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Top Tips On Getting Through Winter For The Hypochondriac In You

When you have children winter can be a time of year when bugs and colds spread like wildfire. With the upcoming festivities and back to school in January, you want to avoid the entire house being wiped out with the newest strain of flu.  Here are some tips that can help you and your family to stay as healthy as possible this winter season.

Star Chart For Young Children
Even if you are able to have a doctor on call, it’s smart to take as many precautions as possible to ensure your children don’t pick up anything too nasty. Yes, it builds their immune system, but may cause you to miss time from work at a high traffic time like Christmas. Having a star chart for practising good habits like washing their hands before eating, catching any sneezes in a tissue, thoroughly washing their hands with soap after using the toilet and covering their mouths when they cough can stop germs from spreading. Carrying anti-bac wipes and hand sanitizer while out and about - especially when travelling on public transport - can also kill any nasties your children have picked up from the handrails or the very loved stop button. Making these activities fun and interesting can ensure they are made habit rather than forgotten.

Flu Jab And Vitamins


This is more for you and the other adults in your household; however, there are soft and chewy vitamins like Bassetts Soft and Chewy that are suitable for children too. Getting an extra helping of vitamins C and D through winter can help to keep your immune system up, fight off all the sniffles of the colder weather, and be a boost for your mood when you’re feeling the winter blues. A boost in vitamin C can also help combat exhaustion levels if you do find you or your little ones are feeling under the weather. Another addition that could be beneficial is to get the flu jab. While it can make you feel rough for a few days, it is nothing compared to having full-blown flu, and it just helps to keep you healthy to look after the number ones, your children or significant other,  in your life.

Lots Of Fresh Air And Water
Getting out in the fresh air and bright winter sun can not only help to raise serotonin levels but also helps to cleanse your lungs from the toxins and germs held in warm and enclosed areas. Having a quick stroll outside has also been proven to help improve your immune system, and help raise much-needed energy levels that are spent on keeping your body warm. Keeping hydrated also helps to flush out all the nasties and toxins, boosts your immune system and is a natural pain relief for headaches caused by a stuffy head. Combine these two regularly for an immune system of steel for you and your family.

Of course, even taking these precautions does not mean a couple of germs will not get through the net, however, these will help to significantly reduce the likelihood of you or your loved ones coming down with something. Maintaining these habits all year will also contribute towards a healthier year overall.