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Online Bonding Time

Most of the time I am busy, doing works and of course, not to mention the unending house chores, and everything needed to be done because I am a mom so yes I've got a lot of things to do on my list. Sometimes, I wanna shout and say I want 'me-time a real one but I'm a mom, I do all things and need rest and enjoyment too!
Lately, I have been staying late for some works and I found myself playing some free video online games and I really enjoyed the mini-games there. It's a stress reliever for me, I can play these games whenever I wanna have a short break, by playing these games I no longer feel stressed every day, the works are less exhausting. 

Sharing here three of my favorites:

1. Classic Minesweeper Game

It has simple graphics which I like, it is a modern remake of the Minesweeper. Easy to play, you just have to open the boxes and hoping that there is no bomb or else it's game over.


2.Picture Runner Stickman Running Game

It's a stickman running! The instruction is not complicated you just keep the stickman running and look out for the obstacles.

3. Escape the Fuzz Police Chase Game

I am enjoying this game maybe because of the siren and the power pellets hehehe! Too easy to play just drive and collect the coins.

This site is now on my bookmark because the games are free and it is lockdown anyway, this could be added to our bonding so many games to choose I think they have 100+ and counting, not sure how many but if you are interested and wanna enjoy these free games try it out your self and find your self smiling. 

I am reducing my stress in this way and I am very glad that I found this free online video game site, I don't need to subscribe or pay to play and enjoy.


Starting Saving For Future



Personally, I find myself struggling when it comes to budgeting and I think most people are the same. with me. If you're a pro in budgeting your finances then congratulations! Despite hardships and all of that, I never gave up till now that someday, I'll start building a better financial future for myself and of course my family that I wanna help.

Talking about financial stability, many of us are not sure if they are stable. Being stable financially gives us peace of mind, we know that the future ahead is brighter on our side, we know that we are secured and the family when crisis comes.

Forgetting to save for tomorrow is not good. So, in this post, I'll be sharing some tips to save and start your dream business, investments, or anything you want by doing these simple steps that can actually help in your goal.

Goal. Know your goal when saving, you can categorize and take down notes for this and set a specific amount per category in saving.

Sell stuff. Look at the room and find stuff that is you no longer need but in good condition, other people might need it and will buy it. This will be your additional income aside from your salary. 

Budget for every day. Know your limit per day, don't overspend for a meal or things. Maybe when there is a special occasion but not every week, you can use this calculator to help you and learn more about savings, investments, and other computing finances.

Find a Bank. Find a trusted bank for your savings, learn how your savings learn interests.

Lastly, be healthy when you are healthy you won't spend on medicines. Remember, money is not the important thing in the world but it can make our life easier. We all have a different lifestyles,different costs of living but what is important is that we save for the future no matter how small it is. Just start for the future.

Friendly tips and positivity


When I became a mom, I don't look after myself I don't care about my skincare routine or any makeup because I am too busy or parenting. Yes I know that is so bad and so wrong in many ways because, in order for me to take good care of my family, I also have to take care of myself too.

Anyway, how are you today? It's been a tough year for all os since last year up to now we are still fighting this pandemic. We all need to be strong mentally and physically. So many uncertainties, mixed emotions, and anxiety going on just what like I've felt. But I realized I need to be strong and stay on my mind for me to take care of my family. There's always hope.

We need fruits and vegetables to nourish our body, but due to the protocols, we need to stock up on unhealthy foods. But of course, this doesn't stop us from making our self and our family healthy. Remember we always have our choice, choice to be happy and live healthily.

Simple tips that I can share in this time of crisis are that of course, the first one is to eat a balance-meal, try tracking your weight too, you can use this tool to find out your ideal weight. Second, rest a lot, don't stress yourself for simple things. Chill, watch some interesting series. Third, get some fresh air and see the shining, yes I know it's not allowed to go out but you can sit pretty in your backyard and read some books. Lastly, think positive, keep in mind that a clean heart is a healthy soul and it will reflect in your looks what's inside your heart. Try joining community groups and support other people, remember that being kind is free, why not give it to others.

Dodge These Issues You Can Run Into Moving Home

Are you getting ready to move home? It’s important to be aware that this can be quite a rocky road, filled with challenges and hurdles that you’ll need to jump. So, let’s explore some of the issues that you can face and the ways that you can tackle these problems head-on from the beginning.

Heavy Costs
If you’re moving to a larger property, the last thing that you want to be dealing with is high costs from day one. That’s why you should make sure that you are exploring the best way to save money with your home move. There are a few ways to do this but a key recommendation would be to price check everything. That’s particularly important when you are hiring moving companies. Removalists have rates that vary massively. You need to shop around the market and find a great company like Two Men And A Truck that can offer you a great service for the right price.

Home Won’t Sell
Another issue that you can encounter when moving is a property that just won’t budget on the market. There are a plethora of reasons why a home might not be attracting interest from buyers. Start by checking if the price you’re selling at currently matches the state of the market. If it does, then think about the marketing company that you are using. It could be worth investigating whether another estate agent could serve you better here. You should always check reviews before you commit.

Buyer Drops Out
You could also find that a buyer drops out of purchasing your property. If this happens, then you should definitely consider your legal options. Your position here and whether it’s worth chasing the buyer will determine how far you were through the sale and whether you will lose money if the sale doesn’t go through. If a buyer leaves you high and dry then you should always at least speak to a lawyer. They might be able to ensure that you get the money back that you can’t afford to lose during this critical new chapter in your life.

If you are gazumped then it means another buyer has stepped in to take the house that you already had a handshake deal on with the owner. Whether there’s any legal action you can take here will depend on where you live. Laws can differ by region. A good way to avoid this issue is to make sure that you do get a feel for the person selling the home. You need to make sure that you can trust them. Be wary about homes that have already been cleared out. It might mean that the seller will always take the chance to get more money for the home.

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues that you can face when you are moving home. If you take the right steps here, then you’ll find that your home move is painless and completely stress-free, avoiding all of the common headaches that come with this change.