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Thrilling Furniture For Your Kids

A child’s bedroom can have a huge variety of styles and feels. The way that you decorate the walls and floors will impact things as deep as your child’s concentration and happiness. And, of course, they will deeply contribute to how much the child likes the room. The walls and floor will only play a part in this great whole, though. And, for the purposes of this post; we’re going to be ignoring them completely. Instead, this post will be going through some ways you can spice up a kid’s room with the furniture you put in it. This is much easier than redecorating the whole room.


Can You Really Take Kids To A Formal Event?


Every parent has been faced with that decision. You've got some kind of formal event coming up, whether it's a party or a wedding, and you're unable to find a babysitter. If the event says that kids are welcome, then it shouldn't be a big deal, and yet a lot of parents still have a degree of anxiety over the idea of bringing their little ones to any kind of fancy event. Your mind is filled with images of mess, embarrassment, and disaster. So is it actually possible to take your little ones along to a formal event? Well, the short answer is of course it is! You've just got to be aware of the kind of things that could happen when you have kids at any kind of event. If you're still feeling a little nervous, here are some simple things that you can do to make life just a little bit easier.

From Me To Mom: How To Make The Transition Easier

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing experiences you could ever be blessed with. But, it’s important to recognize that your life will change. And yes, that change is always for the better. Because becoming a Mom changes you as a person. You get to care for little ones that depend on you and nurture the kind, caring and giving sides of your personality. It’s a beautiful experience.

When you first become a parent, or even when you find out that you’re pregnant, it can be hard to get your head around how it will all work. But it’s a lot easier than you think it’s going to be. Just to make sure that the transition from being just ‘me’ to being a Mom is as seamless as possible, these handy hints should help.

Parenting Traditions Around The World

For anyone who’s grown up in western culture, parenting methods and traditions are pretty universal, with fairly negligible differences existing from country to country in Europe and North America. While all parents have little nuances regarding the way they raise their children, there are certain parenting traditions from around the world that may seem pretty alien to a lot of us. Here are a few fascinating parenting traditions from around the world…

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Health Problems At Bay?

When you’re working hard, and life is flying by at a million miles per hour, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes, your health may not be your greatest concern, but at some point, you’ve got to put yourself first. In the grand scheme of things, your health is much more important than a meeting or a presentation. If you don’t devote much attention to your wellbeing, here are some simple ways you can be more health-conscious.

Eating well

It’s dangerous to underestimate the importance of your diet. The food you eat should provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to function properly. If you don’t eat well, you may find that you have a higher risk of health problems, you struggle to fight off minor illnesses and ailments, and your energy levels plummet. If you don’t pay much attention to what you eat, now is the time to start thinking about healthy eating. Being healthy is not about losing weight. You can be very slim and still not have a healthy diet. It’s about providing your body with a balanced combination of foods that offer nutritional benefits. Don’t cut out food groups or try and survive on virtually nothing if you’re trying to lose weight. Keep an eye on your calorie intake, and increase your consumption of fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish, and good fats. Examples include salmon, nuts, avocados, and mackerel. 

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Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to your health, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t already have insurance or employee benefits, you can access health plans for under £2.00 a week. This will make routine appointments, such as dental checks and blood pressure monitoring, more affordable. If you attend regular appointments and you seek help when you notice unusual symptoms, there’s a much higher chance of successful treatment or even preventative therapy. If you haven’t had your eyes checked for a while or you can’t remember the last time you saw a dentist, make that call now. 

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Moving more

Be honest. How much exercise do you do each week? Do you have a workout regime in place or does your daily exercise consist of walking from the car or the bus stop to the office? Many of us have sedentary lifestyles, and this puts us at risk of serious health complications. If you’re not as active as you should be, start making an effort to move more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk or cycle to work instead of driving. Go for a brisk walk, a jog, or a cycle after work, or get out in the garden with the kids at the weekend. Clear your mind at a yoga class or have fun with your friends at Zumba. Exercise is great for your body, but it’s also brilliant for your mental wellbeing. 

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It’s not always possible to prevent illness, but living by some simple rules will increase your chances of staying healthy. If your health has taken a back seat, don’t let this continue. Now is the time to make your health a priority and look into ways you could change your lifestyle. Focus on healthy eating and try and be more active. Keep up to date with health checks, and get any unusual or unexpected symptoms checked out. 

Thanks Mom! Creating An Exciting, Amazing Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget


Your child's birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to do this time. You’ve pre-emptively invited a host of children (and by definition their parents,) so not only are your organizational skills up for judgement, but it’s up to you to create a day your child will always remember. Your child will only be a child for so long, so better to make it enjoyable for them right? It’s almost impossible to say ‘no pressure’ after this laundry list of responsibilities, to the point where it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

However, there’s no need to worry. If you’re struggling for ideas look no further than this list for great birthday ideas that your child will cherish into their adulthood . These are sorted by small, medium and large sized invite lists. If you feel you can handle more, please do! We just hope this list helps give you ideas.

Lift Yourself Out Of The Age Trap

As we get older, our quality of life drops in every way. Age acts as a vacuum, and it sucks the joy out of most things if we let it. We all know our appearance is the first thing to go. As though the vacuum was right underneath us, everything starts going south. Our once supple bodies start to droop, and our faces do the same. And, the vacuum can also remove us of possibility. Older generations are not treated kindly in a world which puts such value on youth. New opportunities become few and far between as the years pile up and the vacuum gets stronger. 

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The goods news is, it’s possible to lift yourself out of that vacuum. But, there’s no denying that it’ll take a little work. First, tackle your appearance. If you look old, you’ll feel it, too. A facelift would be the most obvious way to overcome the problem, but it’s a path few of us want to go down. Instead, it may be worth looking into something like a non surgical thread lift, which acts as a close alternative. It’s also worth looking into some of the many anti-aging products which promise to plump and firm. The vacuum will have a hard time fighting against these. And, don’t forget to turn your hand to exercise. As we get older, we become less able to throw ourselves into physical activity. Yet, it’s never before been so important. You may find it hard to get going, but the effects of age will start to disappear the more exercise you do.

Lose Weight, Not Health


When starting a weight loss journey, being committed to the cause is vital. After all, you aren’t going to see great results unless you stay dedicated throughout the process. However, reaching those goals is supposed to enhance your life as a whole. Unfortunately, far too many dieters fail to acknowledge this crucial factor. 
Weight loss should never compensate your general health, which is why choosing a suitable food plan is pivotal. Dropping a few pounds will be the first item on your agenda, but extreme measures could encourage diabetes and other health issues. If your new diet brings digestive problems, it may be necessary to have an allergy test too. Ignoring those problems will only lead to long-term problems. Quite frankly, this simply isn’t the answer. 

Body Changes To Watch Out For

Whatever age you are, or whatever kind of life you lead, there are going to be certain times when your health takes a slight turn for the worst. When this happens, it can often be quite devastating, but one of the most important thing to bear in mind here is that you should watch out for any changes in your health as much as possible. The keener you are looking, the sooner you will notice if anything goes wrong, and that will mean that you can make the changes necessary much faster. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the major health changes which you should keep an eye out for.

Top Websites You Won't Mind Your Teenager Using

With social media being around for as nearly as long as your teenager has been breathing, there’s no wonder they spend so much time online chatting to their friends and catching up on the latest gossip from their favorite soap opera. Often taking up all the memory on your computer account with downloads and chatting to their friends, the time teenagers spend online drives a lot of parents crazy, with many left wishing there was a way they could put get their children to engage with technology in a productive way. By introducing some of these websites to your household, this no longer has to be a wish, but a reality.

Spring Clean Your Skincare Regime!

Spring is all about spring cleaning, but that doesn’t have to just apply to your home. When was the last time you went through all of your beauty products? These things don’t last forever, and when they’re in contact with the skin you don’t want to be using expired or bacteria-ridden items! Here are some of the ways you can clean up your beauty stash and also ensure you’re buying better products.


If you love acoustics and plan to buy sansamp that will worth your money,Check out the link and you'll be surprise how amazing it can give,More about this : "The Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Instrument Preamp Pedal provides detailed tone-shaping possibilities for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and electric and upright basses, either direct to a mixing console or with an instrument amplifier. The Para Driver DI gives your instrument a natural warmth and presence, as if miking it through a tube preamp. The SansAmp circuitry eliminates the harsh, unnatural harmonics of piezo pickups, while the Drive control offers some edge-- ranging from just a little to over-the-top."
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Step by Step Guide to Download & Install Parallel Space for PC

Parallel Space for PC is easiest and the fastest way to access all your multiple accounts on a device at the same time. Parallel Space uses special cloning technology in your PC or laptop which makes a mirror directory of any application like whatsapp or instagram that allows you to login to your multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device. Parallel Space is compatible with most of the major apps that are available in the play store which means you can clone any application with parallel space and enjoy your multiple accounts on your pc or laptop at the same time.

How to access parallel space in your PC

  1. First you have to download Bluestacks in your pc.You can download Bluestacks from  for pc and laptop.
  2. After the setup is downloaded install bluestacks from it on your pc.
  3. Open the Bluestacks icon and from the app gallery go to play store and download parallel space.
  4. After the app is installed open it and click on add button and add any app which you want to clone it with parallel space.
  5. As you click the app is cloned and you enjoy your other account of the app (whatsapp, Paytm) on your pc at the same time.

AVON:Skin So Soft (Glutathione)

Last month,I'm always seeing the Avon SSS new variant of lotion,I was like I wanna try this because it's a new formula I think.I'm glad my sister-in-law is an avon lady so i immediately ordered the lotion,While I'm browsing the avon brochure i saw that it has also other new product lines which also a skincare.Aside from lotion I also got myself the whitening facial cleanser,Whitening toner and the whitening face cream which comes in two variants,The day and night cream.

 Hidden Home Health Hazards You Can't Ignore

If you’re worried about your health, you do need to think about the home. Believe it or not, there are a lot of hazards in the home that can affect your health. You might not even be aware of them! It’s possible that there’s an issue in your home damaging your health and you’re completely oblivious. 

So, what type of issues are we talking about? Well, some of these are definitely going to shock you. 

2017 Back-to-School New Product Release

The Earth-loving-planet-saving twins are in hot pursuit of their mission to help save Planet Earth! This 2017, Coco and his twin sister Kimmy are working hard in helping kids realize the value of saving Planet Earth. NOW, more than ever is the time for kids to realize that our planet needs help. The recent changes in our weather like typhoons are proof enough that we all need to move NOW!

Funtastic International Inc., established in the country almost 17 years ago, is behind the Cool Kids, Baby Bliss, Creadough, Zigo, Latitude, and Fluffy Friends brands. Colorful and lovely characters make up the Cool Kids Brand. These amazing characters have different roles to play in teaching kids how to care for the environment.

Easter Egg Hunting Party Checklist


What are your plans this coming Holy Week? Do you include Easter Egg Hunting? Well, you should! It is so much fun to attend at least one event. Not only will the kids enjoy, so do you! There are many Free Easter Events in Metro Manila. If you are planning on throwing an advance Easter Egg Hunting for your kids, here is a simple checklist for what you need.

  •  Decorations.Check!

We had already finished them last week, and the kids are super excited! We hand painted some empty egg shells using food color, uses some bunny stuffed toys, and out them in baskets. The house look like Easter-ready!

  • Empty egg toys.Check!

Yes, lots of them and different sizes and colors!

  •  Chocolates.Check!

Luckily, there are many Easter-themed chocolates on the supermarket and candies too! We also brought some cookies that can fit inside egg toys.

  •   Foods.Check!

Yup, done with the menu! We will through some silly designs on our foods so that they will look like more of Easter theme.

  •   Fun Activities.Check!

Aside from Easter egg hunting, we prepared other fun activities too like bring me, put the bunny’s ear, piñata, etc.
  •   Prizes.Check!

Of course, we can’t forget about the prizes!
The only thing you need to think of is where to hide the eggs!Easter events in Tagaytay have their party outside, so outside seems like the best place to hide the eggs!

Inspired Perfumes

Sometimes it happens to me when i smell something,It reminds me of place or events that's memorable to me or even person that is close to me.I'm referring here a perfume,Not the aroma of a delicious food.Anyway,It always happens to me,Have you experienced the same way too?Sometimes,I wanted to be in that memory so I look for the same scent so that i'm always in the mood where good memories and good scent will mix up and turns out for me a good mood to start the day.
In speaking of the word scent,When going out for a walk or simply going to mall with friends or going to work we always want to look and feel fresh ofcourse but after a long tiring day outside,All the sweat,we can't stay that fresh long enough.
Aside from using deodorant which is a must,and takinga bath eveyday also a must for everyone to stay fresh and feeling fresh.We need a perfume.
Most of the perfumes available are costs more than what we expected,Why pay for thousands for a perfume when you can have it as only few hundreds.
Introducing the perfumes by ,Affordable perfumes that scents can lasts up long hours.All products are inpired perfumes.

These are some of their fragrances.

MILLENIUM EAU DE PARFUM – 60ML available for Php350
My husband used it and he likes it,Vey manly.

AERIS EAU DE PARFUM – 30ML available for Php180 
I'm using it and i'm loving this fragrance.

You can purchase and try the fragrances for affordable prices.Check out their website and shop directly.

Make More Money with Your Career


Good work deserves to be paid well. And a lack of great pay is often what eventually discourages people from pursuing a particular career any further. Whether you’re looking to buy a new house, save up for your kids, or simply want a little extra cash to have fun with, this guide is an essential look into the ways in which you can squeeze more money from your chosen career.

Start your own business

Might as well start with the big one, right? If you think you really have the skills to take your career further and take more of the spoils for yourself, then perhaps you should consider breaking from your current company and starting your own. For example, a successful dentist may decide to look into dental surgery in order to start their own practice, gaining more control over their salary and the clients that they deal with. 

Move to another company

If starting your own company is a bit too extreme for you, then you could look into moving to another one. Even if you have no immediate plans to leave your current job, you should look into similar positions at other companies. A lot of people don’t actually find themselves getting promoted in one company; most actually “climb the ladder” by jumping from one company to another. Staying within the same company is ideal, however, as you can usually earn more money in the long term.

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Look into additional qualifications

Boosting your value is a great way to earn more money in your career. See if there is any on-site training at your current job. If there isn’t any, or if you’re not currently at work, then you should look into getting training online. There are loads of online learning opportunities which can help you add a bunch of impressive qualifications to your resumé. This can help give a boost to the money you can expect to be paid for any given position. 

Ask for a raise

When people are looking for ways to make more money in their career, this is what they often don’t want to be suggested to them. Asking for a raise is a pretty daunting proposition, right? A lot of people assume that they’re going to get into some kind of trouble or ruin their reputation by asking for a raise. But this is actually one of the ways in which you’re more likely to start earning more money. Make sure you read into it a little more; knowing how to ask for a raise is the key to actually getting one!


Aim for a promotion

A lot of people make the mistake of working hard and simply waiting for someone to promote them. Working hard is the right thing to do, of course. But when managers are looking for a higher position to fill, they tend to look for people who are really proactive. If you’re at all interested in earning more money in your career, then start researching promotions as soon as possible. Again, if a promotion is looking increasingly unlikely, then you can look for that position you aimed for within a different company. 

Why I can so relate with the new Unilab video

I have two kids,A pre-schooler who just recently diagnosed with Autism Spetrum Disorder or ASD and a toddler one,Everyday when my husband go out to work at 5 in the morning and went home late,My work also starts when he left.I'm a stay-at-home mom but i'm proud of it.Everyday is busy day for me.

Recently I just saw a video in Facebook,It's the Unilab Video,It is now starting getting viral,Because most family and and specially mother can relate to the said video.

I remember when i had mastitis when my toddler just three months old and literally I can't move,Too much pain,And all the aches and the high fever.My husband did all the house chores and do what i'm always doing except for the baby by that time i'm still breastfed him.

Our role,Being mother or father is important we must keep our family ready,In that situation,Like in that video the family managed the day well,No matter what happened family is always a family.
Have you already watch the video?If not,You can watch it HERE.