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How to make South African favorite - Bobotie!

South Africa and its food:

South Africa is one of the countries that I have always wanted to know. Not only because it has incredible natural landscapes, but also for its gastronomy. And if we emphasize the latter, it is important to note that among the dishes most consumed in South Africa are salted cured meat Biltong, Boerewors sausage, Isidudu pumpkin pap, Hoenderpastei chicken pie and the exquisite Bobotie, on the one we will pay attention to do precisely to the commercial exchanges in the area made by this corporation, significant cultural contributions also emerged between the territories that made up its route. That is why in South Africa it happened that a dish of Indonesian cuisine became popular.

South African favorite - Bobotie!

Basically, and in broad strokes, it is a spicy minced meat cake that has the peculiarity of having an egg layer on top, a kind of “tortilla " that curdles in the oven over meat.

How To Cope With The Demands Of Parenting

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Raising a young family is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It is an extremely demanding undertaking that can use up all of your energy and send your stress levels through the roof. However, parenting doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to parent effectively, without running yourself into the ground. If you are determined to enjoy a happier and healthier way of life, you will need to embrace the following four steps. They will help you to become the best parent you can be, whilst taking control of your own identity, free time, and plans for the future.
Make friends with your fellow parents
The first ideal step is to make friends with your fellow parents. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build up a system of support. Instead of worrying that you are the only one struggling to cope with the demands of parenting, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. If you are wondering where you are going to find suitable parent friends, you should leave yourself more time to spend at the school gates. You should also make an effort to attend as many school-related events as possible. Hopefully, it won’t be long until you find another parent who is also trying to expand their social circle.

Internet can really change your life

For many decades, the internet evolves there are so much interesting things that can make our life easier and happier with the help of internet. It changes our daily lives, how we do things and how we treat other people. Truth is we always choose to communicate with the internet. 
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We share our moments, photos and even problems on the internet. If we are hungry internet is a tool also by ordering foods with the use of it. It transformed the world positively and negatively.

There's one thing that can really change your life by using the internet this is by knowing your forever partner through it. Have you tried it? Like talking to someone you haven't met yet, it's fun and exciting. You can share your problems and happy moments, this is getting interested in other culture and people.

Vivo X21 is an eyecatcher at the Mobile Fest 2018

Global smartphone brand Vivo has made a good impression on tech enthusiasts at the SM Cyberzone’s Mobile Fest 2018.
To explain all the goods on Vivo’s latest flagship smartphone—the X21, the brand tapped respected tech experts Mark Macanas of TechPinas and Alora Uy Guerrero of Revu.
The experts discussed Vivo X21’s unlocking technologies, dual rear camera, AI Selfie Camera, AI Game Mode, Hi-Fi, performance, and design.

Alora Uy Guerrero of Revu and Mark Macanas of TechPinas had nothing but praises for Vivo X21.

Macanas and Guerrero mentioned that there are two ways to unlock the Vivo X21, through the Face ID Access with Infrared that accurately identifies a user’s facial features even in nighttime and the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology that replaces the rear fingerprint sensor. Vivo is the industry pioneer of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

Become A Consultant Today

If you are in the world of business then probably you're familiar with the word consultant or consultant salary. This kind of job might be considered one of the highest best-paid jobs in most countries. The consultant gives professional expert advise in a specific field. Many consultants work in a firm and others prefer to be independent consultants.
To be able to be hired in this kind of job you must take first complete a bachelor's degree some employers require that you must be in accounting, finance, a business major, and other related major courses. Don't forget also some qualities or skills of being a consultant that employers wanted to like professionalism, good communication skills, flexibility, expert knowledge, problem ability solving, and other attributes that makes a good consultant salary might.

Consultant salaries help businesses improve and grow by solving problems and always finding better ways. They use their skills to give expert advice to solve issues. There are types of consultants: Strategy Consultant, Management Consultant, Operations Consultant, Financial Advisory Consultant, Human Resource Consultant, and IT Consultant. But why do clients hire a consultant in the first place, aren't expert enough, or so they didn't trust their decisions? Let us think for example when you are having personal issues or problems you want to hear advice from your friends or other people that are close to you, Just like consulting company needs an outside opinion on a particular issue, someone who is an expert, there might other people see that a company can't see.

When You Have To Buy A New Car Because Of A Baby: A Practical Guide

Adding to your family can be a really exciting time for any family. It is exciting to enter those newborn days once more, be wrapped up in that bubble and enjoy the new memories you are going to make as a family. But there are also some other decisions you may need to make along the way, and one might mean you need to upgrade your car to accommodate. I thought I would share with you some of the things to consider if you need to do this.

What type of car do you need?
The first thing to think about when you need to change your car is to figure out the type of car that you need. What is it that is making you change car in the first place? Knowing your reason for changing gives you your priorities when it comes to finding a new one.

10 Excellent Enhancements around the Home To Improve Your Mind, Body and Soul

Everybody wants to live a longer and happier life, full of excitement, joy, and relaxation all at the same time. Your home is the secret to making these things possible so you might need to make a few enhancements in order to make this happen. From decluttering your home, changing your bedroom, and improving the way that you clean, all of these ideas can enhance your quality of life and can improve your sleep too. You don’t want a busy and cluttered mind full of to-do lists and tasks; you need a clean, serene, and pristine home full of laughter and tranquillity. Many people don’t realize that the key to a long and happy life lies in the comfort of their own home. As long as you are content in your living environment then a calm, happy life will soon follow.
1. Goodbye Junk
You can’t possibly live a calm and peaceful life if your home is overflowing with junk and clutter. I bet there is a spare room in your home full of old computers, gizmos, and gadgets that you are simply leaving there for a rainy day. It’s time to say goodbye to all of this dust-gathering stuff; you can sell processors, trade-in old mobile phones, and earn vouchers for old gadgets. During your clear out you will not only make some money but you will be making room for a much clearer mind.
2. Clever Kitchen Ideas
Make your kitchen a better-equipped place, so that you can prepare high quality, nutritious meals every single day. If you love smoothies, then make sure you have the latest blender to whip up your strawberry and banana oat shake in the mornings. Throw away all of the old kitchen junk that you don’t use, buy smart storage items, and invest in items that will truly make your life better and easier.

Healthy Recipes and Memories with Lily's Peanut Butter

We all know the Lily's Peanut Butter because it became part of our childhood,our baons in school when we are still in grade school and up to now that I already have my own family, the taste of Lily's Peanut Butter is still even yummier and what's more exciting is that they also have new variants for us to taste.
This premium peanut butter is one of the pioneers in the premium food manufacturing industry and it was being produced since 1950.

Our family loves Lily's Peanut Butter as this is one of the must-haves in our breakfast is also in our meriendas. For our family, Lily's Peanut Butter is more than a comfort food but it's something that is part of our daily lives, years from now I can say Lily's is part of our family's memories.

How to deal with depression and anxiety as a parent of twins

Becoming a parent is perhaps the most beautiful thing that could happen to someone. However, though someone who doesn’t have a child thinks it’s all sunshine and rainbows, the truth is that it comes with its fair share of troubles. Just ask the parents who have bought their bundle of joy home and are sleep deprived, hungry, and lethargic by how it feels, and they will recant their experience. However, the dilemmas of parents that have
singleton kids don’t even come close to the anxiety and depression that’s felt by those that have twins.
Since the 1980s, the rate of twin births has increased by approximately 76% and 700% for triplet births. One of the main reasons why multiple births are happening more often is because of the use of fertility treatments. Unfortunately, though both physicians and doctors try and do a lot for the physical health of the mother and children, almost no support is provided for their mental health.
As per a research published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice, parents of multiples (twins and triplets), reported higher levels of depression and anxiety. Another study conducted a systematic review of English language which assessed mental health outcomes for parents of multiples and found that the 27 studies published between 1989 to 2014 showed parents of multiples do face adverse psychological health conditions.
Even though a lot more research is needed to remedy the situation, it is imperative that as a caretaker of twins, you learn to deal with the depression and anxiety you might face. Remember that though PPD (post-partum depression) is a stage you’ll need to overcome, there are a couple of steps you can follow to ensure you enjoy your twins and aren’t stressed out by the workload and sleepless nights.

A Happy Family: 8 Fun Activities You Can Do Together with Your Kids

The long, lazy days of summer may be a distant memory for you, but for your kids, these days will build some of their longest lasting memories. So, it only makes sense that you would want to give them the best possible experiences they can!

We understand that, as parents, a lot of planning goes into creating the perfect summer for your kids. While they may be coasting along on popsicles, sunburns, and days at the lake, you’re working hard at making sure that you don’t have to hear the constant refrain of: “I’m bored” as the dog days of summer set in.

 Man and Girl Running on Asphalt Road
We know you don’t want your kids to spend those few, short months in front of a TV, but that doesn’t make it any easier to choose what activities you can do with them that will keep them (and you) entertained and occupied.

Why Going Solar Is Good for Your Budget

Besides the obvious and crucial ecological value, moving to renewable energy sources can also have quite a positive effect on your budget. Besides contributing to saving the planet, it can also help you save some money.
So even if you are not passionate about environmental issues, you can take the idea of introducing solar energy into your home into consideration. Having in mind electricity prices which can arise at any time, having a fixed, and a very low, mind you, solar energy price, can help you save a lot of money in the long run.
You might be wondering how so let us start with the basics; Action Solar experts explain why this is the right time to go solar.

It Requires No Investments

 Maybe you didn’t know this, but you can move to solar energy with zero investments, by simply renting all the necessary equipment from a certified company. The company remains the owner of the panel on your house, but you get to use it.
Of course, you have other options as well if you prefer, but it is always good to have a choice. It is up to you whether you will buy your own solar panels and hire someone to install them, or whether you will lease the panels. In this minimum investment case, you just need to pay for the guaranteed low, which is a fixed rate for the solar power produced by the system in the next 20 years covered by your agreement.

Dementia: Helping Little Ones Understand

Dementia is something that we may all be affected by at some point in our life. Whether we develop the condition or someone we know does it has become an undeniable and common part of society. Celebrities who were diagnosed include Robin Williams and Terry Pratchett while numerous films have been made reflecting the horrors of the condition. But how do you explain dementia to children?

Unfortunately, the people who are most likely to develop dementia are the elderly. You might have a parent, aunt or uncle in their seventies or eighties. These are the people most at risk of developing the condition, and it is a difficult thing to describe to a child. Ultimately, dementia will involve someone losing a part of themselves and slowly becoming somewhat unrecognisable to those around them.

How you explain the condition will, of course, depend on the age of your child. Older children will be able to understand the complex condition far more easily compared to little ones. However, this won’t make it any easier for them when they need to come to terms with it.

Kids Fashion Trends in the Summer 2018

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to kids’ clothes is the comfort and quality - that goes without saying.  But who says you can’t have everything and have really trendy and fashionable clothes which are at the same time really practical, comfortable and high quality.    

So check the latest trends in kids fashion for this summer, without compromising any of the above-mentioned aspects from places like ModerneChild.

It is important to keep the cool, manage sweating and stay protected from the sun in the summer, but why not look cool and trendy at the same time.  Here are a few tips which  help you decide what clothes are the best fit for your children this summer.  

Besides being comfortable and suitable for the weather, the fabrics of your children ’s clothes should also be fashionable so you will see homespun cotton,  embroidered  patches  and denim and rope ties in many collections this summer. 

Small Home Changes that Can Improve Your Sleep

Whether you live in a small home or a big one, you may notice how the environment you’re in can affect how well you sleep at night. If you are struggling to fall asleep, or are having a hard time sleeping through the night without waking up, it could be a sign that there are some minor changes you need to make around your home. Not only will these changes benefit you, but they could also improve the sleep of your children and others who are staying there. If you are hoping to put the best tips into practice, you need some foolproof ones to follow, so make sure you feel inspired by following the four key ideas below:

Regulate room temperature
No matter what time of year it is, your room needs to be at a consistent temperature to help you get the best sleep. In summer, keeping your room dry and cold means you are more likely to sleep better, as hot temperatures can make you toss and turn at night. This is where it’s a great idea to invest in a good fan or lighter bed linen. Equally, in winter, it can be tricky to wrap up warm without waking up when your room is too cold. In these times, having a high-quality radiator like those from mean that you can have your room stay the same temperature all night.

Keep your room quiet
When you have kids, having a much-needed lie in on the weekends becomes a near impossibility. Although there will be times when your kids need you, when they are happy being left to their own devices, you need to ensure your room is quiet. It could even be that the sound of outside or your older home is what’s keeping you awake. Here, it’s best to cover all bases, from fixing any leaking pipes to investing in sound-blocking doors. If you want a more in-depth look at how you can keep your home quiet, you can find many resources online.

When homes are stressful, it can mean you lie awake at night going over those stresses in your head. If you have kids, it may be that the clutter and mess in your home are what is keeping you awake at night. The simplest step to resolving this is to de-clutter your home of everything it doesn’t need. However, this doesn’t mean ridding it of sentimental items, but storing away clutter that lies on the floor, and doing a sweep of the house at the end of each day to ensure it’s clean.

Use aromatherapy
In many homes today, people are beginning to see the advantages of aromatherapy in helping them sleep. When you apply oils like lavender and chamomile, you can induce calmness and aid sleep in yourself and your kids. The most effective way to introduce these oils into your home is by having an essential oil diffuser on, which you can place on your bedside table to work all night. Some of these can even double as lamps which emit a soft, comforting glow.

Personal Injury Lawyers

When you think of a personal injury what does it means to you? How and what can be considered a personal injury? First of all, we must know that personal injury is according to Wikipedia it is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. With that being said, There are many types of personal injuries such as head injury including physical assault, road accidents, Psychiatric injuries including bullying and many more.

Crime Scene Do Not Cross Signage

An accident can happen anytime, anywhere and we don't know what is gonna happen, next thing you know you're in the hospital. As for the cars, there is car insurance, in case of bad thing happens to your car at least it insured and you don't have to worry for the damages but of course there's a policy in every insurance company that must follow.
In personal injury, there's what we call ''claims'' but of course, there are many processes to follow with this and the first thing is you need personal injury attorney tampa what claims do fall in any other legal matter to talk. 

accident, car, communication

Personal Injury Lawyers taking your injury personal. They give and provide solutions individually to the clients. They understand that the clients live is unsettled until everything is resolved. They focus to get the successful outcome. Your needs come first.

As a mom, one of the scariest for me that might happen to one of my loved ones is the medical malpractice injury. When you are expecting to heal but suddenly this happens I this it's a serious problem and I need a lawyer that expert in this kind of issue to help me. Same as the traumatic brain injury whereas the extreme serious case resulting to loss of memory and change of personality to some victims.

Everyone who needs the help of personal injury lawyers, choose the reliable one and can guide you thoroughly and lead you for your peace of mind.

Enjoy exclusive treats and interact with your favorite celebrities at the Unilever mid-year sale! Happening only in Lazada this July 18-25

Fans of Lazada and Unilever are definitely in for a mid-year treat! This July 18-25, Lazada and Unilever will be giving away heaps of surprises from the country’s iconic and favorite brands: Tresemme, Surf, St. Ives, Dove, Pond’s, Cream Silk, Pureit and a lot more!

Just visit to see what’s in store for shoppers at this exclusive mid-year shopping spree:

Decorating No-No’s When You Have Kids

You know having kids is going to change your life. Staying out late and sleeping in will quickly become a thing of the past and family-friendly activities and parties will slowly but surely fill your schedule. Well, it turns out that kids will change the way you live in your home too.
Chances are, there are things about your home that you took for granted, but once you have kids, you’ll wonder what you were thinking! Get ahead of the game by knowing what not to do so you can make sure your kids are safe and you can spend less time cleaning at the same time.
Free stock photo of food, relaxation, summer, party
    1. Hanging Cords from Blinds

Blinds are a staple in most homes. They are an effective way to provide you with privacy in the evening and they can be opened to let in natural sunlight during the day. Unfortunately, they’re dangerous to small children.
You can wrap up those cords so they are less of a choking hazard, but why not get rid of them all together with shutters? Not only are shutters safer, Just Blinds says that "Adding shutters to your windows can result in added energy savings." They’ll elevate the look of your interior space too!

What a Modern Conference Room Needs to Have

A lot of offices and businesses are changing from a rigid and strict design of the past into a more fluid and modern concept.  Simply put,  the day and age of the cubicles are over, and the age of modular and easily portable office spaces is just beginning.
However, as modern and innovative as an office may be, there are some things which need to stay the same.  Well, not necessarily the same, but familiar and recognizable, with a modern twist.

Conference and meeting rooms are one such example; simply put, the space used as the conference or a meeting room needs to reflect the intended use and have all the necessary elements.  Shore  Office  Warehouse shares their insight into the modern conference room.

4 Types of Hair Extensions Anyone Can Use

Extensions are the most useful solution for those who want to test out their head of hair. They're easily available for sale and could be used every single day without having to spend considerable time. Extensions will also be helpful for those who wish to achieve a transformed look overnight.
The marketplace is filled with an elegant selection of hair extensions in various textures, for example, Brazilian, Peruvian, Burmese, Indian, Indonesian, etc. These extensions can be found in variations for example straight, curly, wavy, etc. to match everybody. You can purchase these extensions in bundles and sizes available for sale. Brazilian hair weave with closure is considered the most famous extensions and wigs.

A Mum's Guide to a Safe Road Trip

Moms will be moms, and for a mom, nothing is more sacred than the safety of her kids. This is a rule that governs all aspect of mom’s life, especially travel. When going on a road trip with kids there are so many variables to take into consideration, from vehicle safety to having enough food and drinks, and not to mention the quality of onboard entertainment. Finally, the route you plan to take also needs careful consideration, as you will need to make a sufficient amount of stops along the way. Now let’s go over some of the crucial aspects of a road trip so that you can ensure a safe and comfortable trip for the entire family.
Let’s start with the vehicle

Like most families, you will probably be using the car that you take your kids to school with and that u use to go about your day. Now, the problem that this poses is that you won’t have time to take it to a mechanics shop and wait for a couple of days for it to be ready. For this situation, you can take a page from Australian moms. Australia is a country that is known for great road trip route,s it is no wonder that they are quite skilled in this department. So most moms simply call their local mobile mechanic in Sydney and have them come and do a complete checkup right in their driveway. This saves time, and they can have their car back a lot quicker and continue with the daily schedule and the preparation for the road trip. Great advice, isn’t it? More advice and travel tips from the website Explorersaur .

Next comes the packing
What you pack is of vital importance for having a safe road trip. First of all, you need an emergency medical kit. And no, the one you already have in the car simply won’t do. You need to create one that is best suited for your kid's needs. So the medication they use in case of a cold, their regular anti-allergy meds, and of course don’t forget the ever loved bandaids with cartoons on them. In addition, you should also have some alcohol or antiseptic for wound cleaning and some anti-nausea medications. After you have tackled the first aid kit, remember to pack for all kinds of weather, and if you plan on keeping the AC on in the car consider a tad warmer clothing for your children.
Finally, we come to the food and drinks

You have to set some ground rules when it comes to the amounts. As you know, kids can at times go overboard with what they eat and drink. So let’s start. First, pack enough snacks, but make sure that they are not too salty as your child might want to drink more liquids afterward leading to numerous bathroom breaks which are definitely not the safest option while on the road. In addition, limit their liquid and sugar intake. That way you can stick to the planned schedule, and you can avoid having hyperactive kids in the car. Make sure that the locations you choose for break offer cooked food as well that way you can have at least one cooked meal a day. It is important for your kid's digestion to avoid eating only dry food.
Onboard entertainment

You might be wondering what does this have to do with safety. Well, a lot. If your kids get restless and start jumping off the walls in the car that can endanger your driving and create unsafe road trip conditions. And no matter how well behaved your kids usually are, being in close quarters for a long time can lead them to act out. So having sufficient onboard entertainment is essential for a road trip. Apart from the phones and tablets, consider introducing some books or informative games so as to pass time. Don’t forget to pack some good sing-along music to brighten up the entire atmosphere.

So there you have it, the ideal road trip safety guide for moms. You can customize each aspect of this guide so that it is best suited for your children. It is important that they feel comfortable during the whole trip, and at the same time that you feel secure about your vehicle and the road conditions that await you. The only thing left is to pick a great route, full of exciting sights and make some fun memories with your kids. Enjoy!

How to Have a Joyful Afternoon with Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kids is crucial for their cognitive development. After all, humans are primarily “social animals” that require a constant influx of responses from their community in order to thrive. It is your responsibility as a parent to “inaugurate” your child into this complex set of activities and dynamics but they all need to be masked, at least initially, as fun hangout sessions. With that in mind, here’s how to have a joyful afternoon with your kids.

Safety Tips for Teenagers on Riding Motorcycles

There are a lot of motorcycle riders who become hurt after riding their motorcycle because they did not bother to stay safe. Some cannot even be asked to purchase cheap motorcycle jackets because they believe that they do not need it.
Motorcycle jackets are not only worn in order to look cool. Motorcycle riders wear it because they need to protect themselves from possible scratches and abrasions if in case they hit the pavement while riding. Some teenagers are close-minded about this. A lot of teenagers also feel that things like that will never happen to them.

Gadgets You Can Add To Your Car This Summer
If you want to take your humble car to the next level this summer, there are many different things that you can do. You will be able to add some amazing gadgets and bring some fun into your vehicle with these amazing items this year. Here are some of the best gadgets to buy for your car this summer.  

USB Charger

If you don’t already have a USB charger for your car, you are seriously missing out. A USB charger for the car can allow you to charge your phone or tablet on the go and will ensure that you never run out of battery power while out on the road. It is a car essential and is something you should definitely invest in this year.

Things To Keep In Mind about Radon Gas Detector

1. The area you are placing the test kit holds utmost importance. So, one must be sure of where and how they are using the detector or kit so as to get the best possible results. Radon is a heavy gas settles in the lowest levels of your house which is why it's always recommended to start testing from the basement or ground floors.
2. Detectors should not be placed in humid areas or regions where there are chances of fluctuating airflow. The device must not be moved on and off else results may vary from the actual numbers.

Keep Your Kids Healthy With The Vitamin Alphabet

40% of the calories in our children’s diets come from empty calories. This means that they are made up entirely of sugar and fats, which have no nutritional value. Attitudes towards diets are fortunately changing, with sugar intake down and consumption of fruit and veg increasing, but there is more to be done. It can be difficult to know what nutrients your child needs, let alone to teach this information to them. An easy way to get started is with the vitamin alphabet: A, B, C, and D. Find out why these nutrients are important and where they can be found.

How to get rid of Wolf Spiders

Are you looking for the best ways to keep wolf spiders out of your home?  If yes then you are the right place. Here is the quick guide available for you to understand and know about what wolf spiders are as well as you can also get proper tips on how you can keep them out of your home. In general, keeping any pest out of your home needs proper planning and it will always start with the proper identification of the pest. There are different methods available that are used to keep wolf spiders away from your living area. Before that, you need to know some facts about the wolf spiders. First of all, it is important to get tips on how to identify wolf spiders. They are the members of the Lycosidae family. The wolf spider does not spin webs but sometimes hunts down its prey. It is one of the most common types of spiders. There are different ways available to identify them.
Most prominently, there are many wolf spider species available and you can differentiate them with tan coloration. Spiders with two dark brown stripes on them are dangerous, these are also known as hairy spiders.


Image Credit: Pixabay
Are you a developer (or intending developer) looking to go into a new genre of applications but you’re having difficulties deciding which? Here are reasons why you should consider and reconsider delving into karaoke applications, as well as factors to think of while creating one.
  • Major Influence in Concise time
Although karaoke only started taking its course in the United States a little over 25 years ago, it has been widely accepted as a significant form of fun and entertainment. Also, in Asia where it initially began, karaoke continues to have a lasting influence as karaoke machines can be seen in several clubhouses, bars, and various other outlets.

Relaxing After A Long Day

Our world is incredibly fast-paced, and a lot of the time we barely have the time to breathe before we have to go back to work or cook for the family once more. If you need to relax a little after a long day or a long week, here are some of the easy things you can do at home. 

1. Leave your work at work 

One of the things you need to be mindful of in your life is to never bring your work home. Even if you have a job which you absolutely adore, once the working day is over you need to put it away and focus on your family life. Balancing work and home life is important for our happiness and you will allow yourself to live a much healthier life this way. 

2. Set the atmosphere 

One of the wonderful things about having a house is the fact that you can set the mood in the evening for yourself and the family and all cuddle up on the sofa. Think about switching off the main lights, turning on the lamp, and lighting a few candles to make the room feel cozy. This way you will be more than ready to lie down and relax for the evening. 

3. Switch off tech for a while 

It is tempting to keep scrolling through Facebook until the moment you fall asleep, but it will keep you incredibly alert throughout the evening and this is a time where you want to be able to relax. Stay calm and switch off your social media, and just enjoy being present with the people you love most in the world. Any emails, texts and social media posts you have can wait until the morning. Your family is much much more important. 

4. Have a cuppa

A cup of tea can solve every problem, said every British person ever. But in actual fact, herbal teas such as chamomile and peppermint can be great for relaxing the brain and the body for a good night’s sleep. If you have been struggling to sleep recently, think about pouring yourself a cup of tea and sipping on it an hour before bed. This will give a chance for it to relax the body and you should have a much more sound sleep as a result. A lot of people have also turned to CBD to help them relax before bed. Click here for more information about this.

5. Take a bath

When you are about to settle down for the evening, one great thing to do is run yourself a bath. A relaxing bath with salts and bubbles can be just what you need to refresh, you can bring a book in with you, play FF 15 on your phone or watch a movie on your laptop. It will be a great way to relax the body from head to toe and wipe away the stress of the day. Think about bringing a cheeky glass of wine in with you and lighting a few tea lights for an ultimate pamper session in the middle of the week!