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How to Choose a Dog Harness for Extra Large Breeds?


Extra-large dog breeds that weigh more than 100 pounds can include Great Danes, Mastiffs, Dobermans, Newfies, and Saint Bernards. They require special equipment like a Bolux dog harness to control their massive size and weight.

The right harness type removes any pressure or pulling applied to the neck when you try to control them with a leash. As a bonus, many dog owners find that these harnesses are more comfortable for their large breeds than walking on a collar and leash.

Choosing a Dog Harness for Extra Large Breeds

It should be available in your dog's particular size (weight not included). Measure the widest part of your dog's chest while standing up to get an accurate sizing. You can also measure your dog's girth or width at this time by wrapping cloth or measuring tape around it and adding two inches to get its size.

The harness must be snug but not too tight as this will cause chaffing and discomfort on your dog's skin. The chest strap of your dog's new harness should fit just below its front legs, under the armpits (not too high, or it will cause them pain when they try to pull). The back strap should fit in the middle of your dog's back.

If you can fit more than one finger under any part of the harness, it is too loose and needs to be tightened. Also, look for soft cushioning on the inside of the harness to keep your dog from chafing.

You will want a harness that is easy to put on and take off, but also one that won't come loose too easily. If your pet tends to pull, look for a Bolux dog harness with an integrated leash attachment point as well as quick-release buckles.

There are several designs of dog harnesses. A front hook style is best for extra-large breeds so that their weight will be distributed to the chest, and they won't be able to back out of it. A rear clip design can work if you find one for larger breeds with a reinforced neck strap, but it does put their back legs at risk for injury.

Your new harness should be well-made of strong, durable materials that will last you through the life of your dog. Look for heavy-duty stitching and strong hardware to hold all the straps together. If there are quick-release buckles, they should have safety locks so they won't be accidentally released.

Extra Tips:

• Buy a harness with a top handle to make it easier for you to control your dog in crowded or dangerous areas.

• Allow your dog some time to get accustomed to wearing their new harness.

• Keep your dog on the leash at all times until they are trained not to pull, or you can train them with positive reinforcement by using their new harness.

Walking your extra-large breed dog can be difficult if they are unruly and try to pull you along on their leash. A harness is the best way to control their size and weight, as well as protect yourself from harm.

The right harness will distribute pressure over their body instead of just around their neck, making it easier for you to control them.

Love To Shop Trendy Dresses


Every woman loves to shop especially when it comes to trendy dresses. I myself love to window shop in-store or online and I think it's natural and every girl in every country.  When I have this free time, I always filled my cart with beautiful floral dresses chiffon I love any kind of florals, so girly and sweet and it always gives me summery vibes.

What I love about window shopping online is that it give me time to choose and to know the latest designs, the new trends, and most importantly the available sizes. Also, it became my stress reliever, can you relate? buying the dress you are eyeing means so much and the feeling of not waiting to be available again because they always have stocks for every item. I know, you also have your own favorite online store and you keep coming buying from them because you like the products, the delivery, and all. 

One of my favorites is the bodycon dresses perfect for day and night out, I think it is also a versatile style that you need to have in your closet. It's one of the styles that a woman will surely like, can give complete look in the easiest and elegant style. 

Buying dresses is not only when having an occasion, but you can also give yourself a reward and buy dresses you love. In my opinion, casual and comfortable dresses and always in trend. That is why it's very important to buy and trust a store that offers different sizes for different body types.

There are so many dresses that are worth buying for, you know what I mean right? every girl must-haves.  Sometimes, we have this rough day, and shopping makes us happy. So go check out those beautiful pieces of dresses, you might find yourself buying one or two. 

Remember to wear your beautiful smile every time, because a smile completes the whole look and gives the positivity that you can share with anyone. 

Finding Your Dream Home: What To Look For (And What To Avoid)

Buying a house is a difficult decision to make. It takes a lot of money. But your emotions are wrapped up in the purchase too. Which can lead to some difficulties. Especially when we stumble across what we think is our dream home. We have a tendency to look past evidence that might point to underlying problems. And that can lead to more than just a headache down the line.

When looking around your prospective new home, you’ll need to get the microscope out. No matter how much you love it. There are lots of major issues to look out for. But some fly under the radar too.

Here you’ll find 6 good things to look out for when purchasing a property. And 6 things that you’ll want to steer clear of.

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

The Good
Inspecting property isn’t all about looking out for the bad. It’s also about looking out for positives that should make you look on a property more favorably.

  • Room Size
Good room size is always something you’ll want to look out for. Measure your furniture before you go and take the tape measure with you to the viewings. That way, you’ll know if your life fits in before you commit to buying.
  • Neighborhood
Location is everything when buying a home. Everyone talks about watching out for ‘bad’ neighborhoods, but you want to look out for good too. If it has excellent transport links and good schools, it should go up in your estimation.
  • Potential
Making sure you fit in a home at the moment is important. So is seeing if that property has the potential to extend along with your life. It’s much easier to extend a current home than get back out onto the property market.
  • Garden
Having green space is hard to find. Anywhere with room to roam outside is definitely a winner. Not only does it tack onto having the potential to extend, but it’s also good for the mind and soul just to have outdoor space to call your own.
  • Security
Assess how secure the property you’re viewing is. If there’s a security system already installed, then you’re onto the winner. Intruder alarms, security lights, and fire alarms should all be top of the list.
  • Efficiency
Looking after the planet is on the top of everyone’s list. So a house that runs efficiently is a positive in anyone’s book.

The Bad
There are always things that we need to keep an eye out for when viewing a property. And that’s because they could signal underlying problems that you won’t want to deal with in a year.
  • Fixer-Uppers
Everyone loves a good project. But committing to something that will last years might not be exactly what you signed up for. It’s easy to underestimate the costs of renovating. If you’re going for a fixer-upper, make sure to ask enough questions, so you know you’re able to commit. If not, steer clear.
  • Flood Plains
If your potential home is on a flood plain, make sure you know what you’re getting into. It can lead to you having a flooded home if there’s nothing already in place to avoid such an event. Talk to your realtor so you can assess the risk. If you’re unsure of anything, then don’t buy.
  • Damp
Damp is a big red flag. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to recognize if a home has damp. Look for mildew, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, discoloration, and mould. Some owners are happy to take it on if they understand the risks. But don’t feel forced into handling it if you’re not prepared.
  • Condensation
Condensation on windows can be an indicator of poor insulation. And poor insulation can be costly to fix. Take a minute to check the double glazing and condition of the windows. This will help you figure out what sort of price insulating the home will be.
  • Structural
Structural problems will cost you a fortune. Look out for big cracks and weak joints. But if you’re unsure, hire a surveyor before you commit to a purchase. You may not like the sound of an outlay cost for a surveyor, but it costs less than a complete structural refit.
  • Questions
The biggest thing to avoid when purchasing property is not asking enough questions. Go in with a list of everything you want to know. And even some things you think are pointless. No question is too much.

Image by SHVETS Productions via Pexels

The Wrap Up
Finding your dream home doesn’t have to be a headache. If you go well prepared and understand what to look out for, you’re halfway there. Searching for a home that fits is the biggest part of the job. So once you have that down, you’re on the home straight.
Making purchasing property a breeze is all about preparation. So don’t stop being prepared once you’ve found the house. Continue the trend by getting a mortgage quote ahead of time, getting friendly with a financial advisor, and getting your credit in check. Everything helps on the road to owning property.

5 Things Anne Does At Home (That You Can Do, Too!)

If you’re from the Philippines and watch TV or use the internet, then you’ll most likely know who Anne Curtis is. She’s one of the country’s biggest stars and has maintained a successful career from her teens to adulthood. Yes, she’s beautiful, but she’s also funny, kind, and talented. It’s no wonder people can’t get enough of her even after more than a decade in the spotlight!

However, just like everyone else who had to adjust to working from home, a big celebrity like Anne Curtis also experienced being confined to the four corners of her house (whether in the Philippines or in the land down under). Check out 6 activities that fill her day that you can try, too.

Pet love
Anyone who has a pet knows that hours can go by just by watching your little furry friends run around the house. With her adorable cat, Pixie, who Anne playfully refers to as the female version of Garfield, we can only imagine the hours that pass when they have their play time. You too can take a breather from work by hanging out with your own lovely pet.

Exercise never stops
Anne is known to be a fitness enthusiast. Even before the lockdown, she would join marathons here and abroad. Being at home hasn’t stopped her from filling her days with fitness activities. She even took it a step further and launched her own line of active wear! This is your sign to pick up those dumbbells, jump rope, or yoga mat, and kickstart (or restart) your fitness journey today.

Mommy-baby time
Anne is such a proud mama when it comes to her cute daughter, Dahlia. Who can blame her? Anne shares how she bonds with her little one at home to the delight of Dahlia’s growing number of adoring fans. If you are a new mom, too, or if you have young nephews and nieces, savor their early years and spend time watching them learn about the world around them.

Anne, Kylie, or Gabbi: Who is your Salontastic Persona?

Every woman is unique. Every woman has different needs. And every woman is equally beautiful and deserving of the best products and experiences that make her confident in her own skin.

When it comes to hair, every woman is different too. Some are confident with colored hair while others prefer natural locks. Others feel most beautiful with straight hair, while others like to rock big waves. Some women feel most authentic when they grow their hair long while others like to cut theirs short. But no matter what unique hair desire she has, she deserves salon-level treatment for her strands, so she can continue to be the fantastic woman she is meant to be.

For Every Kind of Salontastic
With the new Pantene 3-Minute Miracle, women can take their pick from three variants to match their unique hair needs: Collagen Repair, Keratin Smooth, and Biotin Strength. When matched with Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo, every woman can achieve stronger* hair as if they just stepped out of the salon!

A perfect example of how every woman has unique hair needs is how our very own Pantene women each have their own favorite variant! Which of our strong women do you relate to the most – Biotin Beauty Anne, Keratin Queen Kylie, or Collagen Gal Gabbi?

Strong like a Biotin Beauty
As a multi-talented host and actress plus a young mom, Anne faces more and more responsibilities every day. She needs strength for her mind and body, but also for her hair like a true Biotin Beauty! Anne shares that Pantene Biotin Strength keeps her hair luscious, “All smiles because I can still get the same salon lush treatment my hair needs at home with @pantenephilippines. Look at what I’ve been using to help strengthen my hair from breakage so I have less hair fall and #Salontastic hair!”

Pantene Biotin Strength 3-Minute Miracle helps repair 3 months’ worth of damage in just 3 minutes, while strengthening each strand to lessen hair fall due to breakage. Feel the nourishment penetrate deep into the hair, strengthening it from root to tip, giving you that salon-level look right at home!

The Latest and Most Adorable Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Modern Parents


Did you know that around 1.5 million people register for a baby shower each year in the United States?
Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the baby before they are born and to help prepare the expecting parents.
If you have recently been invited to a baby shower and want to surprise the new parents, there are many gifts to consider.
Continue reading to discover the best baby shower gift for your friends and family that will actually get used!
Baby Book
If you are looking for a baby shower gift that will help hold memories, a baby book is an excellent choice.

Many modern parents are using baby books to record important details about pregnancy and experiences. These books are special gifts for both the parents and the child, who can later look at the book.

Try looking for a baby book that has easy-to-fill-in pages and areas to post pictures. As the baby grows up, this will become a scrapbook that is all about them. If you want to enhance this gift, you could consider buying a nice set of pens to write with and a washi tape to hold the pictures.

Pacifier Holder
Every newborn checklist should include pacifier holders because they are so helpful.

Pacifier holders can vary in style and design so the choice is up to you. A lot of people are recommending snuggle pacifier holders that have a small stuffed animal attached. Not only are these pacifier holders easy to find, but they also help entertain the baby while they are sucking away.

Other types of pacifier holders that are good to get come in canvas, cotton, or silicone material. A popular option right now is the silicone holders because the baby can chew on them while they are teething. They are also easy to clean and don't stain like the cotton and canvas options.

Swaddles & Blankets
New parents can never have enough swaddles and blankets for their little ones.

The newborn baby will often be wrapped up in a flannel blanket or swaddle after they are born. These help keep the baby warm and comfortable since they will now be exposed to colder air and AC units.

You can find a variety of cute blankets made of soft materials that will keep the baby cozy. Many people recommend getting onesies that use velcro because the parent doesn't have to learn how to burrito-wrap their child.
Variety of Clothing
Smart parents will put a variety of clothing on their registries to help ease the amount that they have to buy.

Many people recommend ordering from Hanna Andersson for cute clothes for both boys and girls. This brand makes durable clothing for any time of the year. Make sure that when you buy baby clothes, you get a variety of sizes.

Parents often complain that newborn clothing gets unused because they have so much of it. Try getting sizes of clothing up to 18 months so that the parents have options to choose from as the baby grows.

Onesies, sleepers, and socks are excellent gifts for baby showers. You can find cute options if you know the gender, or opt for gender-neutral clothing.

Baby Bottles
One of the best gifts that you can get for expecting parents are bottles.

When buying bottles for a baby, check the registry to see if the parents have a specific style in mind. It is good to buy bottles in sets of 2. This is because the baby might not like a certain design and having 10 bottles in the same style might waste money.

Try getting a variety of bottles. Make sure that you pay attention to the nipple sizes as well. Newborn babies will use a size 1 and as they start drinking more, they will graduate to level 2. Glass bottles are perfect for eco-friendly parents and help prevent exposure to toxic chemicals found in plastic.

Hats & Headbands
If you are looking for fun newborn gifts, you should think about getting hats and headbands.

Headbands are perfect for parents who are waiting on their little girl to arrive. They often come with big bows, pretty fabric, and other eye-catching details. Small baseball caps are perfect for little boys, so you could always consider them if your friends are big sporting fans.

Whether you are buying for a boy or girl, cotton hats are always helpful for new parents. Little cotton hats help protect the baby's head from the sun and can be worn any time of the year. Try looking for a variety pack so that the parents can match the hats with their outfits.

Personal Baby Carrier
If you are buying a baby shower gift for a couple that is always on the go and active, a personal baby carrier is an excellent gift.

Personal baby carriers and wraps are worn by the parents on their chest or back. These allow the parent to hold the baby close to them while still freeing up their hands and arms. Parents who have multiple children also benefit from these so that they can handle multiple things at once.

You can find baby holders in cotton wraps or get a style that fits more like a backpack.

Find the Best Baby Shower Gift
If you are looking for a good baby shower gift that will get used, there are many options to choose from.

Whether you want to get a variety of sizes in clothing, toys, or newborn essentials, there is a long list to get inspiration from. Even if you don't know the gender of the baby, many of these items can be bought for both. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and get something unique.

The best way to help the parents is by getting them something that is on or related to their registry. Take time to look at it so that you don't double-gift.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about newborn essentials and preparing for a little one's arrival!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on ShopSM’s First-Ever October Super Month

The largest retail chain in the Philippines, SM, is making your online shopping experience even more thrilling with its online shopping platform, ShopSM. With its massive selection of brands carrying your favorites from every department—from men, women, and kids’ fashion, best-selling beauty products, and cosmetics, to must-have essentials for your home, plus groceries, you can easily shop in just a few taps!

Here’s a rundown of the most exciting deals and rewards you can expect with ShopSM’s October Super Month:

Extra Discount During 10 Days of Deals
Get an extra 10% on your order when you checkout from 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM daily on October 8-14. No minimum spend is required and you can even get a daily discount of up to P2000 when you use code SUPERMONTH19 from October 8 to 14, and SUPERMONTHALLDAY from October 15 to 17.

Exciting Freebies with 10 Days of Gifts
Tons of exciting gifts and freebies await! You can even get to choose which gift to receive. We’ve got Viu and iflix premium subscriptions, Grab vouchers, and tons of freebies from SM Markets for you.

Over 7,000+ Items on Sale
With over 1,000 homegrown and international brands to choose from, you can expect unbeatable deals up to 70% off on selected items.

Hassle-Free Payment Options
ShopSM makes checkout fast and convenient with tons of payment methods to choose from like Cash on Delivery, Credit and Debit Cards, GrabPay, and GCash.

Earn SMAC Points
Got a SMAC card? You can earn SMAC points even when shopping online. That’s not all. Members can also get exclusive discounts and vouchers for their ShopSM haul.

SM Markets is now available through the ShopSM App!
You can now shop for your favorite groceries and other essentials at in-store prices online with the new ShopSM app. Experience same-day delivery or choose to pick up from the SM Markets store nearest you. SM Markets is also going all out for Super Month. Enjoy amazing deals, tons of freebies, free delivery, big discounts, rebates, and many more

Ready, get set, go online, and shop! Visit ShopSM’s official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay updated and score SUPER deals at ShopSM’s October Super Month—the go-to app and site for all your beauty, fashion, home, and grocery needs!

The ShopSM app is available on the App Store or Google Play Store.