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 Keeping Up With The Kids This Winter Break

Children are pretty much life’s biggest adventure and it isn’t until you are a parent yourself that you realize that there is a lot more to raising a family than just ensuring they’re fed and warm. A big part of raising children is keeping them entertained, and as a parent, this job falls to you most of the time. When school vacation times approach, it can be stressful. Without the distraction of school and homework, children are easily bored – no matter their age.


Teenagers that prefer to spend their time holed up in the privacy of their bedrooms are just as hard to keep entertained as the three-year-old that wants to make Lego towers in the den. Winter break is probably the hardest of the school vacation breaks, as unless you live somewhere that gets a decent snowfall, you can find yourself truly stuck for ideas. Cabin fever is very real during the school vacation, but the beauty of the winter break is the sheer level of indoor activities that can be done with a festive theme. Most parents appreciate the necessity of screen time while the kids are at home, and when you have teenagers upstairs using one TV set and smaller children downstairs with another TV set, plus tablets and smartphones on the go, you need to ensure you have the right internet speed to keep up. So, before you get started with any winter activities, make sure that you’ve updated your service with las vegas internet providers. Not every day will be sponsored by screen time, of course, but when the weather is harsh outside and there is housework to be done it can be an absolute blessing. Keeping the kids occupied without the use of electronics, in a day where most toys are electronic, and tablets are the go-to entertainment system, isn’t easy. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some great ways to keep the kids occupied and learning all at the same time.


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It doesn’t matter whether you use Lego blocks, stickle bricks, or wooden cubes, children can be entertained for hours with blocks. Older children may turn their nose up at the idea of building blocks for fun, but the beauty there is that so many companies are making building more structured. Check out these building kits for older kids, and they can get as involved in building blocks as the younger children in the house. Buy bigger blocks for younger children rather than the tiny bricks, as they can play for ages without getting frustrated. It’s a great way to spend time, and it never gets old!





Craft supplies need to be replenished for the winter break for this one, but you can really encourage creativity by getting the kids to make something without there being an actual task. Keep drawers of glue, ribbons, paper, sparkles, felt and glitter stocked up. The best thing about the festive break is the fact you can make Christmas decorations and holiday cards for the family. Giving the kids the chance to let loose and create without rules is a wonderful way to see their creative side come out. A school is a good place for kids to be, but there isn’t much room to be creative with glitter! So, get the crafts out and watch their imaginations unfold.

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Children are all about imagination, and if you have the supplies to make puppets together (as part of making!), you can spend time with the children writing a short play and acting it out with the puppets. You can even use the clothes of the grown-ups in the house as dress-up clothes and put on a little skit for the parent who isn’t at home all the time.


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Story Time

Rather than sitting down and taking some time to read books, why not give the kids a story starter to make up their own? This is a great game for older children, especially, as they can really allow their imagination to flourish. Starting a story and allowing children to fill the blanks, like Ad-Libs, can really invite humor and imagination to the table. It’s also a great way for you to see how your children’s minds work.





One of the best ways to spend time with the kids is baking. Christmas cookies, gingerbread men, cakes – whatever you fancy, you need to get stuck in together. There are some excellent recipes for Christmas cookies here, so take a look and pick the favorite flavor of the gang. You could make a day of baking and decorating biscuits and cupcakes, and then tie this in with a movie night. Homemade snacks, anyone?


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Camp Out

Festive movies, sleeping bags, and midnight feasts don’t have to take part outside in the garden. Create a den in the living area and drape sheets over the sofas and chairs to make an indoor tent. Tell spooky stories, eat s’more-themed cupcakes, and sing Christmas songs. You don’t have to go outside in sub-zero temperatures to enjoy a camping experience. You don’t even have to wait until bedtime to camp out if you don’t want to; make a day of it and spend time playing forts!


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Snow Fight

If you get a flurry of snow before your children break out for school, make use of it. There’s nothing that says making memories like getting stuck into fresh powder and having a snowman-building competition! Get the neighborhood kids together and have a snowball fight and make snow angels. If you aren’t a big fan of the snow, make snowflakes with these instructions and hang them from the windows – they’ll look so beautifully festive, especially if you add on some silver glitter!

Spending time with the children doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be expensive. There are so many things you can do to make your winter break fun and successful. Rediscover your relationship with the kids and have fun while you do it.