5 Things That Are Stopping You From Sleeping Tonight

There is nothing worse than feeling so incredibly tired that you can’t focus on anything. Everything takes three times as long to do, and you don’t seem to be able to figure out the simplest of problems in your head. Good quality sleep isn’t easy to accomplish, though. There are plenty of reasons why your time in bed isn’t leaving you refreshed, focused and energized. Here are just 5 of the biggest culprits disrupting your slumber:

Brain Strain

Too much going on in your day can leave you still buzzing at bedtime. Sleep is perfect for problem-solving, so try to let everything go. Leave it to your brain to figure everything out while your body is getting some rest. Switch off, and find a way to let your eyes feel heavy. Deep breaths that gradually elongate can help. Count the seconds for each inhalation and exhalation. This gives your mind something else to focus on too.

Not Enough Time

If you don’t give yourself enough time to sleep, you won’t get enough deep sleep at all. Many of us need 5 full sleep cycles. Our brain activity literally cycles through the lightest sleep to dream and then onto the deep sleep. This is when the mind tackles everyday problems, and the body gets to work regenerating cells. If each cycle takes about 90 minutes, you need a good 7 to 8 hours sleep in your bed.

Achy Muscles

You must relax the body as well as the mind when you’re ready for bed. Aching muscles are often a sign of tension. Make sure your body is fully supported in the bed by using a suitable mattress for your sleeping style. Generally speaking, there are three types of beds you might select from. You can find out more about each type online. The most popular is probably memory foam as it molds to your body shape to provide full support regardless of your size. Sprung mattresses are a bit more bouncy but can be quite comfortable if you sleep alone. Finally, latex is quite expensive but can be very comfy when you need it most.

Too Much Light

If you work shifts, you might struggle with daylight in the room when you’re trying to sleep. Use blackout blinds to eliminate all light. Daylight makes it very difficult for the brain to produce the right chemicals and hormones to aid restful sleep. Blue light from your phone can also mimic daylight and make it difficult for you to feel sleepy at the right time. Switch it off an hour before bed, and read a good paperback instead.

Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant so it will keep you awake longer than you would like. Stop drinking coffee and tea by about 3 pm to reduce the risk of it still being in your system at bedtime. Be wary of chocolate, too. This can contain caffeine as well.

How do you get a good night of sleep? Make sure you have nothing stopping you from peaceful rest tonight. Sleep well. 
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