Here are just 5 of the biggest culprits disrupting your slumber:

Brain Strain

Too much going on in your day can leave you still buzzing at bedtime. Sleep is perfect for problem-solving, so try to let everything go. Leave it to your brain to figure everything out while your body is getting some rest. Switch off, and find a way to let your eyes feel heavy. Deep breaths that gradually elongate can help. Count the seconds for each inhalation and exhalation. This gives your mind something else to focus on too.

Christmas Gifts For Older Family Members

Ensuring we find the right Christmas gifts is a key part of the season for most of us. We want to be able to find the exact right gift that is going to make the recipient smile from ear to ear; something that is truly going to enrich their lives.

Most of us parents know what to buy for our kids, and have a good idea about what our spouse and friends might like-- but what we buy our parents or other older relatives is a lot more difficult. The issue is main all the more complex by the fact that if you ask, these relatives are likely to shrug and say they have everything they need, and our company is enough-- which is a lovely sentiment, but we want them to be able to enjoy the Christmas gift exchange as well.

If you’re struggling for gifts for your older family members this Christmas, then here are a few ideas you might want to consider…

Smart Home Implements To Truly Live on The Cutting Edge

If you’ve been following any technological trends lately, you’ll have noticed that the smart home phenomenon is getting more interesting by the day. There are many wonderful new implements to install in a cutting-edge house, and they can effectively help you run your life more easily. We’re not yet able to use AI robots to conduct all of our chores (give it time,) but what is on offer is fantastic, revolutionary, and can help bring your home to the next level.

We’re here to give you insight into the products currently on offer, exciting features of the modern-day interconnected online world.

 Helping Your Baby Be as Healthy as They Can

There are so many baby products out there that it can be difficult to choose which one is the right one you both your child and you. Parents need to take into account aspects such as pricing, nutrition, safety and everything in between. A lot of the time, parents will share their secrets with each other, often going off one another’s recommendations, but usually what works for some doesn’t work for everyone else. All children are unique, after all.

Thankfully, if one thing doesn’t work for you, it isn’t the end of the world. When considering your child’s needs you must remember that there are a lot of different products out there, it just takes a little bit of digging to find the right one. Here are some tips on finding the perfect products for not only your child but you, as well.

Have a Happy Holidays with Svelt’i

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. From frenzied last-minute shopping sprees to multiple Christmas parties, we really can’t deny that the holidays are just around the corner. But, despite all the infectious merriment that the holidays bring, we also cannot deny the fact that all the stress the holiday season brings can absolutely take a toll on your skin with all the late-night partying, non-stop eating, and mad traffic we all have to deal with.

So how do we deal with these skin SOS and still be as glowing and youthful during the holidays?

Gift Guide for Him

With Christmas around the corner, not only is everyone feeling the Yuletide joy but also the stress of finding the perfect present for the men in their life. No matter if you’re looking for your father, husband or brother, British businesswear company
T.M.Lewin has reated the perfect gift guide for the man who seems to have everything.

Keep Him Cozy this Winter:

Winter accessories make great gifts for men, as we all know how dreadful those cold nights can be. While T.M.Lewin’s gloves have luxurious leather on the outside and a cashmere lining, their cashmere scarves are light and soft, making both of these accessories the best (and coziest) gifts for the season.

S.W.A.P. (Sensible Ways At Preserving) Our Lives

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We spend a lot of time looking for a different version of something that will benefit us one way or another, such as finding a cheaper version of the same product, or a healthier version, such as diet soda. But, instead of looking for the cheaper option, or going for the diet version of something that we all think will benefit us (when in actual fact it only helps us in the short term), we need to think about making it more effective swaps in our lives. So, what are the most effective decisions in life we can make for healthier and happier versions of ourselves?

Effective Vice Swaps
We've all got a little something that's a big vice for us, whether it is sugary treats or cigarettes, the trick is not to cut them completely out of our lives, but rather, phase them out. That means gradually cutting down on cigarettes, or eating that one less chocolate bar per day, until the health benefits you feel are so great that you prefer living this way. That is the trick to escaping any habit. Of course, for many, habits are addictions. And cigarettes are one of those major ones in life, and to make the experience much less unpleasant, there are swaps that people are making now like vapes or e-cigarettes. You can shop Vaporescence products or any e-cigarette providers now and get a decent amount of advice and support on picking effective products to help you kick your habit. People who go on to e-cigarettes have generally found that they have cut down gradually on these also.

Top Tips On Getting Through Winter For The Hypochondriac In You

When you have children winter can be a time of year when bugs and colds spread like wildfire. With the upcoming festivities and back to school in January, you want to avoid the entire house being wiped out with the newest strain of flu.  Here are some tips that can help you and your family to stay as healthy as possible this winter season.

Star Chart For Young Children
Even if you are able to have a doctor on call, it’s smart to take as many precautions as possible to ensure your children don’t pick up anything too nasty. Yes, it builds their immune system, but may cause you to miss time from work at a high traffic time like Christmas. Having a star chart for practising good habits like washing their hands before eating, catching any sneezes in a tissue, thoroughly washing their hands with soap after using the toilet and covering their mouths when they cough can stop germs from spreading. Carrying anti-bac wipes and hand sanitizer while out and about - especially when travelling on public transport - can also kill any nasties your children have picked up from the handrails or the very loved stop button. Making these activities fun and interesting can ensure they are made habit rather than forgotten.

Flu Jab And Vitamins


Natural Care Products for New Mums


After giving birth, taking care of yourself and your body is of the utmost importance. Not only will proper self-care speed up your recovery, but it will also ensure the safety and health of your baby. If you decide to breastfeed your little one, you need to be mindful of the products you use because they can affect your baby, as well. From your diet to the hygiene products you use, you need to make sure to get rid of everything that might expose you and your child to chemicals and toxins. Therefore, it’s advisable that you switch to natural hygiene products to ensure your and your baby’s well-being.

Be fragrance-free

Babies’ sense of smell is quite sensitive, which is why you need to avoid products with strong fragrances. While gentle aromas may not be unpleasant to your baby, they may contain chemical substances that can cause numerous health problems, ranging from skin irritation to serious damage to your and your baby’s immune systems. Even if you choose products with natural scents, you can never be sure that they are completely free of chemicals. Therefore, choosing fragrance-free products is the safest option for a breastfeeding mom. In addition, products with strong scents can hinder your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. By switching to fragrance-free products, you will allow your baby to sense your natural scent that they will simply adore.

How to Encourage Kids to Adopt a Daily Skincare Routine  

After a busy day preparing meals, getting the kids to school, and working hard in an office or at home, a skincare routine can sometimes be the last thing we feel like taking part in. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing take at least five minutes, yet most of us probably notice a major difference when we take the time to apply our favorite products regularly. What would you say if someone told you that skincare should actually begin in childhood? There are many reasons why keeping the largest organ in our body in optimal condition, is so much more than an adult concern.


Productive Ways To Use Your Smart Phone

We lose a lot of time to our phones, whether we communicating and having fun, or writing on their inbuilt notepads because we can’t get to our computers. Despite this, there’s no problem with playing around on your phone; there's a reason so many games exist on app stores for you to mess around on whenever the fancy takes you. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not distracting and keep you from getting on with some good work!

So we want to be a little more productive with what we can get up to on them. It doesn’t even have to be because people look down on your for being on your phone, but that you feel like you’re stagnating a little every time you look at it. Thankfully, there’s plenty of things to get on with on your cell phone, so use a few of these ideas to get more done and feel a little more creative about your time.

Download a Learning App

When you have a few spare minutes to yourself, you can turn to your phone to learn something new. Even if you don’t have any apps on your cell to use, the instant connection to the internet either via wifi or your 4G means there’s plenty of websites for you to visit when you’re commuting or you’re just sitting around with nothing else to do. Plus, with websites being prioritised if they’re mobile friendly, it doesn’t have to be a hard stretch to find something accessible.

With things like Duolingo, which is entirely free to use, you can learn an entire new life skill in the form of another language whenever you have a spare moment. You can devote more and more time to it when you get into the habit, and it’s a good habit forming activity to get into, so try it out now!

Improve Your Beauty Routine And Boost Your Confidence Today!

There are lots of small alterations you could make to your beauty routine to ensure you never suffer from low-confidence. There are also some modern techniques and procedures you might not have tried in the past. With all that in mind, it’s sensible to take a moment to read through this post before putting some of the tips into action. Far too many ladies feel less than confident when they dress up and enjoy a night out with their friends. The ideas below are guaranteed to turn that situation around and leave you feeling as beautiful as you did when you were young.


Always wash that makeup off

Lots of women make the mistake of climbing straight into bed when they arrive home after a night out on the town without removing their makeup. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that you’re going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. Those solutions are not designed to stay on your body for more than a few hours. So, ladies who fail to wash their makeup off before getting into bed will increase the chances of suffering:

  • Spots
  • Blemishes
  • Dry skin
  • Acne

Creative Ways To Include A Junior Bridesmaid in Your Wedding

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The present lady of the hour needs her wedding to be a declaration of affection and life. Indeed, even the most formal weddings today are somewhat milder. They are chic and downplayed and the function grasps the respected visitors that visit. Weddings often include all members of the blended family.

This is the reason for the popularity of the junior bridesmaid.  If a young lady is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid, she is perfect for the role of junior bridesmaid. But, if you include her in the bridal party, you must include her in the process as well.

She can be a part of many of the wedding preparations and included in preparations as long as they are age appropriate. This would be things like shopping with the bride, helping select the dresses, and going to the beauty parlor.

Junior bridesmaid dress
The junior bridesmaid dress can mimic the bridesmaid dress or she can wear a junior brides dress. You may include lashes if the essential bridesmaids are going strapless, or abbreviate the dress to a tea length, however it ought to be exceptionally near a similar dress. You can arrange an example dress for a little store and attempt it on her at home. Bridal professional Azazie offers this service.

Cut Out The Stress When You're Expecting!

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Pregnancy can be an incredible time in many women's lives, filled with the joy and expectation of everything that's yet to come. Many women find that they relish every moment of it as they watch their bodies changes and their babies grow. However, for a lot of women, it can also be a pretty stressful time. After all, you’re not always going to know how your body will be changing and many of the effects of pregnancy can be pretty unpleasant when you get right down to it. In order to help you if you're feeling a little worried about the whole experience, here are a few ways to cut out the stress of your pregnancy.

Stay healthy

There are a lot of occasions where it feels as though pregnancy is really taking a toll on your body. Everything from morning sickness to joint pains to the sensation of a tiny person kicking you in the bladder fifty times a day can leave you feeling pretty run down. That's why it's so important to eat healthily and try to stay active. If you're as healthy as possible, then your pregnancy is going to be that much easier to deal with. Of course, it's not just your health that you need to worry about, so prenatal vitamins from places like are a must for most expecting mothers. There's so much choice out there that having somewhere that can narrow down the list for you is incredibly useful.   

Learning With Education App

The way our modern-day kids learn is so different from how we learned when we were kids. Today’s kids are surrounded by high-technology devices and learning methods have changed so much from the traditional ways of learning. Those days, we need to memorize so many things, e.g. timetables for mathematics. Those days, we were not allowed to bring our calculators into the exam hall but now kids are using e-calculators and they are allowed to take them into their classes.

We are now living in a world surrounded by electronic devices and are depending more on online homework apps to lighten our homework load. Our kids are overloaded with homework and they hardly have time for recreational activities. Whether it is for outdoor or indoor activities, our kids need time to relax and have some fun instead of spending hours of learning in school and hours trying to finish their homework after school. With the homework apps, students are able to have more playtime.
For those who are using iPhone or iPad, you can download one of the best iTunes education apps onto your mobile device. Some of the education apps like the Great Courses Plus are only available on the App Store. This education app enables students to have access to over 8,000 college-level videos and lectures taught by experts or professors. With this app, you can stream the videos to your iOS devices, or download the videos and lectures to watch them offline at a more convenient time.

Why Choose Maxglam hair?

Premium Hair Weave Brazilian 

Wig is the short term for periwig a  head cover made from human hair,Animal hair or a synthetic fiber.There are different why people choose to wear wigs,Some are to cover baldness,Others are for glam.Whatever reasons you may have why you need to wear or why you wanted to wear wigs it's important to know the different types of wigs for your needs.

When you're in a tight budget your option is the synthetic wig which is mostly made of acrylic and nylon and these are machine made and can be styled too.It can be used for maximum of six months or depends on how you are using it.If you are looking for a high quality wigs,Then go for a human hair bundles it is more expensive than the synthetic but it gives gives the high quality.A website that produces and professional in natural virgin hair is the Maxglam.Is also registered and known wordlwide for their Special Texture,Bes-selected Hair Material,Strict Quality Control and Reliable Customer Service.For Maxglam every piece of hair is unique and precious.

Things You Can Do When Having Your Free Time

When you are having too much loads of work or worrying too much in many things,Stress can always in your body,Physical and mentally.Sometimes Going out with friends cannot help us specially when everyone has their own life.Thinking too much can stress you out,What is the best is do something that can destress you,Can make you relax in good cause.Other words,Do things that are not requiring you to exerting too much force or too much thinking.These things can be playing games in your smartphone or laptops.

There are lot of online games can be found in internet world,But be careful know what site to enter so that you won't be having problem.These days people play games by downloading their smartphone an application,But hey lot of websites that are supports mobile views too.A friendly mobile site to everyone.

What Do Non-invasive Beauty Treatments Really Do to Your Body?

Woman, Beauty, Female, Portrait, Face, Attractive

Women are often drawn to non-invasive beauty treatments. After all, the thought of being on an operating table just to make yourself look good can be pretty frightening! If you're not willing to go under the knife for the sake of beauty, there are always other options that don't require any anesthetics or surgery. But the question is, just how non-invasive are these treatments really? What do they do to your body and are they really kinder just because they don't involve a scalpel? Let's take a look at some of the most popular options and how they work.

Fat Removal

The surgical option for getting rid of fat is liposuction. It's not surgery as you might see it in other procedures. It involves some small incisions so that a tool can be used to rub off and suck out the fat cells. The non-invasive option for fat removal is called CoolSculpting, which involves no surgery or downtime. It uses a method that freezes fat so that the fat cells will die off over time (usually around two months). True to its word, there's no need to put anything inside you for this method of getting rid of fat. However, remember that anytime you want to remove fat, it means influencing what's under your skin.
teacher t shirt