Nine Personal Hygiene Habits to Teach Your Teenager 

If you are the mother of a busy teenager who is more interested in listening to their playlist than looking after their health and skin, you might want to intervene before it is too late. At the age of 12-13, it is time to talk to the kids about how their body is changing and how to look their best without a ton or makeup or hairspray. As a parent, you are likely to have little or no say in their fashion choices, but you can still teach your teenagers how to create a healthy personal hygiene routine that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Below you can find ten habits you must encourage your teenagers to take on.

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  1. Brushing Teeth in the Morning and At Night

This habit is generally taught by parents at an early age, but teenagers tend to dismiss the routine, and this can cause several problems later in life. Make sure that you check on your teen in the morning before they leave for school, or they can claim to be too busy to complete this two-minute job. Likewise, explain to them that all the bacteria they leave in their mouth and on their teeth will work against the enamel through the night, so they must brush before bed.

  1. Showers at Night and After Sports

Your teenage son or daughter must have a shower every night before they get into bed, especially if they play sports regularly. Make sure you get them to jump through the shower after working out in the gym or playing basketball in the park. You don’t want the bed sheets stained, or them getting an infection. It is always better to have a shower at night to wash off all the dust and bacteria they collected during the day and to keep the bed clean and hygienic.
  1. Drying Feet Properly and Wearing Socks with Sneakers

Teenagers are generally too busy to dry themselves most of the time. Tell them how important it is to dry their feet, or they will develop bacterial infections that can stick with them forever. Teens also hate wearing socks, and this means they put on their sneakers bare feet. This can cause excessive sweating, as well as cuts and bruises on their feet. Tell them about how hard it is to get rid of athlete’s feet, and talk to them about treatment options. Check out resources at for toenail and other bacterial infections.
  1. Cutting and Filing Nails

Tell your kids that they have no chance of getting a date if their nails are black and not looked after. Clipping and filing nails are not hard and is a relaxing schedule that your teenagers can manage. Give them the tools they need for their birthday and check their nails regularly. Girls, in particular, have a tendency of allowing their nails to grow too long just to break and look neglected.
  1. Taking a Day Off Makeup - Girls

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Girls today don’t like leaving the house without makeup. While being self-conscious is a sign of a typical teenager, it is important that you let them know that their skin needs a rest. Girls need to learn that their pores need some oxygen. Give them professional makeup remover wipes or tonics, and ask them to take a day off makeup every now and then.
  1. Finding the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Teens will believe everything they see and hear in TV commercials and online ads. You need to talk to them about choosing the hair care product that is right for them, not the one that their friends use. If they suffer from dandruff, you need to get them a special medicated shampoo and conditioner. Let them experiment for a while, and allow them to choose the brand that works for them and their hair as well.
  1. Face Cleansing Routine

Most teenagers dread an acne breakout. If you teach them how to adopt a healthy, three-stage face cleansing routine, they will be grateful for the advice. Get them the right product, and make sure that they are aware of the importance of deep cleansing their pores every day. Tell them the importance of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, and take them down to the local store for a skin test to help choose the right personal hygiene products.
  1. Changing PJs Every Few Days

It is important to tell your children to change their pajamas every few days to stay clean and keep their beds clean. A good personal hygiene starts with good habits. Put a laundry basket in their room and collect their clothes every two-to-three days, so they know that everything is taken care of, and all they need to do is change their clothes. Make sure that you get them in the habit of changing their bed sheets on their own, so you have more time left for other chores.
  1. Not Leaving Cosmetic Products On Longer than Necessary

One of the things teenagers tend to do is overusing cosmetics.  Find out why this can be dangerous here: Your teenage daughter might be leaving the conditioner on all night, damaging her hair. Your son could be overdoing the hairspray, and it is your job to teach them about the damage this bad habit can cause. Encourage them to remove makeup and cream every night before they go to bed, and when they are not going anywhere.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your children discover the best ways of looking after their appearance. Other parents, teachers, and peers will judge your teenager based on their appearance, as well as you as a parent. Sit down with your kids early and make sure they have a healthy daily personal hygiene routine that will stick with them forever. While they might think now that you are being difficult and annoying, they will thank you for the guidance and advice when they grow up. Help them through their journey of becoming a responsible and independent person, and your life will be much easier. 
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