How to open BPI Easy Saver Account

Lahat tayo ay gustong mag ipon,Maaming paraan para magkapag ipon pero ang pinaka convenient at safe ay magkaroon ng isang bank account.Karamihan kaya hindi nakakapag bukas ng bank account ay dahil sa mayroon itong kinakailangang balanse o maintaining balance at malaki ang halaga para makapag bukas ng isang account.

Nito lang buwan ay nagbukas ako ng Easy Saver account na inooffer ng BPI,Ito ay walang maintaining balance,Napakadaling gamitin at maaring e-enroll sa online banking na napaka convenient sa pagchecheck ng savings.

Narito ang mga kailangan sa pagbukas ng Easy Saver Account

● 2 Government ID (Valid)
●Recent Bills Payment indicating your address this is to verify your address
●1 (1x1) picture

Para sa pag open ng account ang unang initial deposit ay Php200 at Php50 para sa card kaya ang babayaran na lamang ay Php250.
Makukuha ang card sa loob ng dalawang araw.

Bisitahin ang kanilang website para sa karadagdang impormasyon.

Paano kumuha ng PWD ID

'Nong nadiagnosed ang anak ko na mayroon siyang Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),Sobra akong nalungkot.Naalala ko pa ng araw na 'yon habang pauwi kami galing sa ospital ay panay ang pag iyak ko.Hindi ko inaasahan na ganon ang sasabihin sa amin ng doktor.Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang nararamdaman ko hanggang sa ngayon.
Nang araw na 'yon binigyan ng mga rekomendasyon at mga laboratory tests na gagawin bukod sa kailangan niya ng mga theraphy ang unang pinagawa ay ang tinatawag na EEG,Sa ospital ding iyon namin pinagawa,Dahil sa walang PWD wala kaming discount sa lahat ng mga binayaran namin,Na kun tutuusin ay may 20% discount na nakalagay don sa mga laboratory tests na gagawin.
Pagkatapos ng isang linggo,Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na kumuha ng PWD ID.Paano at ang mga kailangan para kumuha ng PWD ID,Ay pakibasa na lamang po ang mga susunod na pangungusap.

Kinakailangan sa pagkuha ng PWD ID ay ang mga sumusunod:

●Medical Certificate/Abstract
●(2 pcs.)2x2 ID Picture

Nong kumuha ako para sa aking anak ay isinama ko siya pero maaari ding hindi na kasama ang kukuha kailangan lang kompleto ang mga kailangang requirements,Dahil hindi pa marunong pumirma ang anak ko ay pina thumbmark na lang siya.

Narito ang form na kailangang i-fill up,Nakuha ko ito sa pagkuha ko ng brgy.clearance,Ngunit
Nagbibigay mismo sa city hall kung saang city kayo kukuha.Sa Type of disability ay sila na ang naglalagay hindi ko rin alam bakit sa Learning disability ang ASD,Iyon ang nilagay ng staff.

Mabilis lang ang proseso,Kapag kompleto na ang lahat ng kinakailangan ay ipasa na at antaying tawagin,Agad makukuha ang PWD ID sa araw din ng pag kuha nito,Kasama nito ay ang Purchase Slip Booklet.

Libre ang pagkuha nito,Sa Quezon City Hall nasa kanan pagpasok magtanong na lang sa imformation desk kapag kinakailangan.

Little Things You Can Do To Help Your Kids Dreams Come True

As a parent, it’s natural to always do what’s best for your kids, which is why when they’ve got a dream you want to ensure that it comes true. Of course, there are some things that as a parent you just can’t control. You can’t promise your child that they will grow up to be a prima ballerina or that they will be a famous chef, but what you can do is help your children to make their dreams a reality. The good news is that there are lots of little ways that you can help your children to achieve their dreams, it’s just a case of knowing what they are and how to utilize them. To give you some ideas, below are some things that you can try to help give your kids every chance of reaching their dreams and full potential. 

Enroll them in after school clubs

Not only have social studies shown that attending clubs like a football club, drama club, or art club, can help a child’s development and social skills, but enrolling them in a club that matches their dreams can help them hone their skills. Let’s say your child is football mad and dreams of being a famous footballer player one day, a great way to help them achieve their dreams is to enroll them in an after school football club so that they can get the practice and training that they need. The same goes for any skill, whether it’s dancing, drawing, or cooking, enrolling them in a club can help them to hone their skills. 

Motivate them

The key to achieving your dreams is motivation, which means that if you want to ensure that your child makes their dreams a reality, you need to find ways to motivate them. One of the best ways to do that is to show them what they can be. Say, for instance, your child wants to be a famous footballer, take them to watch a football match. Or, say they want to be a singer, pay for them to have a recording session in a real studio and order copies of their replication CD from a specialist company like Nationwide Disc. Let’s say your child dreams of being a renowned chef, take them to a see their favorite chef in action at their restaurant. Give your child the chance to see what it would be like if their dreams came true, and you can help them to achieve their goals. 

Get them extra lessons

If you notice that your child loves to sing, for instance, but isn’t getting the help they need when singing in the school choir; perhaps it could be worth getting them extra tuition to help them to develop their skills. The same goes for gymnastics, basketball, drawing and painting - basically, any activity that your child loves to do, you can get them extra lessons to help them to hone their skills. The more help your child has to improve on a hobby, the better their chances of success in the future. 

There you have it, a guide to the little things that you can do to help your children’s dreams come true. 

Update Your Wardrobe for Less

When you are a mom one of the toughest things in life is to find a way to balance your checkbook. Just try as you might, it is incredibly tough to find a way to have all of the things that you and your family need while still coming in under budget every single month.

If you find yourself falling back into the category of living paycheck to paycheck, you need to start getting crafty about how you go about getting the things you want. No one here is suggesting that you start cutting back – but rather that you start looking into solutions to get whatever it is that you want for a lot less.

If you want to get started on this adventure of getting the clothes you want for less money, then you know you need to give up cruising around malls. Giant shopping malls exist to slowly rope you into making purchases of items that you did not actually need. When you end up buying items from store windows that are “on sale,” or even those that are in the “clearance” rack, you simply end up with a bunch of gear at retail price that appears to be marked down. These items are often those that the store needs to sell, anyway. Your first step in saving money is to start shopping online.
But if you are no stranger to online shopping and still need a way to cut back, or even if you are new to shopping online, you need to take your shopping habit to the specialty shopping spot of the internet.Check out Groupon Coupons’ new partnership with Kate Spade and you will wonder just how you have never heard of this before. You will have access to all kinds of coupons and discounts, ranging from 15% off to 25% off and even all the way up to 50% off. If you want to be able to get the clothes you want be spend a lot less money doing so, you definitely need to look into Kate Spade’s Groupon Coupons page.

Technology - The Secret To Keeping The Kids Happy

As a parent, you're the center of the world even though you might not feel like it sometimes. But you do have to do everything and events will revolve around you, even if you don't want them too! Your family relies on you to be a doer. Keeping everyone in the family happy is hard, especially when it comes to our children, who can change interests at the drop of a hat and be quite loud about it when they do. As parents, it is our job to keep our kids happy. Sometimes this can seem like a goal that is horrendously far out of hand. It is important in these trying times to step back and find the time to chill with the kids.

However, there is an answer. It's called technology and no, it doesn't mean to just plonk your child down in front of the TV. Technology is everywhere and it has been for a while. For some, it's exciting, for others it can be quite scary. What technology is, though - is a problem solver.

Look, it can be enticing to go out, buy a Nintendo Switch and give it to the children and hey, why not?But technology is so much more than a relief.  If you've ever been stuck for ideas, why not Google it? Why not look for something to do in your local area? Not only that, but you can be directed to the place you need to go with your kids thanks to your phone. That's what technology can do for you. Even with the old-school methods. If you want to help your kids read or play board games, you can purchase them with a smartphone and have it delivered to your door on the same day. What technology does is open up new possibilities for you and the kids!


Say you want to have a movie night - download Showbox on your tablet and host it! Find out more about ShowBox on their website and see what it offers to you. What about cooking? You'll find no end to the recipes that you can prepare for you and your family thanks to the internet. Technology allows access to all sorts of books, films, and music that can help keep your kids happy if you are truly out of ideas. As a last resort, technology can be used to entertain kids and there are all sorts of fun games out on consoles like the XBOX One.

So, technology - it can inspire us to find ideas and it can back us up when we are out of them. From finding a new place to relax with the kids, or a new activity for them, to allow us to buy craft materials, books, pens, and paper. The secret to keeping the kids happy? It’s not just about putting them in front of a new games console, it’s about finding inspiration for the latest things to do with our families, and of course, our beloved kids!

Tech Talk: Teaching App Safety To The Kids

We live in a world where technology is taking over. For medicine and science, this is naturally a good thing as our technological advances are assisting us to live longer and healthier lives. The only downside to this world full of smartphones, smart TVs and apps, is that there is little in the way of safety rules laid down for our kids.


If you roll back time thirty or so years, computers were only in their beginnings. Children didn’t grow up with iPads and smart tablets and Kindles – they had bikes, fresh air and imagination to keep them busy. However, we must roll with the changes and get with the program; the world will continue on and excel and we cannot be left behind due to remembering the ‘good old days’. Kids love being able to interact with tablets on games, books, educational apps and the latest version of MovieBox, where they can watch their favorite movies. However, internet safety is so important. So, what you need to do as a parent is to teach your children about technology and how to stay safe while using it. With these golden rules, you can make sure your children are shielded from unpleasant surprises on their coveted tablets:

The Beauty Cure Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About

Makeup holds the cure for many of life’s problems. Not feeling great about yourself? Get the makeup out. Broken hearted? Try a new look. In fact, the makeup bag is one of life’s unrecognized heroes. And, it’s not just the trials of life makeup can save us from. When you’re feeling ill, you may turn to doctors and medicine to get you better. But, once they’ve done the hard work, you may need something to boost you back to health.

Wikimedia Image

You know the feeling; you’ve been ill for a few days. You haven’t washed as much as you should, and have been in your  PJ's the whole time. And, makeup hasn’t had a look in. It can be hard to recover when you’re feeling stale, though. First thing first; get into the shower. It’s the fastest way to make yourself feel better. So, as soon as you feel well enough, get to it. It’s always amazing how showers seem to wash illness away. The fresh water will remove any fogged thoughts, and bring you back to your usual self. Once you’re out, take the time to do your hair in the usual way. If you’re not feeling 100% yet, you may want to leave it to do its own thing. But, that’ll leave you back where you started. 

Black Hairspray for Your Hair Need Accessories

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

There are people who love to wear wigs,I think that's the coolest and easiest way to changed your hairstyle instantly while giving you beautiful and more fashionista look in your "selfies".
In cos-players,Wigs are important,It is how a characters are how totally will be looked-like.I remember my husband wore a wig in their dance number when they had their Christmas party.
There are so muh uses of a wigs or the periwig,In some people wear wigs to disguise or hide baldness it is less intrusive and less expensive alternative way to medical therapies for restoring hair.

In because shopping online is IN nowadays,We all know its hassl-free it is the friendliest way i think if you are mother or a working one,And hey!Some products can only be bought online and we cannot see it in the department stores right?In this post i'll be talking about the website that sells all hair fashion products and things.

The offers wigs, weaves, lace front wigs, ponytails, braids and beauty supplies. So if you are lookig for a particular hair accessories this site is the best one to look for.They are also one of the Authorized Dealer for many top brands,One of is the Zury,It has been a popular brand and a pioneer in the hair industry for many years now.It has a large selection of items and extremely competitive prices.When i'm browsing the site these three caught my attention and I really like them.

Zury Sis Angled Line Cut Synthetic Wig – Edgy

Zury Sis Angled Line Cut 100% Human Hair Wig – Dex

Zury Sis Hollywood Retro Synthetic Lace Wig – Toya

Shopping in ie so easy,You must create an account For the fastest and easiest experience.All yor information will be stored securely.Another no hassle for a customer they have 30 day return policy.Price matching guarantee and offer in-house live chat customer service that can assist you while shopping for any questions you have regarding in products or when shopping.Mode o payment is a friendly also they accept Visa,Mastercard,Paypal and others.

Check out the now and you might find your self or for someone that you want to buy.

StyleWe:Online Shopping platform for Fashionista

The celebration of International Women's Day has not yet finished, March is a month for every woman. This year's theme is To be Bold for a Change. I think as a mom and a woman myself, I will stand up in every decision I make, for my rights, and be brave to start changes not just for myself but for others.
Speaking of Change, in this world changes is very fast, you must go with the flow or you will get behind. One of the noticeable changes is how the internet changes and affects our lives.

One example is shopping online, for us Moms and for all working ladies shopping online is a big deal, It saves a lot of time.

StyleWe Is an online fashion shopping website platform, whether you're looking for a gold jumpsuit or a sexy class dress they've got what you're looking for. They promise to deliver high-quality and original from many independent designers.
It is also a community where you can share your ideas and learn fashion tips, StyleWe teaches you how to wear cufflinks, and many more.

If you are planning to have your "me time" shopping is also relaxing, go buy your new outfit and show the confidence in you that being a woman is not easy but you can handle it with confidently.

closest guitar center music store

If you are looking to closest guitar center music store that you need for your next gig or any related activities,You can it easily you can use your location by turning your GPS on or search by filters or services any key words is available.Check out the link provided for you references. Guitar Center is home to the worlds largest selection of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussion, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear and more.

Feel Confident with Lactacyd

When you say taking care of your skin,It has to be   not only your face and skin always include down there it is important to us ladies to be clean always and be protected.
Feminine Wash is a must for every woman,This will keep you clean and protect down there unlike the ordinary soap.Especially when having a menstrual period or vaginal infection it is best to use a feminine wash.

Lactacyd vaginal antiseptic solution is a daily feminine wash that especially designed to protecr the intimate area.Contains natural milk Lactoserum/Lactic acid which gives you the protection against intimate discomfort,itching and odor.Lactacyd's delicate care provides whole day freshness and protection.It has a dermatologically tested mild formula.

Include in your next purchases the Lactacyd Protectinh daily feminine wash for Php60 at 60ml available in supermarkets/department stores nationwide.

OLAY Skin Whitening Bar and Body Wash

Nowadays people wants everything instant,Maybe that's the effect of how techonology fast is.Speakig of Instant,From make-ups to skincares women are more interested to know the effects of a certain product if it is instantly giving good results.
I'm also fan of instant effect,And lately i tried something new from Olay that i can say it does really give instant results.
One particularly to mention are the Olay Skin Whitening Bar and Boy Wash,One of the brands that ladies talked about in their social media posts in terms of instantly giving fair skin.
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