Marshall Valvestate

Talking about marshall valvestate Perfect fit, weather-resistant vinyl, and features the Marshall logo.
The Marshall COVR-00008 cover is durable and made to fit perfectly a Marshall VS amp head. This affordable cover will keep your gear looking great for years. Made of weather-resistant vinyl and features the Marshall logo in bold.

Protect your Marshall investment. Order today.
Shiping Internationally.

"Marshall has always been known for their legendary amps. Iconic Marshall stacks have played a part in creating some of the most incredible riffs ever recorded, while stages around the world are often decked out with the inimitable "Wall of Marshalls." With Marshall amps playing such an important role in music, it's crucial that they're well protected and taken care of when not in use. This is why any performer using a Marshall amp owes it to their gear to pick up Marshall Amplifier Covers & Cases. "

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Weird Beauty Treatments

People nowadays are all beauty conscious.Many girls wants to have picture perfect looks.Diet,Make up,Fancy clothes and extreme photo editing are not enough.Most of us wants the best,But best is not easy to achieve,Most beauty treatments are not easy as that,Painful most of the time we expect that,But have you heard some Weird Beauty Treatments?Here are some of those not so familiar with most of us.

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As a mom we always find ways to save when we are buying stuff,It's not easy to budget monthly plus the monthly bills we are paying.If your are a plain housewife or a working mom ofcourse in this way,You could your family this is a big help financially you always wanted to save.Have you ever experienced in a grocery stores that they had sale/discount but you must be so early as possible because if not,You can avail discounted items?Hassle right?

Looking for a voucher codes discount coupons and great deals?Voucheroo is the solution for that easy shopping and gives you more savings."
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Win 1 Million Pesos and other prizes by swiping your lock screen!

They are always trending and most talked about app in the Philippines today,Imagine in just swiping your lock screen you will win awesome prizes.Check out AGILA REWARDS in Google Play Store and see it for your self,As of now they are only available on all Android phones.
WHAT IS AGILA REWARDS?AGILA Rewards is the FIRST lock screen advertising application that rewards android users.

Every swipe you will get points that qualifies for the everyday draw,Everyday they are giving 500 prizes it means 500 winners everyday.

Less traffic with DIBZ!

There millions reasons why i hate traffic,Because traffic is stressful,Getting late in an appointment,Always having busy days at work,Ending your day stuck in traffic.Have you ever think why traffic is getting worse monthly and yearly?Because many car owners buy cars even if they don't have own place to park their own car.

We hate traffic but in online world traffic is good especially in blogging,Anyway back to the word TRAFFIC,What are worst things happened to you when you stocked in a heavy traffic,It's so annoying,When you are in a hurry going to work,Meetings or emergency and you spend half day of your regular days at highways.Irritation and anger some of the drivers feels when they are in the situation.You always think what is the solution for everyday traffic ,Our government also finding solution to that problem.

The following are some causes of traffic and Solutions.

"1.   U-Turns.   U-turn slots cause disproportional traffic congestion - especially when combined with in-disciplined motorists.
2.  Bus Stops. Stopping buses cause immense congestion - especially due to in-disciplined pulling-up (across 2 lanes), spontaneous stopping (to pick-up/drop-off passengers on the roadside) or when double parking at already full designated bus stops.
3.  Roadside Parking.  Short or long term parking causes traffic delays by obstructing the inner lane.

To avoid that heavy traffic,Some of the genius developer came up with this app called DIBZ,Finding ways to ease that heavy traffic now has a solution.Some of the cr owners here in the Philippines park in highways,O yes i bet you already seen those cars outside of he establishments,One of things that cause traffic,They don't have parking area."

To make it short,Dibz is an app where you can find your car where to park,It save you a lot ,Why?It doesn't cost that much and it save a lot of time for you finding that parking area.

Check out their Facebook Page to know and learn more HERE

Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream

When it comes in taking care of skin,I always choose to be more wise,I usually buy products that  really works for me effective and i'm not buying things just because someone i like endorsing it or just saw it,Of course I really like reading blogs that gives honest reviews in a particular product.In this post I wanna share the skincare product that i'm using,I started using it last year actually but to be honest sometimes i can't buy one so ended up skipping for about weeks or month then use it again.

StyleWe:Women Online Shopping

Girls will always be girls and we all know that we all love to shop,Some people shopping is their way of relaxation.
Shopping requires us time of course,Shopping in he department stores is not easy if you are working or just always busy and don't have time to go shopping.Good thing in our generation nowadays there is an online shopping website an online shop that you can buy anything in just a click away.There's so many online shop that you can choose but sometimes when you buy the one in the picture when you receive the items is totally different.It really so disappointing right?

I just found out an online shop that sells everything for ladies yes you read it right all for girls from dresses to handbags,Name it and they have it.All items are well inspected for costumer satisfaction and not only that,Most of the items well,I guess all of the items are designers and well-picked.There's so many good things to buy.It's called StyleWe ,To purchase just sign up and pick your favorite items,Don't worry because they have also the easiest way of mode of payment.If want more of them information or just began love StyleWe you can always check them out.They are always offering good deals that you can't resist.
They are also available on Google Play store just type in the search bar StyleWe:Women Online Shopping for your convenience and effortless shopping.

Some of my favorite picks,What do you think are they all gorgeous?

Go check them out at their social media accounts too.

Let me know in the comments what items you will purchase. 

Bike Computer, cycle safely!

Cyclometers and GPS tracking apps dedicated for cyclists have been around for years, yet most of them are missing a key feature for the safety conscious cyclists. This app upgrades your phone, making it the best BIKE COMPUTER ever! We put safety first! It has an additional 'PREMIUM' feature 'KEEP ME SAFE™' which is an accident detection system.

Gifts for newly-weds and their new home

June has always been the month when most couples would tie the knot and start a new chapter of their lives, building their own family while growing old together. But in recent years, December is also becoming a popular month for weddings aside from the usual Christmas season gatherings. The times may be shifting, but the challenge of picking the right gifts for the newly-weds still stays the same.  Of course, people want to give only the best things that the couple may use in beginning their new life and that it would be a seemingly good idea to start gift hunting as early as possible.

Fortunately, the world’s leading consumer appliances manufacturer, Midea gives well-wishers a chance to express their love and support to the newly-weds— offering some gift ideas that would be definitely loved by the couple and would help them in building their homes. Couples usually get household items such as flatware and silverware as gifts while for friends and family members who want to give something that could ease the newly-weds’ life as they start anew,  small appliances still top the gift registry charts.