Do's & Don'ts for New Moms Returning to Fitness

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival! Secondly, let’s get down to business… getting fit once you have had a baby is undoubtedly a challenge. But it is one that you can master with the right attitude and the right fitness plans. Below, you will discover the dos and don’ts of getting into fitness as a new mom.

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DO seek motivation – It is important to find different ways to motivate yourself. It is all about what works for you. Some people like to make their phone’s wallpaper a photo of their pre-baby body to give them motivation. Others like to read fitness blogs so that they can gain encouragement from others. There are then those who write motivational messages to themselves on post-it notes and place them around the house. There are so many different ways you can give yourself the encouragement to shed those pounds.

How To Stay Healthy Without Breaking The Bank

Getting fit definitely isn’t an easy thing to do, particularly if you’re on a budget. Paleo diets and expensive personal trainers all sound fantastic - but what happens when you’re a normal person who doesn’t have thousands to drop on your quest for fitness? Here are a few ways to get healthy without dipping too far into your savings…

Get Fresh Food


Let’s face it, not everyone feels like cooking from scratch when they get home, but if you want to get fit and healthy then it’s time to clean ceramic pots and pans and cut out processed food. Not only does processed food often cost a whole lot more than fresh food, but it also has a lot of added sugar, salt, and saturated fats which frankly you don’t need in your diet if you want to be as healthy as you possibly can be. Look for recipes that use fresh food and start to make your own sauces.

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Uni-Pak Mackerel Sinigang Recipe and Giveaway!

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1 can of 425g Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil,drained (set aside the broth)

4 pcs of okra cut into 3


3 tomatoes,quartered

1 medium-sized onion,quartered

10 pcs calamansi,juiced

3-4 pcs green chili (siling haba)

1 1/2 cup of water

Salt to taste


1. In a pan,place the water,tomatoes,and onion.Boil until the tomatoes are tender.

2. Add the mackerel broth and simmer for 1 minute.Add the mackerel,salt,and calamansi juice.

3. Add the okra,kangkong,and green chili.Serve hot.

Convincing Your Children to Eat Healthily

Convincing children to break their bad eating habits is incredibly difficult, but it’s needed and you’d be surprised at how unhealthy children are these days compared to a decade ago. Children typically eat a lot of sweets and snacks throughout the day. A can of cola or a bottle of fruit juice, a piece of chocolate and a biscuit will easily push your child over their recommended daily sugar intake, and their love for fast food will ultimately cause them to become obese in the future if you don’t carefully monitor their diet.

You’d be surprised at how straightforward convincing your children can be, but it’s important to treat your children with respect and understand that they want to indulge in the foods they love. Here are a few tips that will help you convince your children to take up better habits.


Top Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

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Just like eating healthy food, being active, and going to bed on time, brushing teeth properly is an activity that kids often resist. However, it is one that can't be ignored. Brushing properly doesn't just benefit children when they're young, but sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits, good oral hygiene and keeping other health problems at bay. If your children are giving you a hard time every night when it comes to cleaning their teeth, it can be extremely frustrating. Here are my top tips for making it a much more bearable time of day!

Taming The Teen: The Cans And Can'ts

We all remember our teenage years. Despite being at the peak of our youths, most of us would admit they were the worst times of our lives. Never before or after are we so uncertain about who we are. It’s a rollercoaster alright. And, when your kids reach those tempestuous years, it makes sense that you want to ease their burdens. You’ll want to do everything possible to stop them suffering the way you did. Yet, when you try to help you teen, they push you away and freeze you out. What’s a parent to do? It’s not easy, but we’re going to look at a few of the cans and can’ts of helping your teen navigate the nightmare. 

What you can do

Let’s start on a positive note. While most parents of teens feel helpless a lot of the time, there are things you can do. Most importantly, you can provide a safe space for them to return to. When everything else is so uncertain, it’s crucial they have a stable home to feel safe in. Make sure, too, to provide them with a room they can call their own. Stock it with furniture, a comfortable bed like those mentioned at ChooseMattress, and a decoration style that suits your teen. Encouraging them to take part in the design of their room will ensure they think of it as their own. 

 How To Help When Your Kid Is Being Cyberbullied


For all the good in the world, there is also bad, and that could not be truer with the internet. Yeah, it has its positives, it has tons of them, but cyberbullying is not one. Cyberbullying has caught traction in recent years and how we deal with it as parents are something that has no precedent. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept it. You can prevent it by teaching your kids how to use tech safely, and you can help should it have already begun. That is why we have come up with these top tips to help you if you think or know your child is the victim of cyberbullying. 

 5 Ways to Get Kids into Nature


Back when we were children, it was almost unheard of that we would play inside, and according to studies, children who grew up in the 70s and 80s spent at least two to three hours playing outside every single weekday. This kept them active, healthy, and social. Today, however, children would much rather stay in and watch TV or play on their computers than go outside and kick a ball around. 

Nature is good for our kids, encourages imagination, keeps away depression, and allows them to develop far better than from behind a tablet screen. Playing outside keeps health issues at bay, makes us all happier, and boosts immune systems. Here are a few tips to encourage your little people to get outside and play this summer.

Invite magic into the garden

Children love a little bit of magic and mystery, so try constructing a fairy house at the bottom of the garden and creating a story around it. You can leave clues outside it before they get up in the morning for them to find, and they can decide what the mischievous fairies were up to overnight!

Make the garden accessible

By making the garden child-friendly, you will automatically encourage them to play out there. You can do this in a number of ways - by sending them out with chalk to draw on the paving stones, or adding a slide or a paddling pool. If you are thinking about buying a trampoline for your garden, you can read Parenting Pod’s Skywalker trampoline reviews here. 

Make nature exciting

Having enthusiasm for nature will rub off on your children, and result in what is known as “parallel play”. So, if you show excitement for hiking, animals, or gardening, your kids will too. Often, children do as we do and not as we say, and you will find them creating their own version of your activity nearby.

Don't be afraid of dirt

By sending your kids outside in their old clothes, you are teaching them that it is okay to get dirty. If you have a little one who would rather wear their fancy clothes, then it could be a good idea to just accept that they will get a bit muddy - after all, the play is far more important than the physical objects! Remember, once dry, most mud is pretty easy to get off, so try not to be too uptight about jumping in puddles or digging.

Take indoors out

If your child loves playing with their building blocks, dolls, or Lego, set out some blankets outside and take their favorite toys with you. By changing the environment, you are changing the way they play, and showing them that life outside can be achievable too. There are guides for outdoor blankets that you might need.

Add water

It’s no secret that kids love playing with water! As a sensory activity, it helps brain development and lays a foundation for scientific and mathematical learning. So encourage splashing, pouring, sloshing, stirring, and anything else which gets them wet!

Remember, the earlier you instill a love of the outdoors in your child, the less likely they are to become indoor people when they grow up.

Big Family Events Made Easy When You Host Them At Home

Do you ever look through the family photo album and struggle to recall the venue you’re at celebrating your last big birthday? Or reminisce about that restaurant you all loved that was the start of each of your anniversary photos? If you never cater or host your big family events at home, you might be missing out. Yes, it takes a little extra planning and organization, but it can make the whole celebration so much more personal and bespoke. Here are just a few of the best tips for making it easy to celebrate at home, whatever the occasion:

The Big Anniversary

You might be wondering how on earth you can keep this one a surprise. Why not collaborate with your partner to create the ultimate anniversary bash? And no, you don’t have to do all the work on this one. Hiring a caterer can make the whole party so much more relaxed for you both. Many private catering services can also provide waiting and bar staff. Then you can enjoy the party without having to worry about your guests having enough to eat or drink

When you choose a private catering service, look for someone local that can come to your house and make a full assessment. They may choose to use your kitchen for food preparation and will need to know what facilities you have. Alternatively, the food might arrive ready to serve, and you can just lay it out for guests to help themselves buffet-style. Choose the level of service that suits you both and your budget. Most importantly, make sure you sample the menu!

Picture from Pexels

You might also be interested in hiring a party planner, or an event designer. These are the people that can convert your comfortable family home into the party event venue of the year. They’ll take care of the storage of your furniture, and manage all the decorating on your behalf. You simply need to pick a theme, and the rest is done for you. You might even engage some entertainers to wow your friends and family too. Hiring someone instead of managing this yourself should also cover any licenses you might need.

Of course, taking care of the entire party yourself is still doable. Download a party planner’s template to give you a checklist of tasks you might need to do. Choose a menu with dishes that can be kept warm or chilled easily for a fun party buffet. Serving hot plates are ideal for this. You might choose to buy them, but if you ask around your friends and family, chances are someone will have one or two you can borrow. As for decorating? Pop to your favorite online party store and pick balloons, garlands, centerpieces and more. Enjoy!

Kids Birthday

Entertaining your child’s select friends at home will always cost less than hiring a restaurant or ordering a party pack at a play center. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard work or boring. There are lots of things you can do to make the occasion memorable and lots of fun for your son or daughter. Start by asking what they would like. It’s often best to sound out your kids’ ideas because it’s so easy to be off the mark. 

Picture from Pexels

There are three things you need to ask them about. The first is the entertainment. Are they interested in it at all, or is music and disco ball adequate? The second is the activities. What kinds of activities would they like? Activities are often preferable to entertainers these days. Mini soccer, trampolining or jumping castles, or even a homemade treasure hunt could be ideal. Have a look at for ideas about how to do this. The third thing to consider is the theme. Many under-tens are keen on movie or TV characters. Even fairy tales can be quite popular and trendy options.

When you know what their expectations are, you can begin to manage them! Explore their ideas but don’t go to extremes to make their dreams come true. It’s not usually practical to have pony rides in your backyard. The risks might simply be too high, especially when other people’s kids are invited. The next thing to do is to recruit your happy helpers. Grandparents and siblings are great for baking cakes, preparing the catering, and helping to decorate.

On the big day itself, why not present your child with a birthday boy or birthday girl top to wear? You can even personalize it with their name and age at stores like Kids are often keen for everything to be about them on their big day, so think about what else can be personalized. The cake, the banners, and even the party favors can bear your child’s name and the date of the party. These are great for keepsakes and those all-important photographs too.

New Baby

These events are often held at the home of the new Mom, but they are also one of the most tricky to manage. For a start, poor Mom is really tired and probably a little sore! The other problem is that there is no end to the guest list. Every member of the family and all the close friends want to be there to meet your little one. That can add up to a huge amount of socializing and handshaking. To make sure you have time for everyone, try these tips to help you set up the party to run smoothly from the start.

This is the one party that really does have to cater to every age group. There are likely to be other babies, children, adults and even very senior members of the family. Finger foods are not only easy to prepare and present, but they tend to suit better the wide range of dietary requirements that will be in your home. It can also be a good idea to label each plate or dish with the name of the main ingredients and any potential allergy warnings. This will spare you having to answer questions about the food when you’re trying to meet and greet so many of your guests.

Picture from Pexels

Leaving all the drinks out for people to serve themselves isn’t a good idea, though. Alcohol should be supervised when there are children about. Instead, ask a member of the family to help you out by running a bar or serving drinks. Alternatively, have an alcohol-free party. You can still enjoy wine, beer, and punch without any alcohol in them. The nursing Mom might appreciate that too!

If you are hosting a Christening or Naming party, you might find that many of your guests bring gifts for you or the baby. With a large party, this can become a little problematic. Decide in advance where you would like the gifts to go. Alternatively, place yourself somewhere that you can open each one as guests come in to meet the baby. Make sure you can still nurse or pop out of the room as you need to.

The party essentials for this kind of event include:

extra packets of baby wipes, 
extra chairs to seat all the guests, and extra burp cloths so everyone can have a cuddle! 

Balloons aren’t really a good idea. Kids can get carried away with them, and if they pop, they may wake the baby. They can also be very hazardous if there are any crawlers or tots prone to putting things in their mouths. Keep decorations and small foods out of their reach.

Wedding Reception

Yes, you can host a major event like a wedding reception at home. This can make the celebration far more intimate and poignant. It will undoubtedly be a smaller affair than a hotel-hosted reception, so the guest list will be smaller. Most importantly it can reduce your spend, or help you allocate funds to things like the dress, the ceremony, or the honeymoon. Best of all, it means you can have complete control over the event from the decorations, to the catering.

Picture from Pexels

Many families that choose to officially marry after having kids prefer a home wedding because the house is such a big part of their lives. Having your own living room or garden as a backdrop to your wedding photos will mean so much more to you over the years. It will also provide more meaning to those all-important family memories. It's wonderful if such an important family occasion took place there. 

If you are the bride, it’s important you enlist the help of friends and family on the big day. After all, you have a lot of bridal duties to perform as well as being the hostess for the day. You might hire some waiting staff to serve food and drinks, or you might prefer the reception to be quite informal. If you’re having a summer wedding, make the most of your garden and hire a beautiful gazebo for the setting.

When it comes to the first dance, any floor will do, but hiring a small dance floor needn’t be too big a drain on your budget. Use some fairy lights to soften the light and create the right mood and atmosphere. Definitely, don’t worry about clearing up until the morning. Congratulations!  

Parenting: Satisfying Teen Demands Without Breaking The Bank

Parenting is far from cheap at the best of times. Nonetheless, the costs shoot through the roof once your son or daughter becomes a teenager. Things become more expensive while they also gain new demands for social activities. Providing everything they need is a priority for all parents, but it can cause a huge financial headache. Therefore, taking immediate control is essential.

Frankly, there are a variety of steps that can be taken to satisfy those growing demands and requirements in a more cost-efficient manner. Try incorporating some of the ideas below immediately, and you should see great results in next to no time.

Little Ways You Can Make Some Extra Funds

Sometimes, for one reason of another, our incomes just don’t stretch as far as we would like them to. In these instances, often it’s the luxuries that we miss out on, from family days out to little treats. Obviously, the bills should always come first, but does that mean that you and your family should miss out on life’s little luxuries just because money is a little tight? No, of course, you shouldn’t. With that in mind, the question is, what are the little ways that you can make some extra funds

Looking After Your Family With These 5 Injury Prevention/Recovery Tips


No matter how well we look after our families, there is always the risk that they might come to harm through an accident or unintended mistake. It can be awful to think about as a parent, but it’s well worth preparing for. Doing so might save your child from experiencing unnecessary suffering or fear when an unintended situation happens that immediately needs addressing.

This list will go into the 5 best methods to help yourself or your child deal with a situation that hasn’t turned out the way you hoped. Everyone is at risk of injury, and it can be tempting to think of your children as invincible. Unfortunately, it’s best to think about these things as soon as you can, because foresight teaches much better than error.

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How To Improve Your Mental Health


Your mind is just as important as your body, so don't overlook it. There are many ways to keep on top of your mental health - here are just a few.

Eat healthy

Ever heard the saying a healthy body makes a healthy mind? - Well, it is so true! What you eat has a huge impact on your mood, so if you're feeling particularly low all of a sudden and aren't sure why, have a look back at your diet and see if you've been eating too much of something that you wouldn't usually.
A lot of people find eating healthily to be too much hassle - having to prepare all the fresh ingredients takes time, and if you're a busy Mom, then it just adds to the other many things you have to worry about. Whereas as fast food only takes a few minutes to arrive and you don't have to do anything. Right, that's what people think, but there's a whole bunch of easy, healthy meals that just about anyone can make, and don't take up your precious time.
As well as eating right, you should also be staying hydrated. Water is like pure gold, our body needs this to look and feel better. We were once told that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. But health experts now tell us at least ten to twelve!

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