Helping Your Kids Get Through a Breakup

When we have kids with someone, we hope that we'll be together forever. That we will be able to bring our kids up in a loving and stable family home. That we'll never argue or fight, and we'll always be happy. This is unrealistic. All families struggle, and all couples disagree sometimes. No matter how close you are, it's human nature, and it's good for your kids to see that even the happiest of couples have their ups and downs. But, sometimes it's worse than this. In fact, around 40 to 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce.

Divorce or the breakdown of a serious relationship is always tough, no matter whose decision it was or what happened. Even if you have both agreed that it's for the best, and you know that you've made a decision that will one day make you happier, it's hard. You're not just upset about the loss of the relationship, you grieve for the life that you thought you'd have, and the family you wanted to give your children.

Reducing The Amount You Spend On Tech For Kids

Kids are always pestering their parents for the latest piece of tech that everybody else has. They’ll tell you that if they don’t have it then they won’t be cool, which is probably the worst possible thing that can happen to a child. The problem is, all of that tech is incredibly expensive. The situation is made more difficult by the fact that they need laptops for schoolwork now so even if you aren’t going to get them that new games console they’re desperate for, you still need to update their computer from time to time. When you’re trying to budget for the whole family, those extra expenses can put a spanner in the works but don’t worry, there are some simple ways that you can make big savings on tech.

Repair, Don’t Replace

Kids are prone to breaking things quite a lot and if they’re smashing their phone screen once a month, the bill will soon rack up. But you don’t need to bother buying them a brand new phone every time they drop it. It’s much cheaper to send it off to somewhere like and have it fixed instead. It also teaches your kids the value of saving money by repairing things rather than being careless and buying new stuff every five minutes. This is especially important with computers because, while it might seem as though they’ve packed up completely, to an expert those problems might be simple to fix. You could get away with paying a small amount instead of shelling out for a whole new laptop.


Last January 20,2018 i had an invite to join and the Sunpiology 2018 Rosolution Run, I was excited because that was my first ever experienced joining in a fun run.
To give you guys an idea what is Sunpiology is,It is an annual fun run that organized by Sun Life Financial.It's actually called SunpiologyDuo because it comes in two parts,The Cycle and Run.
It supports Physical fitness and ofcourse the for the good cause such as Educations for Scholars and Diabetes Foundation.With the supports of sponsors and other partners.
Sunpiology was stars studded with Star Magic celebrities,And ofcourse the Sun Life brand ambassador Piolo Pascual is always present yearly.

I got a chance to see Enchong Dee,Robi Domingo and many more.Though that was my first time,Week before the event i trained myself,Jog and run little by little for me to keep and because i choose the 5km and being a SAHM for years,That was all new to me.
I enjoyed the Sunpiology event not only by seeing stars but also got a chance to see and hi to amazing people that i only knew by their social media profiles.When it also promoting fitness and good cause Sunpiology also lets workmates and family bonds at the event.
So much fun that day because they also had an after-party which many star magic stars performed.
Well organized event with so many booths to visit,Hope to join next year.

Cool Techie Tools That Every Mama Needs In Her Life


When it comes to the things that you want in your life, you may not really think of techie tools as being up there. But you don’t have to be a huge tech geek to benefit from some of the best gadgets around. We’ve already been over some of the best travel gadgets that you can find right now, but you don’t have to limit the cool tech in your life to when you travel. In fact, as a mom, you’re likely to find that there’s a lot of technology out there that will make your life easier. And what’s not to love about that? So let’s take a look at some of the coolest techie tools that you have to have in your life.

Mama Apps

If you’re an app girl, then you may be all over this first point. Because, as you know, there’s an app for pretty much everything. Whatever you need to do in life, you can get the app to make it happen. And this is definitely the case for mom life. Because there are so many amazing apps for moms like shows us. Not only can you organize your life better with the right apps, but you can also set reminders and even track certain things too. And this will definitely come in handy when life gets busy.

Just Freebie!

Who doesn't love freebies?Nowadays even small things are appreciated when you got them for free.Yes,Even a single pen for free is a nice thing to receive,Sample sizes or in full sizes it doesn't matter as long as it free.You can't get free things buy standing outside your home and wait for nothing right?
Not all free things are useful for you,But actually you can just use of it,Give it to someone who needs it,For example a pack of diaper but you don't have a baby in your house you can give it to your neighbor or needy persons.It this way,You're helping others even if you don't spending too much.

Fitness Trends 2018: Stick with Old, Add in the New

By John Agwunobi, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.

In the health and wellness field, this idea of ‘exercise is medicine’ has been found to have a significant impact on our health. Getting in shape, staying fit, keeping up a regular regimen of exercise and physical activity are as important to healthy living as your diet, nutrition, and food choices. Indeed, maximizing the number of minutes of physical activity and minimizing the number of calories are two sides of the same coin. All of it is complementary and mutually reinforcing.

So we are always interested in what’s new on the fitness front. And we asked our expert, Samantha Clayton, and a handful of members of our Fitness Advisory Boards (FABs) for their outlook for 2018.

What the Experts Say

Sam’s Take: Traditional Fitness Meets New Methods & Technology
Samantha Clayton, Senior Director, Worldwide Sports Performance & Fitness 

Off The Grid!: 6 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories That You Will Need

When it comes to having a vacation or traveling, some people do not like to have lots of gadgets and accessories with them. Of course, we all want to pack things that do not take up too much space in our luggage. The ability to pack efficiently means you have everything you need.

And with that being said, few travel accessories and gadgets are important to almost every packing list. These gadgets can help you make your trip even more satisfying and enjoyable. Whether you are going for a city escape or a beach vacation, these tech accessories might help you get the best out of your travel.

To know more, listed below are six best travel gadgets and accessories that you might need for your next adventure.

Kindle Paperwhite

For travelers whose favorite pastime is to read books, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a great substitute for a physical book. Though nothing compares the feeling of having to read your favorite book physically, Kindle Paperwhite allows you to collect books without occupying too much space in your luggage.   

Bought a hip and stylish Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker at!

With all the available Bluetooth speakers we can buy in the market, one of the main fighting arenas they ’re battling in is the appearance department. Before portable speakers need not look ravishing, they just need to do their job of providing quality sound without the hassle of lugging around a bulky boom box. Now, with our inclination of being hip and stylish, it is imperative that all our techie stuff must also follow suit without compromising any of its enhanced features.

With this in mind--as what everyone is doing in this day and age--I did an online search to look for the perfect portable speaker that will cater to my requirements. What I found is the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker which sports a simple yet refined exterior that promises a clear-cut high-definition sound quality despite its small size.

The Kingsley Designed Fabric Bluetooth Speaker is available at for only Php 549 with 3 months service warranty! If you ask me, this is definitely a good deal, especially for a brand that I only got to try for the first time. This portable speaker is available in different colors such as Piano Black, Valentino Red, and Turquoise Blue. Of course, I got the red one since I find it nifty compared with the two.

Personal budget strategy to consider this 2018

Tips to survive another year of strict budgeting and saving money

Eat healthier, get more exercise, save more money, take up a new hobby – it’s the time of the year to make that list of self-improvements again.  If your New Year’s resolution involves strict budgeting, there are countless of ways to make your funds work the way you need it to.
It’s more than just saving money, because the real question is, how?  Global Fintech company Home Credit has six tips that you may consider when doing your budget plan.

The Coolest Tech Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm

Every year we see some new bits and piece of technology and gadgets that become really popular. While the year is still very young, there has already been a few tech expos that have shown which things are going to be trending in the next twelve months. So, what better thing to do than have a look at the coolest tech trends coming this year.


Facial Recognition In Smartphones

We had fingerprint scanners in smartphones for a long time, and they proved highly popular. We got added security on our devices, and - let's be honest - it was just super cool using our fingerprint to unlock our phones for the first time! Now, it’s all about facial recognition. Apple was the first to do this last year with the iPhone, and it looks like some of the other big names will soon follow in 2018. So, get ready to put those fingerprints away and start opening your phone with your face.

The Essential Gear For Wrestling

Today, you will find a lot of different wrestling products brands and qualities present in the market. This can make it confusing for beginners to find the right product. Depending on the kind of competition and the wrestling style, the items needed can vary. Some essential products are required if you want to be safe and wrestle. Here is an interesting read on how social media changed modern wrestling.

wrestling gear

1. A Wrestling Singlet

A wrestling singlet is a tight-fitting, one-piece colored uniform which is most commonly made with nylon, lycra, or spandex and is quite common in amateur wrestling. You can find the best wrestling singlet on this site. The singlet is tight-fitting so that it isn’t accidentally grasped by the opponent and it also lets the referee see the body of the wrestler clearly. Apart from providing greater mobility, the wrestling singlet also keeps the wearer cool.

Shopping Confidently With Yoins

We must admit,Most women are shopaholic and if even our closets are full of nice dresses we are still having a hard time everytime going out and choose what to wear.It's like shopping clothes for our self are making us happy.
Because shopping nowadays are IN,Good news because there's a website that sells everything for women fashion from rompers,Swimsuits,tops and other things for women are available.The site is Yoins,It's a fashion website for all women.From dresses to bags and shoes,All for women that are hot trends.If you like a piece you can also have it pre-order,Yes they are accepting pre-orders and also great deals awaits when you purchase.

Safe and Slick: Office Solutions For Moms Who Work At Home

You’re a busy working mom, who has a hundred and one things ticking through her brain at any given moment. Not only are you juggling parenthood, but you’re attempting to keep your business flowing from home too. Perhaps you opted for a career change once the little ones came along, but nothing should be getting in your way of working to your full potential. Keeping a safe office space can be tricky when you have kids running around, but don’t worry help is on the way. Give these solutions a try and you will have a much safer and child-friendly working environment in your home.

Simple Space

It is true that when you have a baby they seem to take up every single room in the house. Their bottles are stacked up in the kitchen, the bathroom is home to their soothing lotions and the lounge is full of brightly-colored singing distractions to keep them busy. If possible try and keep your office space just for you. You need your workspace to be a place of serenity and clarity and you may not be able to achieve that if your space is being taken over by your baby. Choose a quiet corner in a room, or if you can arrange to have your own office space that would be even better. Keep your space simple and separate and you will be able to focus on your work with minimal distractions.

Converge ICT lends support to “My Dream in a Shoebox”

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. recently lent its support to the “My Dream in a Shoebox” Gift-Giving Day
activity for the benefit of the Payatas Orione Foundation. The event was held at the Mother of Divine
Providence church grounds located in Payatas, Quezon City.

“My Dream in a Shoebox” is a long-running project that collects and distributes shoeboxes filled with
school supplies to poor and underprivileged Filipino children around the country. It is spearheaded by
TeamAsia together with the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IBPAP).

Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise In The World

Lots of people claim they don’t know where to start when it comes to working out and improving their fitness levels. While you could attend a gym or engage in any number of sporting activities, most experts agree that swimming is the best exercise in the world. So, you just need to pay for some time at your local pool and invest in a new swimming costume. For those of you who aren’t convinced about that activity, there is some information below that should set the record straight once and for all. Feel free to pass the link to this article along to any of your couch potato friends.

Beat The January With These Tips For Increased Financial Health 

Most families are still feeling the financial strain caused by an expensive end to 2017. This is why there’s never been a better time to start building a better financial future. While long-term ambitions like working your way towards a job promotion are great, instant rewards should be top of the agenda.
Here are five beautiful simple and practical ways of gaining noticeable rewards in no time.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxes, Settlement, Calculator
#1. Sell Some Stuff
 All families are guilty of needlessly hoarding items that they’ll never use again, and now is the time to change it. Studies show that the average household has a few thousand pounds tied up in those goods. Whether you decide to sell camera equipment or get rid of old sports memorabilia doesn’t matter. It may be a one-off answer to increase your bank balance, but there’s no doubt that the impacts can be huge. Best of all, you’ll create more space around the home too.

Be Your Own Boss: Gadget Designs To Jump On Today

You’re kick-starting the New Year in good spirits; with big plans, creative goals and ultimate boss ideas. This year should be the year of financial independence for you, so get on board the boss train and get it together now. Now is the time to capitalize on the world’s most popular products at the moment, the funky gadgets and gizmos taking over your household of course. By sticking to your goals and grabbing some inspiration right here you could power up some show-stopping technology, so get your thinking cap on and start today.


People are grabbing the latest gadgets off the shelves like hot cakes and even though the festive rush is over, demand is still high. Amazon and Google have made a killing on personal, interactive assistants such as ‘Alexa.’ They can make your life easier and keep you company at home too.

Revert back to when you really needed help remembering something and think of a cool idea for a robot that could serve a purpose in your life. It could help you scrape the ice off your car or it could grab the post from the letterbox, anything is possible! Scribble down a plan and use PCB design software to get the inside circuits all straightened out. If you’re a tech expert this is really the business to get on board with, so go Robo-tastic and grab your gadget goals this year.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss When It Comes To These Three Health Worries

When it comes to life, we often use the term ignorance as bliss. What we don’t know can’t hurt us and so on. When you consider that knowledge is the source of most human suffering, it makes sense. In truth, though, ignorance is rarely bliss, especially when it comes to our world and our bodies. 

The more you know about what’s happening in the world, the better chance you have of being able to make small changes. When you’re aware of suffering, you can reach out to charities and do your bit. If you remained ignorant, that wouldn’t be possible.

When it comes to your body, ignorance is dangerous for other reasons. For one, you should know your body better than anything. You have been blessed with these fingers, these toes, and this mind. You owe it your knowledge. On top of this, ignoring issues can often give them space to turn into significant problems down the line. For proof, we’re going to look at three things you can never afford to ignore when it comes to your health. 

Small niggles

Small niggles are the thing we ignore most. Yet, niggles are often your body’s first sign of something more serious. Think of these as warning lights. They are the amber of your body’s traffic light system. One more stop and it’s red. So, don’t ignore that muscle spasm in your back that has been causing you pain. Contact a physical therapy center that can help you address the issue. Don’t ignore the pain in your hip which makes it tricky to walk, contact your doctor for a chat. Catching issues while they’re still small can usually ensure an easy fix.

Protecting Your Child's Health

You’ve spent your life making sure your health is in tip top condition, or not in a lot of cases. But when you have your first child, everything seems to change. They become the most important part of your life, so protecting their health at all costs will become your biggest mission. Children seem to be very resilient when it comes to health, but when they do become ill, they become ill fast. Their bodies are stronger than ours in terms of showing signs of illness, so it is detected slightly later. So to make sure your child is always healthy, here’s a few ways in which you can protect them.

Your New Winter Beauty Regime

The winter is a torrid time all round, right? The weather outside is torrid. The temperature is torrid. The fact that everything seems to break just when you need it because of the cold is, yep, you guessed it, torrid. Yes, the winter is a torrid time indeed. And, unfortunately, winter is no longer just coming, it is actually here — this means that we have to deal with it right here and right now.

One of the biggest things that we have to deal with daily in regards to the winter is the impact it has on our appearance and, more importantly, the health or our hair and skin. To deal with this, we have to accept new beauty regimes and then put them into practice. To see just what your new winter beauty regime should consist of, make sure to read on.

Step Up Your Look In 2018 With These Easy Yet Effective Tricks

There’s something magical about being able to sit down and put on some makeup. Some people use it simply to accentuate their natural features and others use it to hide blemishes on their skin, or make their skin tone more even and hide dark spots. Others choose to completely change the way that they look with the use of makeup, and this usually entails contouring the face to appear in a different shape or size. Many people find putting makeup on a bit challenging because their makeup comes out clumpy or they’re not as good as the professionals they see on social media. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think though, and you can easily achieve a high-quality look without having to spend a ton of money. In this article is going to be how you can step up your look in 2018.

Pamper yourself

One great way of improving the way that you look is by pampering yourself. This works because your body is de-stressing and you will find yourself much more relaxed. It’s no secret that people come across much better when they are relaxed and not stressing out. So take the time as regularly as you can to pamper yourself in any way that you enjoy. This might be taking a (large) glass of wine and having a long soak in the bath, or it might be taking a trip to the nail salon. Whichever activity or treat makes you feel good, go for it as often as possible. Also, pampering yourself often entails lovely lotions and smells which will make you glow.

Look after your skin

Your skin is the first thing that people see when they look at you, and if you’re unfortunate enough to have problematic skin then this can become a problem that makes you feel self-conscious. Ensuring that you’re drinking plenty of water each day will provide your skin and body with enough water to flush out any toxins. You will notice that upping your water intake will improve the condition of your skin immediately. You should also be wary of what you’re putting on your skin, especially if you do suffer from sensitive skin. Many people with bad skin have to avoid putting on makeup because it will irritate their skin, but if you use the right lotions beforehand you shouldn’t have any problem. Check out the best face moisturizer before makeup that will suit your skin and you can then wear makeup worry-free. You will also find that having the right moisturizer for your skin will improve the way it looks too. Win-win!


Making sure that your hair is in tip-top condition will also dramatically help improve the way you look and feel. Try and avoid washing your hair too often because you may end up with hair that constantly looks greasy, which could then lead to an itchy scalp and even spotting on the face. Find a shampoo and conditioner that works well for your hair type. For example, if you have curly hair then try and find one that will help accentuate your natural curls. You will find that your hair will be in much better condition.

Also, try not to dye your hair too often as this can damage your hair to the point of no repair. If you do wish to dye your hair, it’s always best to go to a salon and have it done by professionals that know what will and won’t damage your hair. You should also have regular trims to keep split ends at bay.

Watch what you eat

What you’re putting in your body will make a massive difference to how your skin, hair, nails, and even your teeth look. Make sure that you’re eating a healthy balanced diet whenever possible, as junk food will reflect on your appearance (and your health). The more nutritious food that you eat, the better that you will look and feel, so ditch the greasy foods for the sake of your looks and general health!


Unless you’re willing to hire a professional make-up artist every time you want to put makeup on, the best way of perfecting your look is by practicing and trying out new looks. There are plenty of makeup tutorials online that you can watch and sometimes, simply by sitting down and taking the time to find the easiest and best techniques will pay off in the long run.

Try these simple tricks and you will be able to wow everyone with your new and improved look this year!

Impressing Your Teen For Their Birthday

If you ask your teenager whether they would like a birthday party this year, be prepared for a full-on eyeroll and the announcement that birthday parties are lame. Teenagers are generally ‘too cool’ for a party, but what you have to remember as a parent is that instead of just throwing them a party that YOU would like, you need their input. Things have changed since the pool parties that they had when they turned eight, and now it’s time for you to get them involved and even hand over most of the planning control.

Throwing the right kind of party is key for teens, as is getting the right gifts for them. This is going to take conversation and sitting down to discuss things. You need to know what it is that they would like so that you can plan properly. Checking out a Segway Minipro review is all well and good, but if your athletic teen is into ballet and not zooming around on two wheels, you need a rethink. This is why you need their help! You want to impress them, because parents aren’t impressive to a teenager. So, in the name of impressing your teenager so you become the coolest Mom on the block, check out these fab party ideas. They’ll be counting the days!

Games Night. Okay, so we’re not talking Twister and ice cream for afterward, but hosting an Olympic-themed party for a teenager who is obsessed with sports could put you in the Mom hall of fame. Set up stations around the yard and in the house for various Olympic activity. You can get creative with Pinterest for snacks and décor, and get their input for the various sports that you lay on.

Restaurant Depot

Restaurant Depot is a membership-only warehouse club for people involved in the foodservice industry - canteens, food stalls, restaurants, caterers, home bakers, and chefs. Membership gives you access to a large selection of ingredients, food supplies,and kitchenware in a convenient shopping format, where buying in bulk translates to big savings. 

Making Money From The Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? A lot of us spend most of our days glued to our phones scrolling through different things that run through the internet. But if we spend so much time on it, why shouldn’t be trying to make money from it? There’s always money to be made through the internet, you just need to know how to do it. A lot of them don’t even require much effort. Just an hour or two a day of your time, and you could be looking at making hundreds each month. When times seem to be getting so tough, this can literally be a lifesaver. Here are a few ways in which you can make money from the internet.
 Another simple way to make money is to capitalize on current viral trends and sell custom products based off of those. You can create hundreds of custom silicone wristbands for less than $0.50 based on viral trends and sell each wristband for at least $5.

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Getting Away Doesn't Have to Include Giving Up Comfort: 5 Amenities to Watch for that will Make You Feel Right at Home when You are away from Home

You will always have a relaxed feeling of wellbeing when you return to the familiar surroundings of your home and it might sometimes feel like you are giving up some of your creature comforts when you are staying away.

It doesn’t have to be like that, especially if you look out for hotels that offer the sort of amenities and options that should make you feel right at home.

Soaking in a relaxing bath

If you have had a long hard day and usually like to be able to soak away your stresses and strains in a nice hot bath at home, it would be a good move to make sure you ask the hotel to give you a room that allows you to luxuriate in just the same way, despite not being at home.

Another good trick would be to bring some of your favourite scented candles with you so that you can also replicate the pleasant and familiar aroma that normally fills your bathroom at home.

No other milk understands you better

Women like you, who are always on the go, seek to strike a balance between work and personal time to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why you need to stay fit and attractive, to look good and feel good whenever you can. You have unique needs that only women like you truly understand. 

Introducing Athena, the milk especially formulated to meet your special nutritional needs. High Calcium essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus – nutrients to help maintain strong bones.
Low in Fat so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high caloric intake.
Source of Anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A & E and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin and promote optimum immune function. 
Athena, a delicious beverage made just for you. 

Crave Healthy Snack for Pregnant Woman

Crave Healthy is the first snack product in the Philippines that is specifically designed for the pregnant woman by doctors and nutritionists.

It’s NUTRITIOUS because it contains essential nutrients – Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium that are critical for both the mom and her growing baby. It also has reduced salt and just the right amount of calories that give the pregnant woman that extra energy she needs daily. 

It’s DELICIOUS because it tastes just like her regular snack. Crave Healthy is currently available in Sweet Corn flavor and does not have any aftertaste of nutrient fortifications. It helps support the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their developing fetus.A healthy way to satisfy hunger and food cravings of pregnant women!

A pack of Crave is worth Php 25.00 at 30 grams each. It’s available online at, select Med Express branches, and select Robinsons Supermarket outlets.

This kind of snack is a must snack for every expecting mothers.

Lessons In Life: The Fundamentals We Need To Teach Our Children

Being a parent is a continual life lesson, but while the task of parenting is something we know that is a daily development, the other aspect that we question with regards to our own parenting skills is which aspects and life lessons do we want to pass on to our children? As our children grow older and blossom from young babies to toddlers to children, and then, finally, to teenagers and adults, it is us who are the people who need to guide them in the right direction. So, it can be a very difficult thing to school our children in the fundamentals, because very possibly we don't have them ourselves. But to raise a fully rounded person, what are the key things we should teach our children while we have the chance?

5 Beauty Treatments You Will Love to Learn About

There was once a time when the phrase ‘beauty treatment’ had a very bad reputation. As soon as we heard it the mind would go to celebrities who ruined their faces with Botox, facelifts and unnatural lips. Now, thanks to incredible advancements in the beauty world, beauty treatments are no longer a thing we have to fear. With new techniques and approaches to beauty, we now have the luxury to enhance our looks in non-invasive ways, ways that don’t require a recovery time or provide us with undesired results. Today we are guiding you through five of the most wonderful and effective beauty treatments that will make you feel and look brand, yet completely natural, so stay with us, because we guarantee you’ll be amazed with what you’ll learn.
teacher t shirt