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Easy Ways to Update your Home while Increasing Its Value

Do you want to try and update your home? Maybe you just want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to try and rocket its value. Either way, this guide will help you to make the right decisions so your home ends up looking great while increasing your possibility of making a profit.

Update your Finishes

Superficial changes can have a huge impact on buyers. A lot of property agents will tell you how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make, especially when you look at how affordable it is. Some experts also agree that a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to your home’s sale price. It can add up to 5% to your value, and this can really make it easy for you to make a profit. If you can look around your home, try and look out for any light fixtures that need to be replaced or even think about changing your front door. This will give your home a huge bump in value.

Upgrade your Appliances

Energy-efficient upgrades can really reduce your utility bills. When the time comes for you to sell, these upgrades will offer a lot of appeal to your buyers. A lot of them will be interested in some of the energy-saving features that you have to offer as this will help them to lower the costs when they move into your property. If you want to help yourself even more here, then try and get your air conditioning unit cleaned out. The DUCTZ company can help you with that.

Freshen your Curb Appeal

Simple landscaping can work in your favor more than you realize. Fresh plants, new mulch, and more can all make a fantastic first impression. The great thing about changes like this is that they do not cost a lot, and most of the time you can take care of it yourself. Potential buyers and appraisers can easily be influenced by this kind of impact as it is strikingly visual.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Most real estate agents will tell you that it is the kitchen and the bathroom that adds the biggest value to your home. In a lot of cases, a remodel can give you an ROI of 100% and this number could actually be higher depending on the finish that you decide to go with. It could also come down to the amount of labor that you are willing to take care of yourself. If you do have some of a renovation budget, then upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom can be the way to go.

Finish off the Basement

Square footage is so important when you are trying to determine your home’s market value. Even if you do not want to have a full make-over, you need to try and carry out simple steps, such as putting up drywall or even trying to add carpet to a room. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to make a positive impact.

Why disaster preparedness should be part of your plan

 File Photo: Aftermath of Typhoon Odette, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, December 2021

Prioritize your safety during natural calamities by knowing what to do - and doing it

The Philippines has long been considered calamity-prone and vulnerable to disasters. In fact, it placed third among all the highest-risk countries worldwide, according to the World Risk Report of 2018.

A big contributor is the country’s geographical location and make-up. As an archipelago, the Philippines is composed of many small islands and is surrounded by water. It is also located within the Typhoon belt and the “Ring of Fire” and between the Eurasian and Pacific tectonic plates. Thus, natural occurrences such as typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, are almost always a disaster waiting to happen - literally.

Just recently, the Visayas and Mindanao regions suffered from the devastating effects of Typhoon Odette. Taal Volcano’s last eruption was only in 2020, and it affected more than 736,000 people. Filipinos constantly experience a barrage of natural disasters, and yet, a study from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) in 2018 shows that 47.5% of all the respondents said they have not done anything to prepare themselves for a disaster within the past five years, and only 36% feel prepared enough.

SM PRIME leads with Green Buildings for Sustainable Cityscapes

Cities continue to shape the way we live our lives – from shifting to greener lifestyle choices to reducing overall carbon emissions to help save the planet. The successful shift to greener cityscapes begins with the construction of green buildings, providing smart innovations that work with the environment and promote the well-being of the people who use these spaces on a daily basis.

According to a study made by the US Green Building Council, green buildings can reduce carbon emissions by around 40% on average, water consumption by around 30%, and waste generation by around 70%. Beyond the environmental benefits, green buildings also help meet social needs by enhancing spaces, protecting human health, empowering differently-abled members of the community to take active participation, and ensuring access to basic services at reasonable rates. Economic benefits can be felt as well with green buildings commanding higher rent potentials, encouraging ‘greenovation’ and promoting cultural and recreational activities without harming the environment.

Committed to making everyday living better, SM Prime has taken the lead in incorporating sustainability and resiliency in its designs, making each component work together as a fully-integrated city of the future.

“Constructing greener buildings provides holistic solutions not only reducing emissions but also promoting social well-being.” shares Hans T. Sy, SM Prime Holdings Chairman of the Executive Committee. “We see this in our developments which drives us to build greener and even retrofit our existing malls to meet green standards.”

Among SM’s developments, a number boast of receiving LEED Gold certification while others are in the process of certification such as the SM Baguio expansion, SM North EDSA BPO offices, SM Megamall Mega Tower, and SM Retail Corporation, to name a few.

SM Aura
The iconic SM Aura at the Bonifacio Global City is a mixed-use development that incorporates retail, trade halls, and a Grade A office tower. The LEED Gold Certified mall promotes resource efficiency, green mobility, and green landscapes.

SM Aura Bicycle Racks

SMDC: Building places Filipinos can call home

A home, which one can call one own, is one of the most fundamental human needs for survival. In building one’s family, buying housing or investing in property is often a crucial discussion that takes into consideration price, location, amenities, and even the environment as these all impact the way people and families live and grow and how communities thrive in the long-run.

Recently, the many changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused Filipinos to reassess the way they live, work and reside. The topic of homeownership and residential space has only become much more prominent as its impact on one’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing was emphasized when companies shifted to work-from-home setups and schools introduced blended learning. It has become likely that up-and-coming homeowners are looking for new and affordable housing that responds to the new realities of school and work, as well as a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

For leading real estate developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the residential arm of SM Prime Holdings, satisfying personal needs and meeting basic survival for the homeowners of today can be done through meaningful and strategic planning and property development.

Over the years, SMDC has been continuously redefining residential spaces to bring accessibility, convenience, function, style, and sustainability in the face of evolving trends and lifestyle changes—assuring prospective buyers of the great value that SMDC properties offer.

This means presenting a range of residences located in prime urban and suburban communities, conveniently situated near major road networks and transportation hubs, and designed to reflect SM’s commitment to luxurious urban living. SMDC properties bring commercial retail shops, entertainment venues, banks, and leisure facilities closer to residents against a backdrop of lush and walkable spaces. Such open spaces encourage homeowners to dwell outside and take a break from the isolation that has become a norm lately and allow residents to safely interact with their neighbors. These spaces also provide amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents.

Across the available properties, prospective homeowners are able to choose their housing type to fit their own or their family’s needs and functions with units ranging from studio rooms to deluxe two-bedroom suites. On top of being able to customize their living spaces, state-of-the-art facilities such as 24-hour security and CCTV system, fire alarm system, numerous WIFI-ready zones, and standby generator set ensures continuous function and exceptional livability.

However, SMDC’s promise not only pertains to providing a more excellent quality of life but to also having its communities take an integral role in their commitment toward sustainability. SMDC aims to promote many green living practices by designing walkable and transport-friendly developments, introducing energy-saving and eco-friendly green buildings, and encouraging effective waste management programs among residents. For the property developer, homes are seen as a legacy for future generations and should be built for sustainability and for ease in future modification.

With developments still ongoing and more projects in the pipeline, SMDC allows homebuyers the opportunity to have the home of their choice. Through its affordable investment and flexible payment options, new families or young millennials will be able to live independently in communities that cater to their specific needs.

With its ability to empathize and understand current housing needs while having the foresight to address evolving requirements, SMDC continues to create sustainable and resilient living spaces for Filipinos to call their own.

Best Gifts You Can Give Your Mothers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And just like how you usually prepare for any season, you are probably glued to your screen searching for the best gift for your mom. And, with just a few clicks, you will get suggestions like “72 Unique Gifts for Moms” or “Flowers for Moms.”

A fragrant bouquet, a silky dress, a designer purse, a new ceramic dinnerware, or plant pots may excite her, but what if you give something beyond these usual gift items? What if you surprise her by showing your love and appreciation? After all, actions speak louder than words. This Mother’s Day, the best gift you can give might be a clean, virus-free home!

With all the household chores and the time she devotes to her family every day, she has less time for herself. The gift of a clean and organized home lifts a heavy load on her shoulder, giving her more time to bond with her family and do the things she loves. In fact, a survey conducted by The Clorox Company revealed that 80 percent of people felt more relaxed and 60 percent felt less stressed in a clean home.

Indeed, cleaning your sweet abode is a tedious job. Your mom can attest to that. Worry no more because you’ve got a partner!

Clorox Philippines, one of the country’s leading providers of cleaning and disinfecting products, is your partner in giving that tough power against germs and tender love to your mom!

Ready to wrap your present? Get yourself the Clorox Disinfecting Bleach. Not only does it clean your bathroom walls, floors, and sink, but it also kills up to 99.9% of germs, including the COVID-19 virus. Going with it hand in hand is the Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner. With a bleaching power that destroys tough stains and kills germs, it leaves your toilet clean and shiny. With scents ranging from lavender to lemon, it also delivers a refreshing fragrance in your toilet bowl.

Most of the time, your mom spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. So now, it is your time to tidy things up! With all the delicate surfaces in the kitchen, you need a reliable partner to do the job. Clorox Disinfecting All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for various surfaces, such as synthetic marble, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, plastic, glazed porcelain, and sealed granite.

Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes helps you with quick cleanup for items like gadgets and toys. And to put the ribbon on top, use Clorox Expert Disinfectant Spray for a 30-second sanitization of the soft and hard surfaces for a germ-free and odor-free home. (Follow Clorox Cleaners’ usage instructions as per label.)

"Having a clean home may be one of the best gifts you can give your mothers. We hope that with Clorox Cleaners, we can help Filipinos provide this heart-warming and perfect gift to moms out there. Let’s make this special occasion more memorable for mothers." said Monique Gonzales, marketing manager for Southeast Asia at Clorox International.

It’s time to reciprocate your mom’s labor with your labor of love. Not just on a particular day, but every day.