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Are Essentials Oils Safe for Kids?

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More and more parents are turning to homeopathic options for their children; however, you may be concerned about whether some treatments are appropriate and safe for your child. That’s understandable, since some substances may have certain toxicity in improper doses. Especially when your children are concerned, no level of caution is unwarranted. Enjoying essential oils like Bulgarian rose oil, with its subtle, calming scent and skin protecting properties is worth it, but can you use it on your children? Here’s what you need to know about essential oils and children.

Essential oils and newborn babies

Essential oils must be used very sparingly around newborn babies. Although babies often have the ear, nose, and throat issues that essential oils are used for, infants under the age of three months are most susceptible to the power of essential oils. One such reason is that newborn babies have much more permeable layers of skin, meaning that they are likely to absorb much higher levels of essential oils than older children or adults do. Because of this, it’s best for you to avoid using essential oils on newborn babies, at least until they reach about four months of age.

The Hidden Damage Your Phone Is Doing To Your Body

The invention of the smartphone was a beautiful thing. It reminded us that the world was still progressing and that one day we really would have Star Trek technology, even if things didn't develop on all fronts in a linear fashion. No, we don’t have teleportation devices or mind control, but we do have a plethora of exciting technologies, like real-time satellite navigation and pocket-sized supercomputers, which seemed like science fiction just twenty years ago.

But as with any significant change in our lives, there are good things and bad things. Smartphones have helped make our lives immeasurably easier in many ways, but they could also be damaging our health. Let’s take a look at how.

Increase In Sedentary Habits

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Researchers in the study of nutrition often talk about the importance of the “primordial environment.” By primordial environment, scientists don’t mean the soup in which early life supposedly evolved on Earth - they mean the context in which children spend their formative years. Activity levels and dietary habits are often cemented in the first few years of life and last a lifetime.

6 Good Health Habits To Build This Year


When it comes to managing your health, the smallest of changes can be hugely significant. Below, we’ve detailed a number of good health habits that don’t require a massive change to your existing way of living, but which can offer huge benefits to your overall well-being for many years to come…

#1 - Stabilize your sleep schedule

Staying up late on weekends and then enjoying a lie-in the next morning is a common pattern for many of us - but, unfortunately, it’s a tradition that research indicates you should seek to break. Numerous studies have concluded that changing your sleep schedule on weekends can greatly impact well-being, causing a condition that has been termed social jetlag. It’s, therefore, best to try and get into the habit of maintaining a steady sleep schedule - going to bed, and getting up, at the same time every day - in order to greatly improve your well-being.

6 Things That Can Compromise The Comfort Of Your Home

What do we want from our homes? First and foremost, we want them to be comfortable. Our house is more than just a place to shelter from the elements; it’s the place where we recover the energy that has been lost to the wider world, and we can’t do that if it’s not comfortable. Alas, sometimes out home doesn’t play ball. It doesn’t provide us with the level of comfort that we’d like. Below, we take a look at six such things that can derail the comfort levels: if you have a problem with any of them, then take steps to resolve them.

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Too Cold, Too Hot

A home might look inviting and cozy and all the rest, but looks can be deceiving. If the house has temperature issues, then it’s going to be difficult to fall into the deep level of comfort required to be fully at ease. Of course, it’ll depend on the time of the year whether the home is too hot or cold. The majority of problems stem from being too cold - people seem to handle the heat alright, or at least better than the cold. If your home is too cold, then take steps to bring the heat back: insulation, home-heating hacks, and more blankets that you can shake a stick at will all help.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

For many families, the kitchen is a gathering location to eat, do homework, and spend time combine so it is vital that your kitchen is huge. If you have a little kitchen and want to renovate it can be a nightmare because there are lots of plan, ideas and concepts that you cannot do with a little kitchen that you can do for a big kitchen. On the bright side, a smaller kitchen renovation can have its own benefits and advantages, one of which is an affordable to renovate. When talking renovation it could mean something as little updates to a full kitchen makeover.