Five Tips For Parenting With A Busy Schedule 

When you're run off your feet it's hard to spend quality time with your children. You want to give them as much of your attention as possible but other commitments like work and chores are getting in the way. Before you know it your children will be fully grown and off to college so utilise the time you do have with them early on. Here's a couple of ideas to help you out.

Get organized 

As a parent time is valuable. Look for areas of your life where you're wasting your energy. Making lists can be a great way of prioritising what needs to be done. Having it all written down means you can tick off what you've achieved as you go along. Categorising your noted can be s good way of deciding what's most important in your day. If you have a smart phone there are lots of apps that you can download to keep you on track. These devices can be set to notify you with little reminders to help you stay focused. Get things done at work so you don't have to stay late.

Involve the children

If you've been at work all day then coming home to a house full of chores can be exhausting. It also leaves little time to spend bonding with your children. Get them involved and teach them those valuable skills that will help nurture their independence. It doesn't all have to be a punishment. Turn cleaning up into fun games that make your children want to help you. Who can put their toys away the quickest?

Save where you can

When schools finished and you need to stay late at the office you'll need someone to look after the kids. Hiring a babysitter can become expensive. Companies like The Hills Youth and Family Services provide a range of services that include free after school care. Encouraging your children to join after school clubs won't just be good way of saving money but also helps your child develop social abilities and teamwork skills. 

Cooking for more than one

This means cooking for more than one meal. With lots of mouths to feed it can make dinner very time consuming. Look for recipes that can be frozen and used again the next day. Having a few emergency frozen meals stashed away will be a blessing after a hard day at the office. 

Break the mould

Just because others have certain traditions or holidays doesn't mean you have to follow suit. If your busy at the weekends then make other days your time to relax. Create new holidays for yourself. Your family can have their own set of traditions that work for you. Set a date and try your best to stick to it. Make the most of this time by removing yourself from the online world. Turn those phones off and talk to each other. 

Make the most of the time you have with your family before it's too late. These simple suggestions can save you time and money.

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