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Enjoying a youthful Christmas season with Premium HyC 150


The holidays are here! The most wonderful season of the year that each and every Filipino look forward to. It’s the season of giving, shopping for gifts and reuniting with family and friends. With all of these Christmas activities, we can’t help but feel stressed and fatigued despite all the cheers. We prepare for heavier traffic, crowded malls, out-of-town trips and the holiday parties. Add to this, the days before the long break also brings deadlines and piles of paperwork to finish.
Although technology has designed a lot of tools to help us cope with all the stress and excitement the holidays bring like online shopping and video conference parties, Filipinos are still fond of going through the rigorous traffic and long lines of the Christmas shopping rush. This kind of dedication to the holidays is to prove to their loved ones and friends that they are special – their gifts were bought with much effort and their presence are felt during parties.

The activities during these times require a lot of our physical and mental strength but it is also very important to celebrate Christmas with a healthy body, heart and mind. One must make sure that the holidays do not wear you out.
To enjoy this season’s celebrations, Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old wellness company gives you the supplemental drink needed— Premium HyC 150. This supplemental drink with its components is the help you need to maintain the body’s youthfulness and freshness.
Premium HyC 150 contains ingredients with nutrients that help firm the skin, prevent cell damage and system injury. With hyaluronic acid, ubiquinol and fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix, this drink also helps protect the body from harmful toxins and boost one’s energy to go through the rush of this holiday season without the dreadful look of stress.
The harshness of too much smoke from the hustle and bustle on the streets can damage your skin. The environment that traffic gives makes the skin dry and saggy. Hyaluronic acid, Premium HyC 150’s key ingredient, provides protein that help replenish the amount of collagen produced in our body which eventually supports the muscle, skin and bones.
Premium HyC 150’s other key component, pearl coix powder, helps give you that youthful glow and healthier skin, hair and nails. The anti-allergy properties of the pearl coix powder help the body fight allergic reactions. Another component of Premium HyC 150 is ubiquinol which protects the internal organs of the body. Lastly, Premium HyC 150 contains vitamin C which strengthens our immune system and protect us from the harmful environment. All of these components are in just one product so that when you arrive at Christmas parties after a shopping spree and surviving the traffic, it helps that you can still look fresh without a hint of hassle after having a long day.
Christmas is a time to enjoy, spread love and happiness. Retaining the youthfulness of oneself while enjoying this joyous celebration is important, and with Premium HyC 150, it won’t be hard to smile in front of the camera during the Christmas parties and worry not of posting pictures online even after running through the holiday errands.
Premium HyC 150 comes in sachets giving you a one-step routine at only 125 pesos a day, making it very convenient and easy to drink. Premium HyC 150 will not be a hassle to carry even if your hands are already full of shopping bags after the Christmas shopping spree. It is the nutritional supplement one needs to help survive the most wonderful holiday season of the year.
Premium HyC 150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and on Lazada Philippines at
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