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S.W.A.P. (Sensible Ways At Preserving) Our Lives

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We spend a lot of time looking for a different version of something that will benefit us one way or another, such as finding a cheaper version of the same product, or a healthier version, such as diet soda. But, instead of looking for the cheaper option, or going for the diet version of something that we all think will benefit us (when in actual fact it only helps us in the short term), we need to think about making it more effective swaps in our lives. So, what are the most effective decisions in life we can make for healthier and happier versions of ourselves?

Effective Vice Swaps
We've all got a little something that's a big vice for us, whether it is sugary treats or cigarettes, the trick is not to cut them completely out of our lives, but rather, phase them out. That means gradually cutting down on cigarettes, or eating that one less chocolate bar per day, until the health benefits you feel are so great that you prefer living this way. That is the trick to escaping any habit. Of course, for many, habits are addictions. And cigarettes are one of those major ones in life, and to make the experience much less unpleasant, there are swaps that people are making now like vapes or e-cigarettes. You can shop Vaporescence products or any e-cigarette providers now and get a decent amount of advice and support on picking effective products to help you kick your habit. People who go on to e-cigarettes have generally found that they have cut down gradually on these also.

A Proper Morning Routine
Those that have very busy careers have kids, or both, tend to find that as soon as they wake up in the morning, they have to run at 110% velocity. However, the importance of a proper morning routine has gone out the window for these people. Some people feel they can get ahead of the game by checking their emails as soon as they wake up, but this influx of bad news only set us up for a terrible day. Instead, you would benefit from taking 10 minutes every morning to get yourself into a suitable mindset to set yourself up for the day. This could be whatever you want, some people would like to meditate, some sit quietly with a coffee, but if you can have 10 minutes that is for you, and you alone, you are going to be in a better frame of mind, meaning that you will attack tasks better during the day.

Preventing Stress
The sounds like something that we can't control, but by swapping that feeling of stress for something that benefits your nervous system better, in other words taking a few deep breaths, you will be able to handle stressful situations more effectively. This is something that can take quite a bit of time to accomplish, but by having mastery over your emotions, and specifically the physical effects of these emotions, you will learn how to handle stress better. So, by swapping that feeling of dread when something stressful creeps up on you, start to take deep breaths, either try box breathing or find a breathing method that suits you. But by swapping stress for an approach to control your nervous system, you will build up reserves over time, meaning you will get less stressed.

So, try these swaps, and begin to feel the benefits of a healthier and happier life.