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Viewing ads just got more appealing — with Vuewin

Here's a screenshots tutorial on how to get started in Vuewin hope this can help.

If ads not available and you have watched all ads,You can Hi Lo games,You can chips and win great prizes too! And by viewing ads you can also get chips.By the way i just won 50 chips yay! Way to go! 

All winning combinations are based on actual PCSO scheduled draws.
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Maybelline White Super Fresh

All women loves to look and feel fresh and clean,Sometime using the right product can gives us what really wants.Our looks,Is big factor in our confidence,When we look dull and dar feel greasy and dirt because of sweat,Our confidence starts loosen.
When i'm with my kids,Malling or go out with them i really don't have much time to put make ups or even retouch.I'm always after my kids,Ending i always look haggard and tired.
When i heard this White SuperFresh i immediately tried it and i was amazed.

It really does give 12H Fair Matte look and fresh feeling.I prefer the natural shade it suits my skin tone,I love using it i don't need to touch up always,And it only costs me Php 299.
Have you try this product?

*items reviewed are mine and all written here are my honest opinion*

How to Achieve #PondsNoMakeUpLook

Most of the girls,Like me wanted to look flawless and as much as possible we want to minimize usage of make up.No to pale look ofcourse,But not to heavy make up.What is No Make Up Look anyway?For me,I understand it as,Using light make up just to look natural in your face.How about you how do you understand it?

I'm sharing the basic steps to achieve thus #PondsNoMakeUpLook using Ponds ofcourse.
Step 1.
Use White Beauty pearl cleansing gel-Oxygenated gel with pearl essence.For Fair,Fresh skin.
Step 2.
Use Pond's Dewy Rose Gel
for flawless white skin.
Step 3.
Conceal and Protect
Apply Pond's BB+Cream
Make-up +skin care in one.
Step 4.
Make -up basic
Eyes,Blush and Lipstick.

Easy steps to look flawless and beautiful right,Very important things is don't forget to smile. Ok?

*all products and written here are mine*

Green Cross Total Defense Antibacterial Sanitizer

Even before i was not yet a mom,I always bring with me alcohol or anything hand sanitizer,I don't like using handkerchief to wipe or just use water when cleaning my hands especially when i'm in public places like using public restrooms,We all knew how millions of germs out there.Well,I'm not sure how many lol!
I really like,Using sanitizers that has a scent of cleanliness,and after using it i feel fresh and clean especially now i have two kids,I always bring this Green Cross antibacterial sanitizer,Prevention is better than cure right,To keep away thus germs from us.Especially my 3 year old son,He keeps touching things,Gladly i used him this too!It's not drying and make him safe and germs won't spread through his hands.Why i like this,It has 5 in 1 protection.

5 Benefits in Sanitizer

*Kills Germs on Contact.
*Forms a protective barrier around hands to help defend against germs up to 5 hours.
*Prevents passing of germs through hands.
*Non-drying formula.
*Leaves hands smelling fresh and clean.

Directions:Apply thoroughly cover and wet hands.Rub until dry.
Precautions: Do not swallow or use near eyes.Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.
Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol,Purified Water,Polyhexamethylene Biguanide,Benzalkonium Chloride,Propylene Glycol and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract,Glycerin,Fragrance.
Manufactured by Green Cross

*Items bought from Drugstore*

Hair Make Supplement-Lúcido-L

Hi!How are you today?Me,I'm fine nothing's special.Anyway,Do you comb your hair 100 times before going to bed?Funny,Because i still do.Before,I was in middle school i learned that combing your hair 100 times before going to bed can make your hair more shinier and soft in short it can make your hair more beautiful.I don't if it's a myth or it has scientific explanation,Wheather it's true or not i do it up to now,Nothings wrong in trying.
Lately,My routine got changed,Before i'm not using anything before combing,I just used my hairbrush and that's it.It was changed when i knew about this hair make supplement,Lúcudo-L Hair Make Treatment,It's a treatment Oil (straight) I think if you have hair like mine,Dry this is perfect for you.I used it everynight before going to bed,And as usual comb my hair 100 times,I noticed how soft my hair was.In the morning,I was like having great hair morning,Easily to managed and makes my hair soft.No more dryness,And i love the smell,It's like perfume to my hair,I sleep everynight with beautiful hair after using this treatment.I'm not sure the price,How much it cost but i think it's around php200.I got it for free that's why. 😊

Answer Survey and Earn!

Are you always online?If you are and want to earn money while answering survey like me,This site is absolutely free when you sign up.

YouGov conducts polls on the Internet about politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest. YouGov polls are taken by people, from all over the region, who have agreed to share their thoughts on a wide variety of important issues. It is free to join for anyone age 16 and above.

Join YouGov Today.
It is free to join -Currently they are offering an iPad Mini lucky draw for new sign ups plus 100 points as soon as you complete the Welcome survey.

It only takes 5 or more minutes of your time.Survey link will directly receive in your registered email.Earn point,Redeem easy as that.They pay Paypal and other mode of payment also is available.

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Win a Brighter Future,Brighter Life Fund from Johnson's and Sun Life

Sharing this good news to all Mommies and Daddies! When i saw this i said omg i just purchased earlier why i haven't seen this promotion?Now i just did.And i wanna share to you the good news,We want all of the prizes,Especially the grand prize because it's for our kids future. Prizes to be won:

-70 monthly winners of Mercury Drug Gift Certificates worth Php700 (Sept-Nov)
-7 winners of Brighter Future,Brighter Life Fund from Sun Life (Dec)

See the prizes,Awesome right?So here's the mechanics:
1.Buy Php70 worth of any Johnson's products in Mercury Drug
2.Buy any of the Brighter Future,Brighter Life promo packs in Mercury Drug

Drop in drop boxes in Mercury Drug branches nationwide.

See poster and flyers for more details.
Image from
I'm not connected with Johnson's Baby,Just Sharing the news and if you have questions regarding the promo please visit their facebook page. ☺

Ginvera Cosmetics

I really Love using skincare as a set especially when it first time that i'll be using it.Last month i won in a contest in Facebook this beauty and skincare set worth less than $20 i'm so lucky! Yey! I'm not familiar with this brand,Anyway let me share to you what i've got.

I got Ginvera green tea Whitening Marvel Gel,Zero Blackheads In 1 Step and a Ginvera green tea Nude Cover BB Cream for all skin tones.

It says this Whitening Gel prevents acnes,Regains Confidence.Since I really don't have acne at all just kidding i expected that this product can remove my blackheads as it says in the descriptions but sad to say my blackheads still there nothings changed.Good news was,I love the texture everytime i washed my face because it's Gel form very smooth after washes and i felt like i used moisturizer.That's the good thing in this product.

I really really like BB Cream it gives  Total Coverage With Excellent Hydration,Of all BB Creams that i've tried this shade and brand is the one that really suits my skintone and i love how it moirurizes my skin after using.Easily to apply and dry afterwards,Not greasy at all.It gives me long lasting of feeling smooth and very light feeling.

Over all i wanna buy another one just BB Cream ☺

Safeguard For Men

My husband had a schedule when running,Every saturday he makes sure that he'll have atleast 2 hours of running it's part of his exercises anyway and i'm ok with that.What i don't like is after he run,He smells like fish lol,Before and after running he takes a bath to keep him feeling fresh and look fresh,But soap bar does'nt suits his body performance.anyway Good thing i found this 2 in 1 Hair + Body Wash Antibacterial by Safeguard.

It has 24 hours of Odor Shield from morning to night.

*Men can sweat up to 10 liters per day.And with physical acitivity,Men sweat 30%-40% more than woman.Witj sweat getms multiply and cause body odor.Safeguard for Men is designed to effectively cleanse and get rid of 99.9% of body odor-causing germs* 

* Odor Shield is a long lasting perfume technology that helps to leave skin's freshness for 24 hours.

Less sweating and no more body odor!Your husband will surely love this new product too!

SansFlou Natural

When i was at my grade school age,My grandmother always reminding me to have my teeth cleaned after eating.Until i am in mid school she kept reminding it for me,And yet i'm not listening i was just laugh or say i just did earlier why toothbrush again and again?Until i became a mom,You what i'm started at my kids at their young age to be clean especially orally,I don't want their teeth became just like mine.😆
Glad,I found at the Department Stroe Baby Section are this kind of toothgel.

Toothgel Cleanser for 0-6 years old with Xylitol it has two flavors,Strawberry Free and Orange Flavor both are Flouride Free at 50 ml. 
Ingredients are Sorbitol Solution, Xylitol,Silica,Purified Water,Glycerin Sodium,Carboxymethylcellulose Flavor,Sodium Benzoate,Citric Acid
I used the Toothgel for my 3 year old

Why I Trust UNILAB

As a mom,We always wanted the best for our kids,Clothes,toys,foods,and ofcourse vitamins.Before,At my eldest son when i experienced seeing him suffering from colds and cough always,Even if Pedia sees him he always easily gets sick.Pedia recommends another brand of vitamins intead of taking medicine for so long.She recommended, Ceelin Plus.When i tried it for my son,I'm so thankful finally he does'nt gets sick easily and he's more active than he was before.Now,I had my youngest i give him also product of Unilab,I trust it from my experiences to my eldest son,I recommended it also to my family and friends,This brand is most trusted brand for me.

Available at all leading supermarkets and Drugstores nationawide.

Drink Great Taste White and be a Millioner!

I admit,I'm a coffee drinker since then when i was high school student.My grandmother always says it's not good for young people.I actually drink coffee with milk,I love how it tasted.Before i mix coffee and milk to get the taste i always wanted,Now no more mixing,Because there's Great Taste White coffee,I like the taste,Not too sweet.
And since i'm a coffee drinker i'm aware of their promotions,Because i'm a fan of their facebook page,When they launched their Promo:Choose Great,Win Great!I started collecting empty sachets,I know i only had 0.5% in winning because it's nationawide promotions.But good thing is i have atleast chance that can change my life.☺
What will i do if i win the grand prize?:
*I'll buy house and lot.
*Secure my son's education.
*Savings and bussiness
*Make street children happy atleast one day of their lives.
Can think more for now,So much to do if i win.Trying my luck😊..
Anyway,Let me show you my entries that i dropped last sunday in their drop boxes.

Want to join?Let me share to you the mechanics,
See photo for the complete mechanics
Photo from

Like and follow thier Facebook account  Great Taste 3in1 and follow them also in twitter for updates.

To everyone who joined like me,Goodluck to us! 👼

Huggies Sample

Are you expectant mom? Or had a baby using diapers? You might want to check this out! Free Sample of the diaper from Huggies! We all love trying products before we buy it so here is the chance, Request for a free sample, Register your contact information here and wait for your sample in front of your doorsteps. What a great news for mommies right?

Share your experience too after receiving the sample and tell your friends about the Free sample, It's absolutely free.

For the question like their Facebook Page.

I'm not liable for any concern about this promotion, Sharing is good so I'm sharing the good news. =)
It's a rainy day today.Despite of bad weather i wanna share to you good news.☺Are you fan joining contest like me?Well,Raffle is better one of my option is the easiest way to win lol,This contest is photo contest which "most likes win"Sadly i don't have chance in winning.Trying my luck,Why not? Right? Anyway,See photo for the mechanics.
Image from Fisher Department Store Facebook Page
I wanna show you my baby's photo,My entry for this contest.And even if we didn't win here.He's still be our cutest love baby angel.If you have time please like and share my entry and join too,Like first their Facebook Page
Image from Fisher Department Store Facebook Page PLEASE LIKE 
Happy Weekend! 😙

The Duo that solves your underarm problem!

When i was studying,10 years ago i was so active physical result is i am always sweating especially my underarms always wet.I was teenage that time and so shy because of that,So i used deodorant earlier than my friends,Still sweating but doesn't smell stinky at all.I was satisfied then although my underams sweats sometimes but like before.I really hate thus times.I'm always wearing dark colors to hide wet underarms.When i reached college maybe i learned more the proper hygiene,The sweating was gone but i had a problem again.Chicken Skin,Dark underarms.Too much story enough! 😊

Last month,I got to try the New Duo from Belo Essentials,The underarm whitening cream and the whitening anti-perspirant deodorant.Luckiy i got this amazing products for free because they launched their survey promotions and the first 1000 to submit gets a gift.Yes! I'm one the lucky recepients of this Duo. And they've delivered it here in our home,So nice of them many girls tried it for free.
Deo (25 ml roll-on) Php 54.75 Underarm Whitening Cream Php 349.75 

I used everynight the Underarm Whitening Cream since i received it,And i noticed lot of changes in my underarms,Feels smooth and it lightens although not as white like Anne's underarms but this cream did a job very well.
Everyday,I used the roll on whitening anti-perspirant deodorant,What i noticed first was my underarms always feels dry even if my face sweating and do lot of household chores my underarms still dry and smells good.

I visibly noticed after using this duos my problem about my underarms become less and i'm starting to love Belo Essentials products 😊 this is the first product i've tried from them,And surely i'll buy another duos after this.So glad i found the Duo that can take awat my underarm problem since then. 😊

Shawill Curling Mascara

Last month,I was searching online for an affordable mascara at Lazada,I sort out the filters to Lowest price to highest,That's what i do when i'm shopping online and also i'm into discounted and sale items.Anyway who doesn't love discount right? Then i saw this Shawill Curling Mascara i bought it at Php188 at Lazada.I'm not familiar with the brand got curious and searched them. I Bought it and honestly i really like how it looks so natural.I didn't use eyelash curler on the photo below but look how it was curled and volumized.Very light and for me,Stays longer although its not water proof as the label says but it stays for many hours. I will recommend this to my friends because it's affordable and very natural looking.It curled the lashes automatic even without using the eyelash curler.If you want curled lashes,This is perfect.

Lashes looks Natural
Curling Up
Long Lasting
Smudge proof
Easy to apply
Over all i wanna buy another one after this tube. ☺

 *All of the contents of this post are all my opinion*

Filters on Selfies,Why Not?!

Using filters on your selfie
Before Facebook, There's a Friendster. Way back before editing photos was not common to all, Just upload it. I remembered I always used blinking stickers in using it as testimonials or even as layout. But I'm not familiar with filters.I'm enjoying adding stickers or making a collage, Uploading photos before was not as easy as this days. Before using wire cable, Removing SD card and Bluetooth are the ways that people uploads their photos online and edit it through online editing photos sites. So many steps, Signing up there and everywhere.

Nowadays, Uploading photos is easy as 123, Via smartphone of course but the quality only differs in the smartphone you have.When i started using Instagram,I started using and discover how to improve photos by using filters.I enjoyed it especially in taking photos with low light, With the help of filters it can make the photos good.

What i like about filters,And editing photos application is that they addes make up tools like you can edit your eyes, nose and how flawless and smooth you wanted your skin are. Guess why i'm using thus kind of app.?Because i like the slimming face, I'm shy taking selfies because of my face i'm not a fan of making my selfie flawless but i'll make sure my face doesn't look so fat.Lol!I always point in 50% slimming face.

Some of my favorite photo editing app tools are Beauty Plus,PhotoRus,YouCam.
Why are you using filters,Share your favorites app too so i can try it too! 😊

*All of the contents of this post are all my opinion*