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In every profession, Being recognized for your excellence is everyone's aim and as we all know nothing is easy in this world, You must work for it to earn that distinction.One of the professions that has a high competition in the marketplace in the most countries is the Lawyers.There are private organizations that can help members to stand out from others.Lawyers of Distinction is not a lawyer referral service, Has no political affiliations.What makes this organization unique is that they help you throughout the year in many forms of publications as well as traditional and online so that more reach to the potential clients.

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Treasure Friendship

Having friends makes our life happier and meaningful, Sharing good things and sorrows. They say crazy friends are the best ones, Yeah! I agreed especially when you are in the age of middle school it's like having friends in your life.

Friends are the one who motivates us, Inspires us and the ones who we can share emotional issues, Celebrate us in the good times, Support us when we are down. I can say, Friends, are also stress relievers and just like our family they have important roles in our life. They boost our confidence, never let us lonely.
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Being comfortable with someone doing nothing, Understanding each other for countless times and a shoulder to cry on.Friendship is hard to explain.Life is boring without friends, isn't it?

I'm a person who values friendship so much, But being a mother hanging out with friends is not that easy thanks to Technology you can now talk and send craziness messages to your friends.Always remember that in friendship, You must know how to listen and give. Friends are also family.

4 Credit Card Tips for the Unemployed

Losing your job can be pretty scary at times. As a matter of fact, it can be downright terrifying in certain situations. You’re not sure how much time will past until you manage to get a new job and what’s worse, you may have to wait months to receive your unemployment insurance payments.
During this period, mishandling your credit cards can be easy. You may feel tempted to tap into a line of credit, in order to keep your old lifestyle. However, before you plunge into debt, you should take a break, and read these four credit card tips.

Only Spend Money on Priorities

For starters, you need to make a daily budget. Once you’re done with it, you need to prioritize it. This means that first, you need to spend money on crucial things like food and bills and leave some of the less important “luxurious” things for later.
So if you have some funds left after you pay the bills you can afford to spend a few dollars here and there on certain luxuries. But make sure that you have enough money to access transportation because you’ll need it to go to job interviews.

Family Health Problems, Sorted! 

Just in case you aren't busy enough as a mom cooking meals, getting everyone up, going to work and running the home, you have another vital role as well. This role is to look after your families health, and as this type of issue can pop up at any time, it is something that it can be helpful to have a plan in place for. With this in mind, check out our accessible guide to dealing with family health problems below.

The kids won't sleep.

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Maybe you don't think that the kid's sleep is a health issue in the traditional sense. However, if you look at it from the perspective that it is disrupting your lives as parents, as well as their rest and recuperation time it's easy to see how it could be.

The C Word: Preventing Cancer By Attending Screenings

Cancer statistics can be really quite scary. Research now suggests that one in two of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, which is an incredibly worrying thought. However most of this is due to the fact that most of us are living longer lives in the modern world, and with cancer treatments getting better year on year- it's something that many sufferers will go on to beat. We're more prone to certain cancers due to our age, lifestyle, gender and other factors, and so good healthcare systems now screen anyone considered to be at risk. This is the process of checking healthy people to potentially catch changes very early on. These changes are at a treatable stage, since often by the time symptoms arrive cancer has usually spread.

Any hospice worker will tell you how devastating cancer can be, and it's not always older people who are diagnosed. Here are some of the screenings you could be invited for, and should attend if you are.

When Should I Begin Brushing My Child's Teeth?

According to both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association, you should begin to brush your child’s teeth as soon as they begin to grow in, which typically begins around six months of age but can sometimes take up to a year. Parents usually need to continue brushing their children’s teeth for several years, until the children develop the coordination to do it themselves. Diligently brushing your child’s teeth is the best way to steer them towards a lifetime of good oral health, and it can also be a great bonding experience.

Whitening Products That Gives Faster and Effective Results!

We all have different views in life, Different opinions on particular things. One example that perfectly suits in this situation is the whitening products, Other opted not to lighten their skin, Other prefers white skin.No matter what you choose it's your decision and it's your way of taking care of your skin.
As for myself, I prefer to use whitening products such as soaps, Lotion, Creams, Toners I even took whitening pills months ago.
To achieve the skin tone you've always dreamt of, You must choose the right product when you decide to lighten your skin and feel great and confident.To be able to lighten my skin this past week one product is not enough to give the best results I want.In this post, I wanna share the two latest products that I personally used that might give you an idea in your next purchase of whitening products.

BELLISSIMA Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap

When we think of whitening soaps the things or ingredients that we easily think of are Papaya, Kalamansi, Glutathione, Kojic and other common ingredients for skin lightening.But hey! I never thought of an EGG WHITE for whitening, Yes This Egg White beauty bar soap is made from real egg whites Just like the egg whites, Using the Traditional Swedish Formulation.This Bellissima beauty soap that is egg-shaped (it's cute right?) helps tighten and brighten the skin and prevent acne. It has a clean scent that you smell when using this soap and it lathers well that leaves skin soft and smooth.upon using this for couple days I noticed the significant change in skin. when using this soap, After lather leaves into your skin for about 1 minute then rinse.Safe to use daily on face and body.If you are looking for an affordable whitening soap yes affordable because it only costs Php 55 per box and that is 90g as packed.This beauty soap is made in the Philippines and exclusively manufactured for SUMMATRADE International Corporation.

Vivo unveils the all-new ‘V9’ AI-powered FullView™ display smartphone in the Philippines

Global smartphone brand Vivo has revealed its all-new sleek and stylish V9 flagship unit at the City of Dreams Manila in a summer-themed unveiling that was attended by over 200 members of the press and other guests.   

Vivo welcomed its guests late Thursday afternoon at the Wave, a contemporary poolside deck, restaurant, and bar so they can experience the V9 and take selfies and photos with the sunset as their backdrop. Vivo then picked one lucky and creative photo posted on Instagram to win a V9 unit.  

Life After a Serious Injury: You Can Recover

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After a serious injury, you will need time to recover and return to your life. During this time, it is normal to feel anxious, stressed and depressed as you come to terms with what has happened. However, this doesn’t have to be a permanent frame of mind. You can learn to live with the results of your injury, you just need to learn how to look after yourself.

Many people go through the 5 stages of grief after an injury: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All of these stages are perfectly normal, though it is important to remember that your own experience of them is unique and you may not go through them in this particular order.

Nurturing The Family Bond: Bringing A Pet Home

It can be a wonderful thing when you bring your first pet home to meet the family. No doubt the children are so excited to meet them, and there have been many reasons you've wanted to bring a pet into the household. The overall positivity this can bring to a family, the responsibility it can instill in our children, and the exercise that comes with making sure a dog goes for walks and runs are just a few great benefits for everyone. But, there are many reasons families get a pet but aren't always knowledgeable on the overall responsibilities, and in fact, many families can find themselves in over their heads, either in relation to the overall cost, or the various duties. So, if you are seriously considering bringing a pet home for the benefit of everybody in the family, what do you need to know?

Tips On Running Half Marathon For Beginner

When you run think of the reasons why you are running, Of course, we all have a different reason why we run.As for me, When I became a mother everything physical activities for me was hard, Always getting tired easily and sweating even if it's only a house chore.I started joining fun runs this 2018 at first run I immediately followed it by weekend running at least 2km every Sunday, Yeah I know this is just short run but for a beginner like me, that wasn't bad at all. I just realized I need to be active and take good care of my health.I'm not getting younger and I need the healthy body and be strong enough to take care of my family.

There are many benefits in running; relieves stress, Improves health, Let you lose weight and boost your confidence definitely a good exercise.

I had my 21km/Half Marathon last February 25,2018 and compared to this week's half marathon my experience was different as expected my first one was hard because I just ran and to be honest I'm not prepared that day for 21km.Sharing you some tips when running the half marathon for the first time.I might not be saying that this is the ideal to do I'm not a coach nor a pro one in this post I'm only sharing my personal tips. 

Caught In the Care Sandwich Of Young Kids & Elderly Parents

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what social background you are from, your ethnicity, gender, religion, or anything, there has never been a better time to be alive than now. As a society, we are so tolerant, so caring, so interconnected, so mobilized, and just generally so much more awesome.

But for all the movements and changes that have improved society as a whole, there is one that still hasn’t really got the attention that it deserves: looking after our elderly parents.

The problem most people face nowadays is, as a whole, couples are having children much later on in life, something that has seen more and more families have to care for their elderly parents at the same time they care for their young children, which has to be one of the most challenging balancing acts ever known to humankind. But not just challenging; complex and emotional too.

You’re having to balance your own needs, your family’s needs, your children’s needs, and the needs of your elderly parents who, let us not forget, are the people that brought us up. Nonetheless, it is this complete u-turning-role-reversal that is so hard to get used to. Suddenly, you are having to play parent to your parent and that’s not easy to accept or do.

You are, in case you are wondering, part of the Sandwich Generation, which isn’t just hugely under-talked about, it is also on the rise thanks to couples having children later, kids not being able to get onto the property ladder, and people living to a much older age. It’s tough.

So, without further ado, here are some things you can do to keep the plates spinning and the people in your life smiling:

1. Always Seek Some Support
Nothing is going to take the stress of so much responsibility away, not completely, but sometimes just having someone to talk to, vent out or cry with can lead to a massive sense of relief. We know it’s never easy, but you should really try and talk to your family and friends about what you are feeling and what you are dealing with. Don’t feel guilty for it because it’s a lot to handle, just talk. If, however, you don’t want to talk to people you know, try joining a local support group of some kind. What you’ll find is, well, you're not alone; your feelings are not isolated. Here’s the best bit about finding a support system though: not only will you be able to get the support you need or the advice that will help, but you will also be able to support others too.

2. You Don’t Have To Be The Fulcrum
All too often it can feel like you need to do everything, which is because you take on most of the caring responsibilities. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to do absolutely everything yourself. In fact, we recommend you don’t. We recommend you find out a system where everyone can help everyone. It could be that your kids take on more chores around the house, something that will take the burden from you and teach them independence. Alternatively, you could schedule time each day where your elderly parents entertain your young kids; teach them to paint or help them conquer puzzles or anything like that. This will remove some of the responsibility and time and that can make a world of difference.

3. Know Where To Care
This may seem like an odd thing to say, but there are so many options to be considered here. For example, if your parent insists on staying in their own home, then you need to figure out if its possible for you to schedule in time to accommodate this or whether you need to hire a homecare visitor to help with personal tasks. If this isn’t doable, then you might want to consider the possibility of your parent(s) moving in with you. Like we said, there could be a way to make this work by having each other help. It could be you have a spare room, you might need to add a fully-fitted garden room to your backyard, or if mobility is an option, give up a downstairs room. Of course, if none of this is viable (and, let’s be honest, there would be a lot of stress and strain with both), you should consider more long-term care options, such as moving your parent into a care home. To do this in the most loving way possible, we recommend you keep your standards high and look around ones that still promote a lot of independence, offer a wonderful community spirit, and all the amenities a person could want.

4. Self-Care Still Needs Focus
When we were growing up, we were taught you won’t be able to properly look after someone else if you don’t take care of yourself first. And it’s true. Plain and simple. The problem is, it can be so easy to stop looking after yourself when you have to look after both your children and your parents at the same time. It’s natural to stop prioritizing yourself when life is hectic. Don’t let this happen. Our advice: pop a note on your fridge that reminds you to exercise, eat properly, get enough sleep, and see your doctor regularly. Don’t just stop there, though. Find a way that you can have some time too. It could be that your best friend can have the kids for a night and your sister can look after your parents, in which case go and enjoy whatever it is you love doing. The more you look after your own sanity, physical wellbeing, and mental health, the easier you will find it to care for those you love.

Like we said, if you’re feeling the pressure of looking after your parents and your kids simultaneously, you are not alone. So don’t let yourself feel as though you are and don’t feel guilty if you start to struggle. The best thing you can do is accept the hardships and then find a solution for them.

A-Plus PaintBabes New Members


From the manufacturing company specializing in the production of architectural paints, automotive finishes, industrial coatings and constructions chemicals FH Colors & Coatings Corporation, A-PLUS has been making waves in recent years for the notable distinction it has garnered. Specializing in House Paints, A-Plus has been a consistent favorite of the Consumer’s Union of the Philippines at the Annual National Consumers Awards having bagged the “Quality Value Paint”.
For the past years, A Plus Paints formed a girl group called "A-Pus PaintBabes'' They are are the brand ambassadors of A Plus Paint.These girls were formed as an advocacy for sharing their talents and to bring joy to people.Had appeared in various commercials, Billboards, advertisements, Movies and local TV Shows.Girls have been good role models and social media to everyone and they have been actively conducting shows all over the Philippines from one mall to another.They also organized charity events such as Fun Run for a cause, Donations, Gift Giving and feeding programs.

Last January, A-Plus Paint conducted an online audition for those who want to be part of the A-Plus Paintbabes group, There are more than 80 girls have submitted their online videos but only 12 were called for the final screening last February 18, 2018 to show their talents live ,All girls are deserving but only four stand out and became the newest members.

Enjoy an action-packed playtime with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad

Kids can have an action-packed playtime as they imagine training their very own Pokémon for exciting battles with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.

Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad includes new additions, Rockruff, Alolan Vulpix, Togedemaru, Bounsweet and brings back Pikachu with some fun, new features. These toys are Poké-battle ready with lots of cool tricks that will surely thrill children to play with their fellow jolly kids.   

Getting Out of Debt

Having debt is seriously a problem, Yes for me it's a problem if you can't handle it wisely. If only one member of the family is working and that is the head of the family and let us just say he just earning an average wage monthly but your family's expenses for a month are more than the income that's the start of having debt. For a typical type of individual debt is part of our lives everyone has debt. Think about it when you have debt how can you save for the future of there is always money allocated for paying debt monthly. What about emergencies you don't have savings for times like that.

Prevent Burnout: The Essential Role of Self Care

You may spend a lot of your time taking care of the needs of other people, both emotional and physical. However, if you don't take care of your own needs, you will burn out at some point either emotionally, physically or in both ways. This breakdown can not only be a highly unpleasant experience, but it can also leave all those folks that are depending on you without the help they need. For that reason, it is important that you prioritize self-care, something that you can learn more about by reading the guide below.

Do have alone time.

One of the most important aspects of getting self-care right is understanding that no matter how extroverted or introverted we are we all need some alone time at some point or another. It's also important understands that asking for this isn't selfish! In fact, you should see it more as a necessity, and a way to recharges and appreciate the other people in your life better. That is why everyone should try and schedule in at least a little alone time every day.

Introducing the New Face of Bambini Colognes + Meet the New Endorsers

I remembered way back in my elementary days and I think that was 20 years ago I believe, My mom used to buy me Bambini colognes and lotions as well as powder.In short, i grew knowing the scent Bambini was.After years past, Now the brand relaunches it's new look and most inviting scents that perfect for the family.

Celebrity mom Iya Villania-Arellano admits she has forgotten how relatively easy her daily routines were before Baby Primo arrived. “I’m not sure how I balance my career with being a mom and a wife; it just happens!” she beams.

“When you know what's important and what you need to get done, then you make it happen. It's important that I list things down so I don't forget. I really need to put things down on my calendar even if its date night with Drew or a playdate for Primo.”

It’s no wonder why Iya was the natural choice of Cosmetique Asia, the makers of Bambini Baby Cologne, to be its newest endorser, together with Primo. Bambini Baby Cologne underwent a brand refresh with a new look guaranteed to appeal to the young ones.

We wanted to focus on the playful bond that kids share with their parents. With Bambini, we make these precious random moments more enjoyable. It is evident even in our packaging. We made sure they are attractive enough for children so in choosing what variant to buy, parents and kids get to have fun and interact. All these while maintaining the high-quality standard and other requirements most parents are looking for — hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. In the near future, we want to launch a complete range of child-specific products with a fun loving vibe,” says Cosmetique Asia’s Vice President for Sales and Corporate Development, Tim Chuongco.

Inspired by mom-and-child bonding activities and fun elements of nature, the new and improved Bambini Baby Cologne features five new scents: the floral and sweet “Morning Tickles,” the calming “Starry Lullaby,” the clean and breezy “Ocean Kisses,” the cottony fresh “Cotton Cuddles,” and — Iya and Primo’s favorite — the citrusy and fun “Sunny Playtime.”

“We love Sunny Playtime. It's just the scent I prefer on Primo. It has a nice, mild, yummy scent that makes Primo nakakagigil even more! I also love how playful and inviting the packaging is. We actually have to hide the bottles from Primo because he likes to point to the mom and baby animals on the sticker front, then open the bottle to put some cologne on. Baka maligo na sa cologne eh,” Iya laughs.

For Iya, as with all working moms, the greatest challenge is to be there for her child “every moment he does something new or silly” and wanting to be there to witness it. And adding to the challenge and excitement is her announcement of having another baby boy. “Primo doesn't really understand that yet so we're enjoying him as he is for now. When he starts to get curious with my growing belly, then we'll start explaining,” she shares.

For a perfect mom-and-baby playtime, Iya and Primo recently joined toddlers and their parents for the official unveiling of the new Bambini Baby Cologne at Glorietta 3 Activity Center. Dubbed the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp, the wonderful kiddie event transformed the venue into a wonderland of fun games and activities for kids, including a ball pit, a bouncy castle, giant puzzle blocks and a larger-than-life coloring book, where guests and their children could bond and enjoy the little surprises the activities bring out.

As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be a part of every parent and child’s small moments and big adventures. Available in three sizes — 25ml, 50ml and 125ml — and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, the Bambini Baby Cologne lets parents and children enjoy life’s little surprises anytime, anywhere.

How to Save Money for the Financial Crisis

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen
When we talk about financial stability many individuals are not sure if they are stable when it comes to financing. How much can you save in a day? or in a month? Do you even save? Sometimes when we are not in the situation of being in need, We tend to forget to save for tomorrow and that is not good. We all know that being financially stable gives you the peace of mind you've wanted, The security for yourself and for your family. When there's a possibility of a financial crisis you will not have to stress out your self-thinking where to go for help because you saved for this time.
There are many ways on how you can easily save money for the future. Doing it wisely will save you in case of financial crises comes.

Connovate Philippines Pioneers Concrete Building Tech with Less CO2 Emissions and 100 Years Material Lifespan

Connovate Philippines Inc. and Imperial Homes Corp are making history in the Philippine real estate scene as the first adopter of Connovate in the country. Connovate, a construction breakthrough from Denmark, is a high-performance concrete building technology that offers less carbon footprint, 100 years material lifespan, fast construction, and insulation abilities, among other innovative features.
Connovate Philippines Inc. acquired the exclusive production licensing agreement from Connovate Denmark. Imperial Homes Corp. is the first developer to use the Connovate technology in the Philippines and to produce it for low-cost mass housing projects designed to better the lives of low-income Filipinos.

Eco-Friendly Pamana Homes: Imperial Homes’ Lifetime Solar-Powered Community Unveils Homes That Will Last 100 Years

The Philippines’ most innovative and sustainable housing developer, Imperial Homes Corp., launches the country’s first lifetime home and its second generation of solar-powered low-cost housing, the Imperial Lifetime Homes. It’s not just solar-powered. It’s built to last a lifetime.
Boasting of 100 years material lifespan and solar power solutions, Imperial Lifetime Homes is not only a first in the country but also in the world. This budget-friendly and sustainable housing line is making its debut at Via Verde Subdivision in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.
In May 2016, Imperial Homes Corp. was recognized by The Financial Times and International Finance Corporation (IFC) for transformational business in the 'Achievement in Low-Carbon Urban Transformation' category. The company continues to be the poster child of IFC for its solar-powered projects, showcasing happy homeowners as living testimonials that world-class green homes are available to the low-income housing market in the Philippines.
Now, Imperial Homes Corp. is breaking the world record by producing high-performance concrete house panels that can last a lifetime for low-cost homes in the Philippines. The Imperial Lifetime Home is the first low-cost housing line in the Philippines to use Connovate, a high-performance concrete building technology developed in Denmark and intended for the high-end market.

This Imperial Lifetime Homes housing line is made possible by Imperial Homes Corp.’s partnership with Connovate Philippines Inc. who have the exclusive production licensing agreement from Connovate Denmark. The automated Danish factory location in Silang, Cavite has a full capacity of two houses per day production. As a result, it now has a Philippine record of the fastest developer with the installation of 6 ground floor units a day.
Due to its construction speed, Connovate Philippines Inc. addresses one of the biggest problems in the country’s housing backlog. Many low-cost housing developers could not meet the deadline to deliver quality homes to its buyers, resulting in poor quality homes that can last for 30 years only.

“The Imperial Lifetime Home is a better investment because of 100 years material lifespan on the panel system, which highlights bigger savings. Because it is built to last for several generations, we also call it a ‘pamana’ home,” says Emma Imperial, CEO of Imperial Homes Corp.
Because of its 100 years material lifespan, the value of the homes will be three times more than non-lifetime homes due to lesser cost in renovation. From an affordable price ranging from P1.6 million to P1.9 million, an Imperial Lifetime Home is projected to increase in value at P7.5 million in 30 years compared to non-lifetime homes, which will have a projected value of P4.2 million. Refurbishment costs are also lowered by 166% in 30 years.
Homeowners can enjoy big savings on refurbishments with the panels’ high-quality surfaces, robustness, and durability that can last for generations. The panels are also made of non-porous materials that can help reduce health risks caused by molds formation, which is a major concern in an ordinary home. This makes Imperial Lifetime Home a healthy home like no other.
“Big savings on electricity. Big savings on refurbishments. Big savings from a healthy home. Imperial Lifetime Homes provide better home investment opportunities for low-income Filipinos with world-class green homes that can last a lifetime.  This marks the beginning of a new era in low-cost housing in the Philippines," says Emma Imperial.

Youth surfers share Coke vision of a World Without Waste The Circle Hostel wins Coke Barkada Awardee for ‘eco-bricks’ project  

There are different reasons why organizations put up environment protection programs. For The Circle Hostel, the Philippines’ annual 1.88 million tons worth of plastic waste in the oceans was reason enough for its avid surfers and environmentalists to create their multi-award-winning program, The Plastic Solution.

“We were encountering plastic debris in the ocean, in our surf, and we wanted to do something about it, something that was not only low-tech but also community-driven,” shared Fiona Faulkner, The Circle Hostel environmental officer.

With this in mind, they started The Plastic Solution, an environmental movement which aims to raise awareness of the negative effects of plastic waste consumption and reduce plastics by promoting a zero-plastic lifestyle among community members and repurposing non-biodegradable materials through eco-bricking.

The foundation of the project is eco-bricking, the process of stuffing PET bottles with non-biodegradable waste such as shampoo sachets, plastic straws, snack wrappers, and other single-use plastics. The eco-bricks are then used as simple alternative fillers in constructing walls, fences, benches, low-cost community structures, and more.

The Circle Hostel project shares the vision of a World Without Waste of The Coca-Cola Company with the goal of collecting and recycling one bottle for each that it sells globally by 2030.

The Plastic Solution starts by teaching volunteer partners the basics of eco-bricking then they provide outlets for eco-bricks and accept eco-bricks from volunteers through their collection partners. The organization has successfully constructed different low-cost builds with eco-bricks, including outdoor showers, walls and perimeter fences for their hostels, and an eco-brick base used for a reforestation nursery, in partnership with the Aeta community of Yangil, Zambales.

Coca-Cola Philippines Public Affairs and Communications Director, Jonah De Lumen-Pernia (left) presents the Coke Barkada Award to The Circle Hostel environmental officer Fiona Faulkner, as both their organizations take a stand to create a world without waste

Five Ways To Build Better Relationships Through Improving Your Body Image

If you are not happy in your own skin, other people around you will notice, and it will be harder for you to build meaningful relationships. Having a negative body image can prevent you from being happy and getting involved in an intimate relationship, so you have to learn to accept yourself. Address your body image issues before trying to find and keep the person made for you. Below you can read about the different ways of preventing your unhealthy body image killing your relationships.
  1. Learn to Love Yourself

Image via Pixabay

When you are not happy with your body, you will be self-conscious in the bedroom, too. You might be wearing clothes that hide your figure at home, and when going out, instead of learning to accept your limitations. An unhealthy body image can impact your intimacy. Practice self-compassion, and make sure you feel comfortable in your skin in every situation, so you can enjoy your own company and others’.
  1. Having Fun

If you are constantly thinking negatively about your body, you are more likely to suffer from low confidence that will prevent you from having fun. You will become withdrawn and avoid meeting new people. This will leave you with little or no chance to find the real person who can make you complete. You will not feel comfortable around people and neglect your appearance. Your self-worth will be reduced, which means you will not believe that anyone could love you for who you are.
  1. Healthy Eating Habits

It is important to know that an unhealthy body image can cause mental health issues and digestive problems. You need to make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals for your body to function. If you will lose weight too fast, be prepared for the consequences, such as saggy skin, digestive issues, or even losing your hair. If you are not happy with how you look, you might want to talk to an expert before you develop psychological disorders.
  1. Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

Most people say that trying to look different is an expression of rejecting who you are. In some cases, this is true. If you know exactly what would enhance your appearance, nothing should hold you back from talking to breast augmentation clinics and exploring ways of feeling better in your skin. Try to be the best version of yourself.

5. Learn to Trust

Image via Max Pixel

If you don’t feel confident and happy in your skin, you will believe that everyone who pays you a compliment is lying or makes fun of you. You will not take compliments seriously, as your negative body image will tell you otherwise. Every meaningful relationship starts with trust. If you are unable to believe people’s comments about you, you will have less chance of being happy with someone special.

Having a healthy body image is essential to good romantic relationships and friendships. Know your body’s limitations, and try to accept them to the best of your abilities, remembering that nobody is perfect. 
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