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Give your Baby’s #Skinmergency the Rapid Soothing Relief it needs with Aveeno Baby

Moms are at ease knowing that Aveeno Baby gives rapid soothing relief
for their babies' very dry, itchy skin from 1st use

This rainy season, our skin is extra vulnerable to triggers and irritations. Even babies are no exception to different skin conditions like Eczema. According to the Philippine Dermatological Society, Atopic Dermatitis is even more common among children as it usually starts before the child’s 5th birthday. Luckily, Aveeno Baby brings in exciting new products and new and improved formulations to help moms soothe and protect their baby’s sensitive skin!

“With around 65 years of experience in sensitive skin expertise, Aveeno has always been cognizant of the needs of mothers and the advances of scientific technology. Keeping this in mind, the brand has also evolved with the demands and preferences of its consumers” said Kat Suarez, marketing manager of Aveeno Philippines. “As the #1 Pediatrician-Prescribed Baby Brand for Sensitive Skin, we’re very happy to share the new and improved Aveeno Baby products with improved and even gentler formulations, ergonomically designed packaging, and upgraded visuals to reflect a modern look that resonates to moms today.” Aveeno Baby offers three product lines in order to cater to as many skin types or skin issues as possible: Daily Moisture, Soothing Relief, and Dermexa.

First, for babies with normal to dry skin, moms can use the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture line. Formulated with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, these products ensure to moisturize, protect, restore the pH skin balance, soothe, and cleanse baby’s sensitive skin. Under this product line are the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion that protects and moisturizes a baby’s sensitive skin for 24 hours, and the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo that gently cleanses and nourishes baby’s hair and sensitive skin. The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo has a new and improved formula that upgraded the fragrance to eliminate all known allergens and minimize potential skin sensitizations and allergic reactions. It also comes in smaller and bigger sizes – from 100ml to 532ml! Moms can have Aveeno Baby right by their side, no matter where they are.

Now for babies with very dry, itchy skin, Aveeno Baby offers the Soothing Relief Cream that provides rapid soothing relief for baby’s very dry, itchy skin from 1st use. With its Natural Colloidal Oatmeal + Portulaca Oleracea Extract formulation, it immediately helps soothe baby’s sensitive skin and enhances the skin’s moisture barrier to protect and hydrate the baby’s very dry skin for 24 hours. This also now comes in a smaller size of 140g, making it handy to bring anywhere you go to ensure that you always have Aveeno Baby to give your baby soothing comfort from a #skinmergency or very dry, itchy skin.

Lastly, for babies with signs of Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema, Moms’ go-to rescue regimen for their baby’s #skinmergency consists of Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Cream, that’s now available in the Philippines, and the Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash! Both are formulated with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal + Ceramides that are clinically proven to relieve skin dryness, itchiness, redness, tightness, and flaking. This formula also helps prevent the recurrence of extreme dryness from atopic or eczema-prone skin. In fact, both products are awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval. The Cleansing Therapy Wash also has a new and improved formula that is now sulfate-free and tear-free to further minimize any potential skin reactions or sensitization.

All Aveeno Baby formulations have been Triple Tested for gentleness by a pediatrician, dermatologist, and ophthalmologist. So, if you’re a mom with a baby that has sensitive skin, now’s the best time to try out all the new Aveeno Baby products according to your baby’s skin’s needs! Manage your baby’s #skinmergency by adding to cart now on Lazada, Shopee, Watsons, and J&J PH Chat & Shop to experience rapid soothing relief for baby’s very dry, itchy skin from 1st use!


The Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo is available in new 100ml for Php 150.00 SRP, 236ml for Php 330.00 SRP, and 532ml for Php 670.00 SRP. While the Daily Moisture Lotion is available in 227g for Php 295.00 SRP and 532ml for 625.00 SRP. The Soothing Relief Cream is available in new 140g for Php 475.00 SRP and 227g for Php 690.00 SRP. Lastly, the Aveeno Baby Dermexa Cream is available in 141g for Php 779.00 SRP and the Cleansing Therapy Wash in 236ml for Php 599.00 SRP.

For more information on how to manage your #skinmergencies, visit Aveeno PH’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AveenoPH/, visit the website on https://www.aveeno.com.ph/ and follow Aveeno on their social media pages @aveenoph.

Those good old things

 I'm in my 30's and in our technology right now, how fast the internet we have. Everything is automatic and people are always on their phone scrolling, playing, and or working. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and think of how simple my life was when I was in my teen years. Think of all the good memories, having flashbacks, and activities that make me smile. A nostalgia feeling, but life must go on I won't stick my life on memories it just makes me sad, you know. Speaking of nostalgia, just discover this gaming site that fits my mood. It offers classic games that I know you can relate to and bring your good memories too. 

So, when I have my free time I find myself at www.solitaire.org , you will find here the classic solitaire we used to playback then.  Because I have been busy these days, I find it entertaining, I really enjoyed playing here it's a stress reliever for me. Did I mention that it's free to play here? 

Classic and challenging game, the simple rule is to stack cards into sequences.

These days, works are less exhausting for me I don't feel any tiredness not like before because whenever I have a short break I play games. Maybe that's one way to lessen the stress is that we also need to give our self a break, just like me. If I feel that I needed little rest I just rest, let us not be hard on our self. We only have one life. 

So, I shared this site with my friend and cousin and because we played these games back then we enjoyed playing them again. 

Sharing with you some games that I love to play =)

Play China Temple: Free Online Hidden Objects Game

The rule of this game is to find the hidden things, and of course, it has a timer so you need to find them faster. I need to use my glasses when I am playing it hahaha! yes, I am that serious. It has also 10 levels that are so enjoyable to play. It's classic too right I remember I played like this one on an old phone way back year 2000's. 

Free Online Zuma Legend Match 3 Video Game

The rule is to create three or more colors to remove them from the chain and it has a hundred levels, you must win the level before you can proceed to the next level. 

There are so many things that give me good memories and honestly, I am enjoying classic things like these games. 

There's no need to subscribe or pay because I can play and enjoy these games for free, now on my bookmark. I think they have 100+ more free games not sure but if you wanna try free games just try it for yourself. 


Deal with Cough and Colds Season Better with the Right Remedies

It is that time of the year again: cough and colds season. With hot, humid spells alternating with cold, rainy days, you, your loved ones, and practically everyone are at risk of acquiring respiratory illnesses. The most common of these diseases are cough and the common cold, both of which afflict most Filipinos every year.

The increased risk of catching cough, the common cold, and other respiratory illnesses are a few of the reasons you need to take even greater care of your health, especially your nose, mouth, throat, lungs, and airways – or respiratory tract, in short. When this usual pair (Cough + Cold) strike, Ambroxyl, and Salinase, respectively, maybe your right remedies to ease the symptoms.

Knock Off Cough with Ambroxyl

Ambroxyl (Ambroxol Hydrochloride) helps soften and reduce phlegm, thus, eases breathing by lessened coughing and unblocked airways.
Ambroxyl may be your comforting relief against tough phlegm that eases and clears the lungs to restore cough-free comfort to children and adults. It also helps alleviate acute and chronic respiratory tract disorders, notably bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and bronchiectasis. It also is available in both tablets and syrup, which makes it convenient for any of your preferred forms of relief.

Soothe the Common Cold with Salinase

Salinase, available in drops, spray, or nebulizing solution; is a natural moisturizer that contains saline, a purified gentle salt solution. It works by moistening thickened mucus, whose buildup causes most of the discomfort associated with the common cold such as runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and even coughing. In addition, Salinase solution is typically mixed with anti-asthma medication for nebulization, thus helping the mixture clear mucus buildup and ease off breathing problems associated with bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

As a result, you will be able to breathe more comfortably and feel much better in no time. Salinase may be used both by adults and children and it neither suppresses appetite nor causes rebound congestion and hyper-irritability as observed with oral decongestants.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

While Ambroxyl and Salinase maybe your right remedies for cough and colds, respectively, prevention is still better than cure. It is best to keep your respiratory tract as healthy as possible. You can do that by eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercises and sufficient sleep, avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke, and performing breathing exercises regularly. That said, make sure you have both Ambroxyl and Salinase on-hand and ready for use. You may get them online at www.mypharma.ph — especially now that cough and colds season is here.

Hotel Sogo embracing the new normal: Innovation that lasts

The economy and the way we live have been changed since the pandemic. All of us are affected and that is the reality.

The impact of Covid-19 has slammed businesses and different industries instantly in just a short period of time, despite the efforts made in making the economy move forward, there are still businesses and establishments that feel its continuous effects just like in the hospitality industry. 

These affected businesses have doubled their efforts to develop and adapt to the new normal by following heightened safety measures and investing in technological advancement for the protection of all guests and employees, just like the largest and fastest-growing Filipino-owned hotel chain in the country did across all of its branches. “Here at Hotel Sogo, we are trying on things to help improve the situation in our hotels as early as March 2020 last year. From that point on, we continued to research, invest further and develop innovative ways to upgrade our safety protocols especially in cleanliness and sanitation.” Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager said. 

Aside from the enhanced new normal protocols such as no contact fixtures and thermal scans, some remarkable changes and innovations that the Hotel Sogo management applied across its branches such as, UVC disinfection in rooms, lobbies, and air-conditioning units, increased ventilation, microbial testing (method to indicate the presence and amount of microorganisms), Covid sniffer dogs, reduced touchpoints, and application of anti-microbial coatings infrequently touched surfaces. 

Through Hotel Sogo’s 11 So Safe Innovations, the safety and wellness of guests, as well as its employees, are set first. 

“This ongoing pandemic has helped us to take further steps in giving importance to safety. The innovations that I speak of are the development and improvement of amenities that revolve around the 4 major ways to prevent the spread of the virus and protect our guests like reduction of touchpoints, improve air quality, disinfection and testing. It is important to test all these protocols to make sure that all these innovations are really effective to keep our guests safe; we want our guests to feel safe and secured whenever they stay at Hotel Sogo. We will continue to protect our guests and develop more upgraded protocols even after the pandemic,” Ms. Geminiano added. 

More than just a hotel Aside from the hotel innovations that have been implemented, Hotel Sogo is also ramping up its effort in helping fellow countrymen through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Sogo Cares. Hotel Sogo is helping indigent communities who are in need of basic necessities, such as food, medicines, and water. 
“Recently, we donated food packs with linens and towels to the fire victims at Manila. We also donated essential needs such as bottled water, linens, pillows, surgical masks, pillowcases, and mattresses to the Philippine General Hospital with the help of AFP and we also gave assistance in different community pantries in Bulacan and Quezon City. Our team will definitely help those who are in need in these trying times. Even at this time of GCQ, Hotel Sogo is still accepting front liners, essential, repatriated OFW, seafarers, and economic workers across all Hotel Sogo branches. We are also accommodating those who prefer long-term stay for their work purposes,” stated Ms. Geminiano. 

Over the course of six (6) years, starting from 2015, Hotel Sogo through its Corporate Social Responsibility program Sogo Cares has conducted over 400 medical missions with 100,000 plus beneficiaries, led over 600 donations with more than 170,000 beneficiaries. 

For more details, visit www.hotelsogo.com or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook (facebook.com/hotelsogo), Twitter (@hotelsogo), and Instagram (@hotelsogo).

Budgeting Tips


When you become a parent, budgeting is harder than when you are single. But of course, on a case-to-case basis, we have different lifestyles and different reasons for budgeting. In my experience, unexpected purchases are the things that I and my husband must avoid such as toys for the kids. Too many toys are not necessary we know that. As my kids grow, I learned a lot about budgeting our finances. In this post, I will be sharing some budgeting tips. Whether you're a parent or not, maybe you can get helpful tips in this article that I will be sharing.
In buying things, it is best to know when you should need to buy that particular thing. Look out for promotions and also start coupling, Oh love using coupons to save! Also, I learned to buy second-hand toys. Yes, because why not, I just sanitized and clean it thoroughly. Save me a lot. In buying gifts for someone or a thing for yourself, always check the specs and not just the brand. Understand and take time to read real previous from real buyers to know if that thing is worth it to buy.

When I became a mom, everything becomes expensive for me because I really try to save most of the time. I even tried cut-costing in my clothing, yes we can do that, as long as it's comfortable to wear then you are good with that clothes. Instead of buying take-out food, I cook our food, and by doing that I can also save some money. 

Sharing some personal tips that might help you in budgeting

We don't want an additional debt, as much as possible we want to get out of debt. Know your needs and wants is one of the first steps and probably a big step because most of the time we actually spend more on what we want. Manage the incoming money, don't compare the earnings of other people to yours.Track your spending, things to pay. Review and organized receipts, DebtConsolidation.com is helping people to understand and pay their debt. It is an online resource and tool that help managing finances and debts.

Stay within your limits
If you are making and following daily budgeting, stick to it and focus prioritized what needs to be prioritized. Don't overspend, this is about your hard-earned money. Think as it is wise in handling your money, more on discipline.

Major decision
Sometimes, we need to make a big purchase. Things that we really need, in this case for example buying properties you need to think many times before putting up your money in that particular property. Ask for advice, professional advice. But, if you are still paying, things can wait. Purchase when you are ready financially.

Always save for the future, if you feel there are things that are unnecessary strip that away. Tiny luxuries, when adds up make a huge impact on your budgeting. Try to save as much as you can, you never know the emergencies, a lot of advantages when you have savings in your account.

Lastly, keep your job and work hard while saving and paying on time everything will go on smoothly.