How to Encourage Kids to Adopt a Daily Skincare Routine  

After a busy day preparing meals, getting the kids to school, and working hard in an office or at home, a skincare routine can sometimes be the last thing we feel like taking part in. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing take at least five minutes, yet most of us probably notice a major difference when we take the time to apply our favorite products regularly. What would you say if someone told you that skincare should actually begin in childhood? There are many reasons why keeping the largest organ in our body in optimal condition, is so much more than an adult concern.


Why is Early Skincare so Important?

Studies have shown that one or more blistering sunburns can significantly increase our risk of skin cancer when we are adults. However, if children come to see slapping sunscreen on as a crucial part of the day, the same as brushing teeth or enjoying a daily bath, then melanoma and other serious conditions can be kept at bay.
The issue goes far beyond that of sunburn; acne, too, is a common problem in adolescents, which requires dedicated care that goes beyond the application or consumption of treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. One of the most important steps towards healthy skin is nutrition. Nutrition is vital because high sugar and junk-filled diets can result in breakouts, as can inordinate amounts of stress. The sooner children realize the connection between their lifestyle choices and their skin health, the better.
Finally, children who already have a tendency for dry skin can keep eczema, rashes, and skin cracking at bay by keeping skin in a hydrated state.

How to Pique Kids’ Interest in Skincare?

As is the case with everything from a healthy diet to exercise, setting an example is everything, Kids need to see both Mom and Dad take at least five minutes a day to care for their skin. Many parents like to perform their routine alongside their kids so by all means, make it a family affair.
Letting children select their own skincare products is something many find motivating. Kids should learn exactly what is contained in many store-bought products, avoiding parabens, sulfates, and other potential irritants. One cool app that can help you and your kid's shop for healthy products is Think Dirty, which lists toxic ingredients in popular beauty and skincare products.
Finally, make the bathroom a fun place to be in, using candles, an essential oil diffuser, and even music to make it the most appealing room in the home for those few precious minutes in which your kids are pampering their skin.
Your kids will only be as excited about skincare as you are; if you make your daily routine the funniest part of the day, your kids will follow suit, thus preventing a host of future problems. Of course, if your child has a skin condition such as eczema, or excessively dry skin, take them to a friendly dermatologist. Like adults, children really respect the opinion of doctors, and they are more likely to apply a treatment daily if the friendly doc told them to do so.

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