How to Reinvent Your Bedroom with the Right Bedspreads

If you're tired of your current bedroom decor, it's time to start thinking about how to make a change. Consider a different approach - one that will save you money and improve the quality of your decor at the same time. One excellent option is bedspreads.

Classy and comfortable bedspreads offer a considerable number of options for style, color, pattern, fabric type, and so many other aspects that affect the look of your bedroom.

You can now get high-quality bedspreads at low prices in trusted online stores like The BedSpread Shop. To help you find the best bedspread for your bedroom, here are some things you should consider.

Pick Up a Bedspread with Some Texture to It
The texture of the bedspread is an aesthetic element that can make a room. If you would like to change the feel of your current space or if you are looking for a new one, then it is crucial to think about what type of texture would fit your home.

Choose Simple Patterns
Try using a simple bedspread that shows off your prints or a simple rug that matches the rest of your decor. If simplicity appeals to you, you might want to try prints. But if your style is more about using colors and textiles in creative ways, prints will fall short.

When choosing a pattern, it helps to know what color scheme you are going for and the number of repeats you will need in different areas of your room.

Different Styles of Bedspreads

Classic Danish
It's a plain sheet with a pattern of lines and squares. It is usually used on a bed with top and bottom sheet but can also be used alone.

A pattern of alternating triangles, circles, and straight lines is often spoked to make a chair shape. This design is popular in ancient Egypt and many other parts of the world because it represents life, stability, authority, and power.

Shapes are arranged in symmetric patterns such as squares or rectangles (as long as there is an infinite number of these shapes) to create either octagons or circles at each corner.

Choose a Bedspread That Compliments the Rest of the Room

Just like you do for a living, your bedspread should reflect your personality. First, you must decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the bedroom and then pick out a design that matches that desire.

For example, if you have a farm-to-cottage type of room, then a floral-patterned bedspread would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you do not like anything too much in your bedroom, something simple like black and white is recommended.

Be Sure Your Bedding Is Washable
The general rule is that your bedspread should be washable, but what does that mean, and how can you be sure?

Check the label on the product. For example, if it says, "Machine washable," then your bedspread is safe to be washed by a washing machine.

If it says, "Hand washes in cold water," you'll need to take care of it by hand.

If it says, "Dry clean only," probably go with a different option.

In the End
Now, you are all set to move to an open online shop like The BedSpread Shop, to buy awesome bedspreads.

5 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home and How To Clean Them

Germumus in your hard-to-wash home items might be hiding in plain sight.

We are spending more time indoors now than ever, and as we retreat to our sanctuary, it is vital to keep our indoor environment clean and hygienic all day long. However, germs have mastered the art of hiding in some areas—and they are usually not the easiest to clean! This includes our hard-to-wash fabrics which are always vulnerable to deep-seated germs and viruses we call Germumus, or germs, bacteria, and pathogens that appear invisible, but are already stealthily living in our hard-to-wash items.

When was the last time you cleaned your couch? Six months ago? Last year? Never? Bring on the power tools! Here are some ways to keep them clean and what you can do in between washes to keep common trouble spots around the house germ-free.

Couches and Sofas: We all love being couch potatoes but lounging on a dirty sofa is a no-no. Did you know that the average sofa has 12 times more bacteria than your toilet seat? As they can easily trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria in their soft fibers, experts recommend having them professionally cleaned every 6 months. At home, you can use a hand vacuum to clean debris and dirt from the sofa’s surface. Be sure not to forget the crevices where dirt can accumulate!

Curtains: Cleaning your curtains might be included in your low-priority tasks but they actually accumulate a lot more grime than meets the eye. Just like the couches, curtains can also trap dust and dirt. Schedule to wash your curtains twice or more a year with cool or lukewarm water and mild detergent.

Bed Sheets: Ideally, you should change your bed sheets and pillowcases at least once a week as they can have a buildup of oils, dirt, and sweat from daily use. Compared to the average toilet seat, a one-week-old bed sheet contains 29,000 more bacteria. To clean, check the care label and wash with the hottest water temperature setting indicated.

Carpets: Dirty carpets not only look bad but they're also full of pollutants and grime. Experts recommend having them cleaned by a professional at least once a year or every quarter if you have pets or kids. If you can’t schedule a pro, use a sponge or soft-bristle brush and work a cleaning solution into a lather.

Area rugs: Unless your area rug is extremely delicate, cleaning your area rug is something you can easily take on yourself. High-traffic area rugs should be cleaned at least every 3 months to not only extend the life of your rugs but also to make sure dirt is regularly removed. Thoroughly vacuum the rug on both sides or take the smaller rugs outdoors and shake them off as much as you can.

Other Hard-to-Wash Fabrics: Any area of your home with high traffic and surfaces that get touched a lot is basically a germ bank. This includes your bags, shoes, pet bed, and even office chairs! You can clean them by vacuuming to remove loose dirt or running the covers through the washing machine (if possible) using the warmest appropriate water setting.

Regular laundering of fabrics and cleaning soft surfaces with soap and water will go a long way. But if you’re grossed out by all of the germs and bacteria that might be lurking in your home, you’re probably wondering what you can do in between washes to make sure these germ-laden spots are cleaned every day. Unfortunately, you cannot simply shake and pound out deep-seated Germumus. It helps, sure, but it’s definitely not enough.

As told by our experts, bacteria and viruses grow exponentially in these hard-to-wash fabrics and ordinary punas, pagpag, or vacuuming is not enough to remove them. “We come in contact with bacteria and viruses every day and millions of these linger on fabric items such as mattresses, sofas, rugs, and curtains, and the like,” said Prof. Joel C. Cornista, current President of the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. “Dusting or vacuuming every few weeks may be helpful but bacteria and viruses can still grow in these items in between your general cleaning days. Exposure to these bacteria and viruses may lead to infections and trigger allergies, and so it will be wise to degerm these items daily.


Fortunately, you need not worry anymore! The NEW Downy Antibac Fabric Spray is your quick and easy solution for the germumus in your hard-to-wash fabrics. It penetrates deep into fabrics to remove 99.9% of germs and eliminate odors, making our homes germ-free and smelling fresh instantly! Use this on your bed and mattresses, sofas, curtains, and even on your shoes and bags!

Photo Credit: Megan Young (left) and Ricci Rivero (right)

Using the Downy Antibac Fabric Spray is so easy that anyone at home can do their part in eliminating germumus. Complete your cleaning routine with the Downy Antibac Fabric Spray that gets rid of the dust and bacteria left behind after dusting and vacuuming. Simply turn the spray cap on, position your hard-to-wash fabric 20-30 cm away from the spray, and spray until the fabric is wet. Let it air dry after so you can fully experience the 99.9% Antibac freshness!

Level up your cleaning game by including the Downy Antibac Fabric Spray in your daily cleaning routine to ensure your home smells fresh and is safe from germumus all day, every day! Together, #LetUsSprayAndProtect with #DownyAntibacFabricSpray!

A Variety of Fun and Healthy Snacks for the Kids

It is never too early to get your kids eating healthy. Of course, that is easier said than done for a generation of children weaned on fast-food and chicheria. But that’s not to say you should just give up. On the contrary, you should strive all the more to introduce your bundles of joy to healthy treats! One of the secrets to doing that is by getting creative with the snacks you give your kids, so they can enjoy snack time and get nutritional benefits at the same time.

Lucky you then because Gullón is now in local shores, and it is here to help you! One of Europe’s leading biscuit manufacturers, Gullón is renowned for its crackling tasty treats, from its choco-flavored Dibus Sharkies crackers to its savory fish-shaped Mini-Fish biscuits. Gullón’s crackers also have nutritive value as a serving of it will give your kids 6 grams of protein and 2.3 grams of fiber. Protein, of course, is vital to your kids’ growth and development. Fiber, on the other hand, is essential in ensuring a healthy digestive system. Gullón products also contain mono-unsaturated fats, which help increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.

Getting Creative
While your kids are sure to enjoy eating Gullón crackers as they are, they are guaranteed to love snack time even more if you mix things up and serve Gullón in different ways. Here are some ideas:

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure you are serving your kids something tasty but healthy, like a cereal upgraded with a serving of Dibus Sharkies. Let a handful of Sharkies swim in a bowl of cold fresh milk and you can level things up even more by adding mini slices of fruits such as apples and strawberries. The result is a mouthwatering treat rich in vitamins and minerals that your kids will surely love. 

Aside from milk, chocolate is the best match for biscuits, like Gullón’s Mini Fish. Drizzle some syrupy melted chocolate on a plate of Mini Fish and watch your kids devour every piece with utmost delight! Where possible, try dark chocolate as it can give your kids essential trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and copper.

Cinnamon’s taste is an eclectic mix of sweet and spicy with a citrusy touch, and it is guaranteed to tickle your kids’ discerning taste buds. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder on a serving of Gullón Mini Mix and see your kids’ taste palate expand—all while getting traces of calcium, vitamin A, and potassium from the cinnamon.

Another creative way of serving crackers, this time Mini Crackers, is by pairing it with a fancy yet healthy spread. Avocado is a superfood, and it goes well with bread and biscuits. So, make your kids a Gullón mini cracker sandwich with avocado as a filling. This combo will help give your kids plenty of vitamins C, E, K; magnesium and potassium; and B vitamins.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to serve Gullón biscuits, with the only limit being your own imagination. The suggestions above are a good start; the rest is up to you. Gullón crackers & Dibus Sharkies are distributed in the Philippines by Dygen Food Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation and available at

How To Keep Your House Clean And Have Furry Pets At The Same Time

One of the most common questions asked is 'how important is location when buying a home.' Location is the most important factor in real estate. For starters, people must consider what they need from the place they’ll be living in. A lot of people prioritize the location of where they will stay.

Pets and cleanliness are two words that don’t seem to match. If you’ve taken care of a furry friend before — be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster — you know how hard it is to keep your home clean. What’s more, it can also cause your whole house to have a foul smell.

This shouldn’t shoo you away from taking care of furry pets, though. There’s a unique art of keeping your house clean while having a pet at the same time.

Get a vacuum cleaner
Even if your pet doesn’t have long fur, they can shed a lot! Add specks of dirt from their paws, and your home can easily get dirty. That’s why it’s essential to have a vacuum cleaner. This way, you can reach every nook and cranny where fur and dirt can build up.

Of course, it’s better if you can purchase an automatic vacuum cleaner. However, a manual one can do. You simply have to be more consistent with cleaning to keep your house clean.

Schedule pedicure from time to time
Your furry friend needs to get their nails trimmed too! Often, it’s one of the most neglected hygiene routines from owners. As long as you see their nails are long, schedule a pedicure time. If you don’t know how to cut them, consult your veterinarian.

Keeping their nails short can prevent them from unnecessary shedding due to excessive scratching. Plus, it also prevents scratches and mars on your flooring!

Keep the cleaning materials nearby
Whenever you see a mess, clean them immediately to avoid it from leaving a permanent mark. That’s why you always need to keep cleaning materials nearby. As a pro tip, keep them in a place that your pet won’t reach. But, this can be a bit harder if you have cats!

Cleaning tools can vary depending on your needs. Feel free to customize your cleaning kit according to your liking. As a starter, include wipes, gloves, rugs, among others.

Train your pets
There’s no other easier way to keep your home clean than to train your pets! Of course, this is easier than done. It involves plenty of time and patience for them to learn where to do their business and where to eat.

It’s also effective to walk and play with your pets! This way, you create a bond with each other, which can help you teach them better. In Bellavita, you have plenty of space where you can walk and bond with your furry friends.

Location is key to where you belong. The majority of our decisions when it comes to where we are located come from accessibility. “Am I closer to work?” “What mall am I close to?” “Where is the closest supermarket so I can do the groceries?” Homeowners need not worry as the BellaVita community encapsulates everything that a homeowner needs by taking essentials accessibility into mind.

Some projects are nearby the main roads for easy access to the city. All the essential establishments such as workplaces, public markets, schools, churches, and hospitals are just one jeepney or tricycle ride away.

Not only does BellaVita boast of its strategic location, but the communities are also nestled within lush greeneries thus undeniably providing you with good quality of air.

BellaVita Sakto Gusto mo, Sakto Sa’yo! For more inquiries about BellaVita homes and locations, visit BellaVita, or send a message through Facebook.

Stand Out with Boutique Accessories

Does it seem like lately, the jewelry seen in department stores and online all look the same? From basic pearl studs to gold or silver hoops, it can be difficult to find original jewelry pieces that can tell a story and tell about someone’s personality. At least, that’s the case if you’re not shopping for boutique accessories.

You may be wondering, what makes boutique accessories so much better than other accessories? Most boutique pieces are designed by smaller up-and-coming designers, so their designs are a bit more unique than some others on the market, and they have a limited stock, so once those pieces run out, they are gone. It means that you’ll have items that others won’t be able to find months from now. From bucket hats to necklaces, bracelets, and even lanyards or headbands, when you see it in a boutique, you won’t be able to find it again in a month when you come back. Instead, it’ll be replaced with a new inventory of up-and-coming designers who are eager to provide you with their designs. The great part of that is that by choosing boutique accessories, you’re not only supporting smaller designers who need help getting going, but you’re also standing out more. Your pieces are originals that not everyone has. You’re sure to be noticed or get those extra likes on the ‘gram when you have unique pieces that add to your style.

You’ll also find that boutique pieces allow your personality to shine through more. Items that are found in some department stores are made for the larger overall audience. Boutique pieces are made more for those outliers, those creative spirits who hear the call of leopard print earrings and answer it. Or those who know that a pom-pom headband is a must for their next spa day vlog. When you shop boutique, you stand out and allow yourself and the new designs to be noticed.

Busy Parents- Are You Looking After Yourselves The Way You Should?

We all know the importance of making sure kids are well looked after. Exercise and the right
nutrition to keep their bodies healthy, and fun, stimulating activities for good mental health. However, as parents, we need to look after ourselves too. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup- you need to stay healthy so you can be there for your kids for years to come. Good physical and mental health means you have the energy to really enjoy life with them and do your very best as a parent. Here are some of the ways you could be looking after yourself.

Eat healthily and exercise
One of the best things all of us can do to maintain good health is to eat well and exercise. As a busy parent, it’s so easy to tell yourself that you simply don’t have time, but a healthy lifestyle really doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Go through Pinterest and build a repertoire of healthy, tasty family meals that you can make each evening and all enjoy together. Come up with some fun activities that you can do with your kids- bike rides, walks in the woods, games at the park, even water fights, and bouncy castles in the summer will get you all running around. As busy mom chances are you’re on your feet for most of the day, so invest in good footwear which will look after your feet, legs and back. You could always add orthotic insoles such as to footwear that doesn’t have adequate support.

Pamper yourself
Taking care of your mental health is so important, and one of the best ways you can do this is by having some time out to relax every now and again. If your partner or a loved one offers to watch the kids for an hour or so, use this time to kick back and relax. Run a hot bath or a steam shower and let your muscles unwind while clearing your head. Lie on your bed and practice meditation, or put a face mask and some body lotion on to look after your skin. Feeling good about yourself will result in a better mood, and it’s a relaxing activity that can lower blood pressure and give you chance to chill out and take a break.

Take time out for hobbies
It might have been some time since you left school, college, or university but that’s not to say you shouldn’t keep learning. Learning new things and developing skills is great for mental health, it keeps your mind sharp and gives you something to focus on in your free time. This could be anything from an exercise activity like swimming or a dance class, it could be something social such as a book club or it could be developing a useful skill such as a cooking class. There’s plenty you can do from home without even needing to go out crafts, baking, gardening, and more are all great hobbies. You might not have all that much free time as a busy parent, but when you do it’s nice to do something for yourself that you enjoy.

The Best Age to Retire: This Is What You Need to Understand

According to one survey, about 2.7 million Americans above the age of 55 are considering early retirement.

But what is the best age to retire and what should you do when planning for retirement?

Thankfully, we have all the answers you need! Keep reading to figure out the best age to retire!

Early Retirement
Early retirement is normally for those in their 50s but under 65 years old. Many people might consider early retirement if they're in a good financial position, or if they're just sick of their regular job.

Lots of people decide to retire so that they can travel, work on their hobbies, or even just find an easier, part-time job that doesn't take up all of their time.

Some research working longer might help you be happier and healthier in the long run, but that may be because you'll have more money to help take care of yourself. On the other hand, retirement can also help to improve your satisfaction with life.

While retiring early might sound nice, you'll need to consider the financial aspect as well. You are eligible for Social Security at age 62. You can't qualify for your full monthly benefits until you're 66.3 years old.
Normal Retirement
Normal retirement is between 65 and 70. This is the perfect age for retirement because you'll have time to build up a lot of savings. Plus, this is the time when all of your benefits will start kicking in.

You'll also be able to start taking money out of your investment accounts, like your ROTH or your 401(k) without incurring heavy penalties. It's also one of the best ages because a lot of your peers will also be retiring around this time. You could even consider spending your retirement money on relocating to Tellico Village in Tennessee, or somewhere that you've always wanted to live!

If you want help finding the perfect retirement home, click here to learn more.

Late Retirement
If you absolutely love your job and don't want to leave, you could also work towards a late retirement. Most of these people work well into their 70s, and sometimes even retire when they're in their 80s.

One of the advantages of this is being able to earn more money and continue doing a job that you love. Plus, you'll also be eligible to have the highest Social Security payout.

However, there are still many disadvantages to retiring late as well. For example, by the time you retire, you may not be in good health and be able to physically do all of the things you wanted, like traveling.
Discover More About What the Best Age to Retire Is

These are only a few things to consider to help you decide what the best age to retire is, but there are many more important factors.

We know that planning for retirement can be overwhelming and difficult, but we're here to help you out.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more articles just like this one.

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