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Wedding Reception Food: Trends & Predictions to Watch For

Hi, moms! You’re getting married this year and you want to know which wedding reception food trends and predictions to watch for? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are four fantastic trends you’ll fall in love within 2019, so check them out and incorporate at least one of them into your own wedding reception!

Vegan wedding food will be on the rise…

As you probably already know, millions of people are going vegan nowadays, which is why wedding food trends are shifting towards more inclusive options that can suit everyone’s taste. This is also because a lot of people have been diagnosed with a food allergy these days, which is another reason for reducing wedding menus and completely staying away from potential allergens where guests can be sure that their dietary requirements will be taken care of. However, it doesn’t mean that vegan meals will lack texture and flavor – on the contrary, this trend is all about coming up with a menu that works for all people, so that everyone can enjoy it regardless of their allergies and dietary requirements. That’s exactly what makes this wedding food trend to amazing and special!

7 Best Tips to Look More Beautiful Being a Mother

Woman in Green Shirt Holding Baby While Sitting

If you are a first-time mother then it is obvious that you definitely go through a phase where you feel that your style has been lacking and additionally the changes happen in your body may not leave you comfortable with the fashion as much as you used to. It is always important to take care of yourself and kid as a serious mom but plans it in a way that does not let you spend hours before the mirror and do not deviate you from your responsibilities. It is seen that over thinking before the mirror can harm your style and health as well. It’s easy to look polish and stylish even when you are a mother and it is not that you cannot look sexy as a mother.
Finding appropriate outfits that make you feel comfortable and appropriate as well as choosing the right products that let you look pretty much as you are earlier is important. You may have to choose little large size buy yes you can easily go with the same wardrobe collection that you always attached with. So, Moms! Let’s check some of the best options that let you maintain the same fashion and look as you look before being a mother here.

"It's Character Building!" How Much Should We Really Expose Our Children To Stress?

When we are helping our kids to be better people, there is a lot of talk about circumstances being “character building”. And this is usually just an excuse for putting our children through something really stressful or something that they really cannot cope with. But, is there any valid point in putting our children through stressful situations? How much should we really expose our children to stress and change?
Coping With The Grieving Process
If we are to support our children, especially if there are things going on in the family that require them to process information in a certain manner, we have to expect some form of stress. But at the same time, if it's something like your parents or grandparents, having to go into a home, if they feel powerless to do anything about it, this could make them feel more stressed. As such, a better solution would be to have them be involved in the process. For something like their grandparents going into a home, they could benefit from having a part in the decision-making process. They could go on a website like so they can provide a valid contribution, rather than just sitting there feeling anxious about what's going to happen to their beloved grandparent. And it's these more productive aspects of stress that can have a positive outcome.

Five Ways To Improve Your Health And Wellbeing

Improving your health and wellbeing is something that you should be conscious of as you get older. Our bodies tend to find everything a little bit hard once we go past our twenties, so it’s important to make sure you are feeling health both on the inside and out. Here are five ways to improve your health and wellbeing.


Drink Plenty Of Water
Water is something we’re mainly made up of, and therefore, we should be drinking plenty of it every day. The recommended intake is around 1.5 litres which may seem a lot but isn’t when you break it down into pints. Water is also good for the skin, seeing as your skin cells are made up of water, without enough of it, wrinkles and fine lines will appear and your skin overall will end up being dry.

Why Real Estate With A Few Acres Is So Desired

Stop what you’re doing for a moment and think about your perfect home. It's often called the dream home exercise where you consider what your ideal home would look like. No doubt you probably have a direct view on what the decor would be like, how many rooms you will have, the overall size of the house as well. But what about the outside? No, not the garden but the land and space around the home itself? This is where you will need to stretch your imagination as the land around the home is just as important as the home itself. Gardens are one thing but what about fields, rivers, lakes, hills, trees and even forests around the home that you own? Surely this is something you would like as part of your property, an area that is a merging of land and property. This kind of large real estate is greatly desired by many different kinds of people, all for the same reasons.

Taking a stroll where you please

The best thing about having a few acres to yourself is, having a nice long walk on your land without ever being in public or someone else’s private property. You can go walking in the morning and never run by the same tree or fence post twice, and still be on your own land. It gives you great peace of mind to know that you have so much free space, open air and a multitude of different views. You never have to leave your property to be at one with nature and wildlife, you’re constantly surrounded by fields, trees and sometimes even moving water. If you want, you can go for a picnic out in the fields during summertime and not have to worry about getting moved off the premises when the sun goes down.

Have You Tried Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha green tea powder has been enjoyed for generations in some parts of the world, and now its popularity is spreading globally, as people begin to realise the health benefits it offers. Literally meaning ‘powdered tea’, the main difference between Matcha and other green teas is that the whole leaf is consumed, making it a much more potent nutrient source than green tea that is steeped.

The Production Of Matcha Green Tea Powder
Like all types of teas, Matcha green tea comes from a woody shrub native to southern China, which is a relative of the Camellia plant. The regional location of the plant, the plant variety, and the processing method used all determine the resulting type of tea. Matcha preparation entails using a cloth to cover the tea plants before they are harvested. The shade triggers leaf growth with enhanced flavour and texture.

A woman of substance created

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What makes a woman? What are her true essence and her admirable characteristics? Is it just beauty or brains or perhaps her whistle-bait figure?
Or is it because of a woman’s natural beauty that a woman evokes, thus showing her innate grace and joy? Whatever and whoever a woman is—housewife, professional career woman or student—she deserves a face and body that is totally cared for despite and whatever her busy lifestyle is.

Show we love the women in our lives by giving them the opportunity to properly care for themselves through face and body care products that are proven safe and effective and will bring a bit of peace, love, and joy to them every day.

Jobs that increase your risk for cancer

Man Holding Welding Rod and Welding Mask While Working

Can your work increase your risk of cancer? Apparently, there are jobs and workplaces that may contribute to a higher risk of acquiring cancer because of exposures to some dust, gases, chemicals, radioactive substances and other aspects of their work.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has been maintaining a rigorous program of evaluating and ranking substances according to their capacity to cause cancer in humans. Most of the substances classified by IARC as carcinogens, or cancer-causing, have primarily occupational exposures.

Types of industries that put workers at risk

Cancer Research UK identified types of industries that can put a person at risk of developing cancer. These include:
  • Agriculture-related jobs – excessive exposure to sunlight or exposure to agricultural chemicals could increase risk.
  • Construction – Jobs in construction and related fields can expose one to too much sunlight on a daily basis and to substances such as silica, asbestos, coal, paint and solvents, wood dust, or to diesel engine exhaust. 
  • Mining and manufacturing – Exposure to fossil fuels such as mineral oils, benzene, asbestos, silica, and solvents can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Service industries – They can also expose one to too much sun, smoke, or emission from diesel engines.