Creative Ways To Include A Junior Bridesmaid in Your Wedding

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Today’s bride wants her wedding to be an expression of love and life. Even the most formal weddings today are a bit softer. They are chic and understated and the ceremony embraces the honored guests that attend. The weddings often include all members of the blended family.

This is the reason for the popularity of the junior bridesmaid.  If a young lady is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid, she is perfect for the role of junior bridesmaid. But, if you include her in the bridal party, you must include her in the process as well.

She can be a part of many of the wedding preparations and included in preparations as long as they are age appropriate. This would be things like shopping with the bride, helping select the dresses, and going to the beauty parlor.

Junior bridesmaid dress
The junior bridesmaid dress can mimic the bridesmaid dress or she can wear a junior brides dress. You might add straps if the primary bridesmaids are going strapless, or shorten the dress to a tea length, but it should be very close to the same dress. You can order a sample dress for a small deposit and try it on her at home. Bridal professional Azazie offers this service.

Your junior bridesmaid will feel special by having her hair done, a manicure, pedicure, or being included in the bridal showers. Resist the urge to overdo it. She is a child, don’t let the makeup artist go overboard with makeup. She should be presented as a young lady, not as a child made to look like an adult.
Her hair can be up with curls or naturally down. Her shoes need to be appropriate for her age. Do not buy her high-heels that she cannot walk in.

The junior bridesmaids are often given the honor of performing at the wedding. The junior bridesmaid can recite a poem at the wedding, be included in the vow exchange or perform a dance.  The dance is determined by her abilities. If she takes dance she can perform a ballet but if she doesn't, she can easily learn a modern hip-hop dance to perform at the wedding reception. Some lights and a DJ will help and you can get all your dance costumes at online.  


While there may be a wedding cake, the wedding candy buffet is very popular and this is a perfect station for your junior bridesmaid. A lovely table is set with a wide selection of candy. The guest may sample the bounty and even fill treat bags to take some home. This a beautiful way to modernize the wedding.

Other things your junior bridesmaid can be included in

Here is a list of things you can assign your junior bridesmaid that she can handle beautifully and she will feel like a valued member of the group:

  • Making wedding favors
  • Attending shopping events
  • Helping attendants seat guests (especially parents and grandparents)
  • Passing out programs
  • Passing out bubbles, rice, or confetti after the ceremony
  • Passing out seedlings as wedding favors is a popular idea that she can handle

Before you assign your junior bridesmaid her duties ask her what she wants to do.  Customize her position in the wedding to compliment her skills and talents. This will make her more comfortable helping your forge a bond with you forever.

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