That New Diet You're On Is Probably Dangerous

The diet industry is massive. And for most moms, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Practically everyone wants to lose weight, tone up, and make themselves look great.

For years, nutritionists have known that the best way to get a great body is to choose the right foods. When you eat right, you provoke biological changes that make you lean and fit.

“Diets” - as in radical changes to your regular eating pattern - promise that short-term modifications will help you get the body you want. How many women have told you that they’re “on a diet?”

Most diets, however, aren’t based on traditional foods proven to help reduce weight and keep people healthy - like the old Mediterranean diet of beans, whole grains, and vegetables. No - the majority of modern fat diets ask people to restrict entire food groups and sometimes, eat foods from categories that most should avoid.

Take the keto diet, for instance. The idea here is to shift the way your body burns fuel, away from regular glucose from carbs to ketones from burning fat. Practitioners, therefore, eliminate practically all starches and replace them with oils and meat - two food groups associated with adverse health outcomes.

As the following infographic shows, diets don’t work. The best way to achieve health is to change your lifestyle and follow the tried-and-tested methods of the past, such as the Mediterranean diet (or similar DASH diet). Extreme diets usually lead to you regaining all the weight you lose within five years - a tragedy given all the effort you put in.

What Are the Ways You Can Deal with Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common health problem. Most people experience lower back pain, although it can occur in other parts of the back too. When you're experiencing back pain, it can be a nightmare. Finding the cause is often very difficult, which makes it hard to tackle. There are many different causes and various treatments, and you often need to try a few different things before finding something that works. It can take some time to find something that works for you, but you can explore the options available to try and find a solution. You can work with your doctor and other medical professions to discover what is best for you.


When your back hurts, you might feel like resting is the best thing to do. However, lying still is actually one of the worst things that you can do for an aching back. In fact, you should try to be on the move if your back is hurting. Walking is excellent for your back, and you might benefit from swimming too. Resting for a day or two can be helpful, but it's important not to rest for too long. As well as walking and swimming, yoga and another stretching can be helpful. Some people also benefit from physical therapy, which helps them to improve their back pain with the help of a therapist.

Be Kinder to Your Back

Back pain can be a result of your lifestyle. Things like sleeping in a bad position or having bad posture while sitting or standing can cause your back to ache. By improving these things, you can also improve your back pain. A quality mattress is important for a good night's sleep, giving your back the support that it needs. If you can't afford a new mattress, a new mattress topper could help. A good pillow is also useful, helping you to sleep in the right position. Lying on your side is best for your back, as well as your neck, especially if you place a pillow between your knees. Good posture is also important, so ensure you're sitting well in your desk chair and not slouching.

3 Quick Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Every parent wants the very best for their little ones. So much so, everything that you do is for them, their happiness, and their health. But, sometimes, you may find that you really don’t know if the efforts you’re making are for the best. It can be tough. So, it’s definitely nice to know that whatever you’re doing is working. When you want that to happen, here are some quick wins to get you started.

Move A Lot
To start with, it’s important for you all to move a lot. And the idea here is that you’re doing it too. Not only to set a good example but to keep yourself healthy too. This could be simple as walking to the park, running around in the garden, or playing sports together. It can be fun and good for keeping you fit.

Relax & Have Fun
Next, you should also make sure that you’re able to relax too. If your kids are going to grow up to be well balanced, they need to know how to relax and manage their minds. Having chill out time and prioritising fun can be so important to keep them happy and healthy.

Beach Vacay Advice That Will Protect Your Kids From The Sun

Think of a family vacation with the kids and memories of frolicking in the sand will spring to mind. You had such an incredible time that you want to repeat the experience over and over again. It’s as if there isn’t anything that can stop you or your loved ones when you’re in a foreign country on a golden, sandy beach. Well, anything but the sun. Unfortunately, UVA and UVB rays tend to be stronger on vacation as destinations are more tropical. That means protecting your children’s skin from burning.

Here’s some advice to help if you are searching for inspiration.

Pack Appropriate Clothing
The clothes in your suitcase will offer the most protection, which means you must bring the right items. Shorts and t-shirts are fundamentals, but they leave a lot of skin exposed to sunlight. With that in mind, when looking at kids' bathers it could be worth buying long-sleeved tees, and board shorts, both of which have more fabric. Shirts are fantastic if you want them to be stylish and practical at the same time. Even SPF shirts and tees are manufactured to reflect the sun’s rays. Patagonia has some of the most rigorous outfits for kids.

And Accessorize
A humble accessory is enough to maintain a healthy amount of sunlight daily. Of course, a snapback is now a staple of most vacationers’ suitcases, but floppy, wide-brimmed hats are more suitable. The size of the brim means it covers everything from their face and head to their neck and shoulders. Sunglasses shouldn’t be dismissed either. Aside from being fashionable, quality shades keep the light out of kids’ eyes, which is vital when their peepers are growing because they’re very sensitive. A tip: don’t buy throwaway ones that last for the vacation. Instead, pick a top brand and splash out a little so that you know the lenses are adequately filtered.
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