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CBD & The Creative Mind

As CBD use becomes more popular, many people have begun asking the question, “Can CBD really make a person more creative?” Well, the answer may be a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. In the same way, that creative people are often complex and not fully understood, CBD itself shares similar qualities. 

For those that don’t know, CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis, more commonly known as the hemp plant. Although there are more than 100 compounds (or cannabinoids) found in hemp, CBD is one of the most highly concentrated.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t that the stuff they pass around at music festivals that gets you high?” Well no, not exactly. The chemical compound THC is what is responsible for the “high” feeling commonly associated with marijuana use. CBD, on the other hand, is actually something completely different. 

Yes, although they are both cannabinoids, CBD does not have the same psychoactive effects that THC does. CBD use does not result in the user feeling high, but it does provide a calming effect, as well as a myriad of other health benefits. 

Although CBD still requires further study to understand its full potential, researchers have been able to clearly recognize several medicinal uses for the compound. One of the most widely accepted and common uses for CBD is to treat nausea and vomiting. The compound has also shown the propensity to increase appetite in users, making it an ideal choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, research has even shown that cannabidiol may help inhibit the growth of cancer cells thereby reducing the size of tumors. CBD also protects against neurodegenerative effects like those found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Oh, and do you remember that calming effect I mentioned earlier? Well, it turns out that CBD oil made from the compound can even be used to treat forms of epilepsy in children and adults. It’s also known to help with ADHD and can be taken in the form of delicious CBD gummies that kids love.

Sounds pretty miraculous, right? Yeah, but get to the point already! Will CBD help me be more creative, or not?

Well, here are a few ways in which CBD can help with the creative process. Every creator knows that attention to detail often requires intense concentration, hard work, and repetitive tasks. CBD works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain which directly correlate with the stress response. Artists aren’t always given the luxury of time when it comes to the creative process. There are often deadlines involved which can be anxiety-inducing to say the least. CBD has shown the ability to help people who suffer from anxiety, depression and even psychosis. Sound like any artists you know? In all seriousness though, CBD’s calming effects can help people with social anxiety disorders which might make networking easier for some people. If you’re an artist, writer, or just a creative person, CBD can help alleviate stress when practicing creativity can be mentally or physically exhausting.

Artists know that after a large project, performance, or even just a normal day full of hard work, sometimes it’s necessary to take some time to recover. Even when a person is passionate about what they do, doing creative work can be draining. Studies show that CBD has powerful properties as an antioxidant. Antioxidants help promote healthy neuropathic function in the brain. CBD can help with creative recovery by promoting deep, restful sleep, so you can dive into your next project well-rested and bright-eyed.

CBD positively affects the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is directly linked to the body’s immune system and the body’s natural inflammatory response. In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, CBD is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. CBD can help with conditions like muscle and joint pain, as well as arthritis. If your creative work requires repetitive movements of the hands, neck, back or any other part of the body, CBD may be able to help ease some of that tension.

Need more proof that CBD is good for creative people? How about a few celebrity endorsements? Many celebrities have already come out in praise of the benefits of CBD. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Micheal J. Fox, Mandy Moore, Rihanna and many more have been promoting the substance to help people with anxiety, improve their focus, help them sleep, and yep, you guessed it, even potentially help increase their creativity. It should come as no surprise to anyone that bougie products like sparkling CBD seltzer, and CBD water are starting to appear on store shelves with a direct focus on creatives as their target market. After all, if we look at the past few decades, it’s plain to see many artists and creative people were fond of CBD’s cousin THC, in addition to other psychedelics. Creativity personalities often lauded the creative-boosting properties of such substances. Scientific studies that have been done since all but confirm these claims outright. Ironically, while CBD was once considered a public threat just for being similar to marijuana, it seems that today that reputation may be exactly what is causing the surge in CBD’s popularity amongst creative mind.

8 Things to Expect When you first Move Into a Stunning Gated Community

What can you expect when you move into a high-end gated community? Will people be friendly or standoffish? After you are moved in and the furniture and other belongings are put in their places, what do you do? There are lots of wonderful amenities, but how do homeowners and their families them? How do you meet neighbors in beautiful homes similar to yours?

Winding Road Beside White Houses

Choose A Gated Community

When you are choosing a gated community, look at several near where you want to live and, for each one, ask if this gated community meets your family’s needs and are the HOA rules and restrictions acceptable? Are the HOA and other fees acceptable? Does this gated community have the amenities we are seeking? Is the available house fairly priced and of good design and quality construction?

When you find the home and the gated community that meets your needs, has reasonable HOA rules and restrictions and is affordable, you can choose to purchase it. Then it is time to go through the purchase process and move into the new gated community and home. But, what 8 things can you expect when you first move into your new community?

8 Things to Expect as a New Homeowner in a Gated Community

1. The HOA rules must be followed. Every homeowner is expected to read and obey the rules that were drafted for the good of the whole community. You can attend board meetings of the homeowner’s association before you move into your new home to get a better picture of them. You can attend board meetings and even run for a position on the board when openings become available.

2. Most of the people inside the gates will be residents, visitors, or workmen. This leads to safer streets and lower crime rates. There won’t be any commuter traffic, noisy trucks, or speeding cars. There will also not be any solicitors from outside the community. There may be resident’s children selling girl scout cookies or things for school fundraisers.

3. You will notice how well kept the neighborhood is. The HOA dues are used for maintaining the neighborhood’s public areas. The rules also require residents to keep up their houses and lots to a certain standard. The whole neighborhood should look cleaner and neater. This keeps property values high.

4. There will be a sense of safety and privacy living in this new gated community. Crime is not entirely absent, but gated communities have lower crime rates. Gated communities have more security, such as the guard at the gate.
5. And the gate. Gated communities with a guard at the gate limit access. That is good in some ways but inconvenient in others. You must leave a list of approved guests at the guardhouse. You also must give advance notice when you are expecting delivery people or workmen. Having a party can become frustrating when attendees from outside the neighborhood forget their passes or are inadvertently left off the guest list. There are times during the day when a line of residents waiting to get home can form. Waiting in line is inconvenient.

6. The new gated community might have a lot more amenities than other communities. There may be swimming pools, walking trails, community clubhouses, golf courses, bike paths, exercise facilities, dog parks, kid’s playgrounds, tennis courts, water access, and more depending on the community and the HOA dues. They often offer community events that help new homeowners meet their neighbors.

7. The lots in gated communities are often larger, meaning there are fewer neighbors and more privacy. Gated communities build houses to a high standard which might include smart homes and fast WIFI.

8. You might have a longer drive time to use town or city amenities such as shopping centers, medical facilities, schools, government offices, and even work. Planned, gated communities need a large parcel of land to build a whole community, and this land may be outside the town or city limits. Most gated community residents think the advantages of gated community living are worth the extra drive time.

Why Do So Many People Move to Gated Communities?

Gated communities are carefully planned so they are attractive, convenient to get around, and make the best use of land with plenty of green space and community space near residential streets. Residents are protected by HOA rules and regulations, so they don’t have to worry about neighbors with junk-filled yards, garishly painted homes, too many noisy pets, or loud, out-of-control parties.


With the help of the regulatory and business framework in CEZA, the World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) will help companies and countries from around the world adopt emerging blockchain technology and embrace a new tokenized economy.

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has granted an Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange (OVCE) Provisional Regular License to WTIA, paving the way for WTIA to launch its exchange service on the WTIA Platform.

WTIA works with some of the world’s largest blockchain and asset tokenization projects and is responsible for bringing together such projects as Monopoly Hotels & Resorts (MHR); Smart City Company (SCC); and many more.

“WTIA is all about supporting Real Projects that have a positive impact on the community and country. Projects that deliver economic growth, create high-value jobs, and can benefit from blockchain technology’s transparency, trust, and security,” says Keunyoung Kim, the chairman of WTIA.

The Many Benefits Offered by Assisted Living

Grandmother and Grandfather Holding Child on Their Lap
From socialization to comfort to safety, assisted living has quite a bit to offer to modern seniors. As a result, they are becoming a more popular option than ever before.
However, for those who are on the fence regarding if assisted living is right for them, learn about some of the benefits here.

Safety and Security

While more about the specific benefits offered by assisted living facilities are available at https://www.pegasusseniorliving.com/services/assisted-living/, one of the most appealing is that a senior is much safer in this facility.
Seniors face specific safety risks, especially if they live alone, such as health emergencies and falls that could be compounded if there is no one nearby to provide assistance. The good news is, when a senior lives in an assisted living facility, they are going to get that help immediately.
In addition to the staff at the assisted living facility, most residents also have a nurse on staff, too. This means residents can receive skilled nursing care right when it’s needed.

When Does Self Care Becomes Self Destruct?

Man Sitting on Grass Field

On the surface, it seems like self-care and self destruct habits would be at opposite ends of the spectrum. After all, one set of actions is designed to improve your life, and the other is a quick way to ruin it… but surprisingly the lines between these two things can often become blurred. Sometimes we set out to change the way we’re doing things under the impression that we need to loosen up, chill out or start living life to its full potential. But can easily get caught up by ‘too much of a good thing’- and the actions you’re taking to help you thrive are actually having the opposite effect. Here are some examples, and things to look out for in your own life.

Treat yo’ self
We live in a society where work is prioritized. Our days, weeks, months and lives, in general, are dictated by work. We’re in the workplace for long hours, we have to ask permission and have our vacation time approved before we can go away, we can get in trouble for being even one minute late in the morning. If you sit and think about it, it’s a lot- and in many ways, we lose our freedom where we need to support ourselves financially. So to make all of that work feel worth it, it’s nice to treat yourself and spend a little money on your favorite things every now and again. It might be a meal out at a nice restaurant, a new handbag or piece of jewelry, or a bigger purchase like a new car. This is great and gives our lives balance, as we feel as though our hard work pays off by affording the things we want. The trouble can begin to set in when we start getting a bit too spendy. Maybe you’re prioritising treats and luxuries over your regular bills, or perhaps you’re running up debt. Some people shop excessively as a way to reduce stress, and can even become addicted. Have a think about your spending and ensure it fits within your budget. It’s good to treat yourself, but to be able to afford everything else, for most of us this needs to be structured. Work out what you can realistically spend on yourself after everything else has been paid.