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Affordable investment to secure your future is possible with BellaVita Land

I have been working for almost three years now as a financial advisor and I have come to decide to invest my money as early as now for my future and my future family. For investment, I am looking for something that is affordable and has a long-time value aside from health investment which is a necessity for me.

At first, I was thinking of buying a car since many of us millennials dreamed of having a car but after analyzing my finances buying a car in this generation would not be a wise idea and will only cost me more. I asked my friends of the investments that they have, the majority of them invest their money on lots and house and lot. One of them said that she has just got her own house and lot in BellaVita and she talked about how happy she is in the place that she chooses and boasts that BellaVita Land houses are a good catch for early investment. After knowing my friend's investments, I am convinced to invest my money on house and lot, I searched for affordable house and lot for sale on google to look for choices and BellaVita Land is on the list, I went to their website ( to see their model houses. I contacted my friend who has a house in BellaVita and asked if she could introduce me to the agent to discuss further details.

And now I am excited about the turnover of my future home in BellaVita Land.

Blowing Those Troubles Away: Coping With Stresses (So Your Children Don’t Have To)

As a parent, we can find ourselves under various pressures. But when we start to realize that this is affecting our children directly, we've got to learn to blow these troubles away. Coping with stress is not just about being confident, but it's about understanding that when we are armed with the right tools, we can navigate issues in life. But what can we do to ensure that we cope with various stresses in life? Is it to do with the toolbox? Is it about the environmental factors, or is it about a combination of components?

Look At Your Every day Stresses

You have to examine the environment you are in to ensure that you have a good grounding for coping with stress. As most parents will attest, there can be a lot of money problems. If you are a stay-at-home mom, these tips on ThriftyTwo can provide you with some simple changes to save money. And we have to remember that if we have consistent pressures, like our finances, or worries, we've got to tackle these first where possible. This means that we can progress with a far more positive mindset if we make the necessary changes.

Understanding Your Stress Triggers

When we feel stressed, it's so easy for us to continue under this cloud that, over time, our children can think this is who we are. And when it comes to stress, we have to identify the primary triggers in us. And while your everyday stresses can be a significant trigger, if other things cause you to go down the worry spiral, you must start to become acutely aware of when you are slipping down the slope. By addressing this early on, we can put the tools in place to minimize these problems.

Changing Your Mindset

Partly it's to do with the attitude we exude, but it's also that toolbox. If we start to notice we have a meager mindset to cope with stress, then we need specific techniques to deal with them. This can be about trial-and-error. It could be about finding the right breathing techniques for finding a little practice that you can do every day to ensure that you remain even-keeled. But while we can't get rid of stress completely, if we learn how to manage it better, this means that we will have the ability to cope with it throughout our lives. Remember; stress, in small doses, is an excellent motivator, but when you find yourself consistently under this sort of pressure, it's essential to keep these negative symptoms down. It will impact you in the long run, and this is why a little practice can benefit you. But also, if this isn't a massive motivator, think about how it's going to affect your children. They look at us as the blueprint of how they live their lives, which means we should remember that if we are anxious and stressed, they will grow up with a similar mindset and behavior. We need to learn how to cope with the stresses so that our children don't have onboard this behavior. It's easier said than done, but you can start now.

The Best of Batanes: Top Attractions and Activities for First-Time Visitors

If there’s one Philippine destination that’s a common denominator among all travel bucket lists, it will probably be Batanes. Dubbed as the “Last Frontier of the North,” Batanes boasts a unique culture, welcoming locals, and numerous destinations that almost look too beautiful to be true.

Indeed, Batanes is a place that you have to visit to really appreciate its beauty. The pictures simply don’t do it justice. If you’ve finally booked a Batanes tour package, on the other hand, congratulations! You’re about to see some of the most gorgeous sights you’ve ever seen. Make sure to include these attractions and activities in your itinerary. 

Vast fields of green, clear blue skies with wispy, curling white clouds, and the waters of the Pacific Ocean crashing on the shores. These make the picture-perfect combination that characterizes the breathtaking view of Rakuh-a-Payaman. Also called Marlboro Hills or Marlboro Country due to its resemblance to the cigarette ad’s iconic setting, Rakuh-a-Payaman is perhaps one of the most popular attractions in Batanes. Take a selfie and a panoramic shot or two, then just appreciate the glorious vista with your eyes. It’s so much more beautiful without a screen or lens in the way.

Be A Confident Mom

Being a Mom is not easy. First, you have to go through nine months of pregnancy, your body changes, your whole life turns upside down, and you’re tired all the time. You focus on the child and neglect yourself, and you may continuously compare yourself to other Moms, and this may make you feel inferior due to the wonderful highlights offered up by other parents. In reality, every Mom feels the same, but people cope in different ways. What you need is to build up your self-esteem as a Mother. Being more confident in yourself, not only helps you, but it will actually help your child too, and your relationship with your partner.

Image from Pixabay

Here are some tips on being that new, more confident Mom:

Look after yourself
Your life does not stop once you have had a child. You deserve some ‘you time’. Taking time out, away from your child, does not mean you do not care. It means that you are intelligent enough to know you need time to recharge your batteries. So, have that long soak in the bath, go out and visit a friend for coffee, go to the Mall and get those new shoes, go to the spa, or get those cosmetic dental implants you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget your personal and individual interests and desires when you become a Mom. Remember, when you feel good about yourself, you act with more confidence and can make better decisions that improve the life of your child as a positive by-product.

Follow your instincts
Don’t allow external influences to disrupt your natural flow as a Mother, it will only confuse you and cause you to waver when making important decisions. Everyone has an opinion, and no one has authority on what is right for your child. It may be difficult at first not to listen to all the buzz going on around you, but trusting your gut feeling, for the large part, turns out to be the best advice you can have. As a result, following your instincts and trusting yourself can improve your overall happiness.

Core Learning Materials for 21st Century Education

Learning is a lifelong process, and taking the journey is an important decision, especially for parents and stakeholders of education involved in a learner's journey.

REX, the country's premier learning solutions provider, designs Core Learning Materials that enable learners of all ages to not just absorb information, but more importantly, develop the skills necessary to use, adapt, and apply what they learn in real-world contexts and situations.

Guided by the Whole Child framework, REX taps on its years of experience and collaboration with the country's leading authors and researchers, combining relevant frameworks and methodologies to create learning materials that are intuitively designed to ensure that learners are Safe, Healthy, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged.

The portfolio of printed learning materials designed by REX ranges from Basic Education texts to specifically-designed texts for various Senior High School tracks, to texts designed for Tertiary Education based on the framework of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), as well as comprehensive texts, guides, codes, and reviewers designed for Legal Education.

How To Encourage Your Little One To Love Learning

Starting school can be a very scary experience for children, as it's a whole new environment that they have never had to be in before surrounded by people they do not know. This can have an effect on their willingness to learn new things, as it can take some of the joy and excitement out of education and mean that they are unhappy in a classroom setting. However, it doesn't have to be this way, as there are several things that you can do which will help your child to make the most of every opportunity to learn and have the most fun at the same time too. So, if your child is having some problems with school and you would like to find out more about how you can improve their attitude, then read on for some of the best top tips that you can begin implementing today!

Image Source - Pexels

Get Involved
You as their parent can have such a huge impact on their opinion, which means one of the best things that you can do to encourage them to change the way they feel about learning is to get involved. Whether this means talking through their days' lessons over your evening meal at the dinner table or making time to complete their homework with them each day, any show of interest can motivate them to pay more attention and begin to get the most out of their education. Don’t just rely on your child's school to teach them everything they need to know, as it's your responsibility as their mom or dad to pass on information and knowledge too. Display to them that you are always ready to learn something new even if it might be difficult to understand, and they will follow in your footsteps to become progressive and motivated learners.

‘Tis the season of giving! Zen Zest & Scent Station Gift Sets are now in stores!

Wait for no more because in just a few more days till the holidays our favorite local fragrance brands Zen Zest and Scent Station are back with their best-selling holiday giftsets! 

It has been a long-standing tradition, that Filipinos share love and joy among friends and families during the holiday season. As soon as the -ber months come rolling in, lists are created stating the perfect gift for each person. 

However, last-minute gift needs are something that cannot be avoided. Don’t worry, Zen Zest and Scent Station got you covered.

Over the years, both brands have provided quality and affordable gift sets that loved ones will surely be excited to receive. This year, nine different gift sets are being released that consumers can choose from!

Sugar Rush in Box

Zen Zest’s cute and refreshing line of body spritz is perfect for teens and teens at heart! You can purchase them at Php60.00 each. Its affordability will even allow you to purchase the whole line to give your loved ones a truly sweet sugar candy rush!

 2 in 1 Christmas Inspired Body Spray for Women

These Christmas Edition body sprays for women come in 60ml bottles (Winter Apple & Sparkling Snowflake) that’ll surely make your loved ones feel the spirit of the holidays! It also comes in cute pink window box and retails at Php99.00 each set.

Bamboo Una Mas Cebu 2019

With having one of the most recognizable and formidable singing voices in the Philippines, singer-songwriter BAMBOO MAÑALAC is like a well-oiled machine, all power and with no plans of slowing down just yet! 

The Prince of Philippine Rock is ready to ROCK it again in this BAMBOO: UNA MAS CEBU EDITION 2019 at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu City, on November 23, 2019, door opens at 6 pm. 

With his famous vocals, which combines a rock style with mellow approach, he is notably has energetic style in his LIVE PERFORMANCE! 

Shopee Holds its First-Ever 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing and text
Starring Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista
Countdown to the finale of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale with live performances by top homegrown celebrities and the debut of Shopee’s latest Christmas jingle.

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, will be holding its first-ever televised show, the 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special on November 10 at 10:30 PM, aired on GMA7 and Shopee Live. The star-studded show will feature performances by popular GMA stars, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista, in an exciting live countdown to the finale of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on 11 November. In addition, it will also include the premiere of the latest Shopee’s jingle, exclusively composed by Jose Mari Chan for this year’s festive season.

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Christmas is an important holiday for Filipinos, and we are thrilled to kickstart the celebrations in the biggest way possible with our very first televised Christmas concert, the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special. With this, we hope to deepen engagement with our users by bringing them closer to their favorite stars and brands, and also to foster the festive spirit in the Philippines. We invite everyone to join in the excitement on 10 November as we count down together to our 11.11 Big Christmas Sale. ”

Key highlights of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special

● Debut of Shopee’s latest Christmas jingle: Catch a live performance of the new Shopee Christmas jingle by Jose Mari Chan, which was exclusively composed for this year’s festive season.
● Star-studded show: Watch top celebrities such as Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista perform all-time favorite Christmas songs. Also, enjoy special guest appearances by Gabbi Garcia, Lani Missalucha, Julie Anne San Jose and many more popular homegrown stars.

● Over ₱11 million worth of prizes, deals, and discounts including a house and lot: Stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a Rusi Mojo 200 motorcycle, Toyota Fortuner, and a house and lot from Avida by tuning in to 3 special Shopee Shake sessions during the program.

● Score amazing deals and vouchers: Enjoy amazing discounts of up to 70% from leading brands like Unilever, Pampers, Maybelline, Anker, and Perfetti van Melle during the show.

Getting Your Seasonal Shopping Done Early

person holding white gift card

Most people go through something similar when Christmas rolls around. No matter how much you think about it in advance, this time of year is always a challenge, and many people struggle to get everything organized in time. If you want to get this out of the way early, the clock is ticking, and you need to act fast. To assist you with post with this, it will share some of the best ways to make your Christmas shopping go quicker. In view of the entirety of this, you should have the opportunity to change this time of year to work in your favor.

The Right Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for someone you care about can be difficult. Most people find it hard to figure out what the people around them would want, and it is often a real struggle to get your hands on something which you know they will like. Thankfully, there are options out there that just about anyone would like, and you can check out RC cars for young kids, tools or craft items for men, and a host of options that can be great for women. Of course, though, it’s worth doing some research when you’re looking for demographic-based gifts, with sites like Instagram being great when you’re struggling for inspiration.