Speed Dial Superheroes: The Numbers That You Need To Have To Hand

We are really quite lucky in the 21st century. The vast majority of us carry a cell phone around us in our pocket wherever we go. These incredible pieces of technology allow us to access information at any time of the day or the night as long as we have access to the internet. This means that we are rarely without the information that we need.

However, there are times when we simply do not have the time to type search requests into our smart cell phone and look through all the information that is given to us to find what we need. We need it right then and there. This is where having a few key phone numbers programmed into your speed dial is very useful.

Here, we look at some of the numbers that you should always have to hand.

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Urgent medical services
Of course, in a true emergency, you would hit 911 and it would take longer to access your speed dial than the type that number in. However, what about if it is urgent but does not need 911 services. Maybe you need emergency dental treatment or opticians? These are numbers that you might want to access relatively quickly without spending time searching the internet.

If you have to make a phone call to your insurance provider, something less than ideal has happened. Hopefully, it is more of a gentle fender bender or your TV has smashed rather than a complete write-off of your car or your entire house has caved in. Either way, the last thing you want is to have to spend more time looking up the numbers. Having these pre-programmed into your phone means that you can just hit call and get on with starting the claim process sooner rather than later.

Pest control
Many of us have been there. We have been sweeping up the yard and seen the telltale long-tail disappear around the corner, or we have been up in the attic digging out the Christmas decorations and seen the little ‘gifts’ left behind by pesky pests. If you have an invasion of creepy critters, you want them out of your house as soon as humanely possible, so doing hours of searching through for the best one is a no-no. Do your research into the best pest control service when you don’t have a problem on your hands and keep their number in your phone for when you do need them. Sites like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/michigan/ are incredibly useful when doing your research, as they offer a network of pest control professionals and cover a wide range of areas too.

Uh-oh! It has happened to plenty of us. We have woken up or come in from work to an unexpected paddling pool or a brand-new waterfall. Sounds great - but when it has appeared in your house due to a burst boiler or a leaking radiator, it is not quite as fun. Keep an emergency plumber or at the very least, a handy person on speed dial for when this happens. No one wants to be searching the internet while they have wet feet!

Stepping up for World Diabetes Day

Amidst the pandemic, there is another disease that has gone under the radar and is silently affecting millions of people—Diabetes. Described as a chronic, non-communicable disease, diabetes is a major public health problem globally and persons afflicted with it are also vulnerable to a host of other diseases such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and COVID. 

“Last year, there were 463 million adults living with diabetes globally. That’s 1 out of 11 people who have the condition,” said Sanofi Philippines Country Lead, Amal Makhloufi Benchouk. 

More alarmingly, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reports that a further 232 million people remain undiagnosed, with the majority of them believed to have type 2 diabetes. In the Philippines alone diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and places a heavy burden for many families who are living with disease. 

“There are about 3.7 million diabetic Filipinos, and this number is expected to double in the next 5 years,” Amal shared. “Only 34% are diagnosed, 27% are treated, and only 11% are on insulin. Among those treated, less than 50% are able to manage or control their disease. Globally, 1 life is lost every 7 seconds because of diabetes and its complications.” 

Operation Tulong Express (OPTE) program provides immediate relief assistance to residents affected by Typhoon Ulysses

SM Supermalls and SM Foundation, through its Operation Tulong Express (OPTE) program, provides immediate relief assistance to residents affected by Typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan and other affected areas.

SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown donated two truckloads of bottled water which were received by Tuguegarao City Mayor Jefferson Soriano and Vice Mayor Bienvenido De Guzman. The donations were brought to Cathedral Gym and East Central Elementary School which served as evacuation centers for flood-stricken residents. Hot meals were also distributed to some 300 residents.

Relief for Cagayan. Tuguegarao City Mayor Jefferson Soriano and Vice Mayor Bienvenido De Guzman receive two truckloads of bottled water from SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown (left); SM Foundation through Operation Tulong Express (OPTE) donates boxes of bottled water for the evacuees at Cathedral Gym evacuation center and at East Central Elementary School in Tuguegarao.

"At SM, we will continue to reach out to as many communities as we can and help them bounce back. We urge everyone to join us as we extend a helping hand to those who are greatly affected by this calamity,” said SM Supermalls President Steven Tan.

SM Employees prepare hot meals for the evacuees in Tuguegarao, Cagayan (left); SM Foundation and employees of SM Center Tuguegarao distribute 300 hot meals and bottled water to residents affected by Typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan.

This effort forms part of Operation Tulong Express (OPTE), a social good program of SM Foundation in collaboration with SM Supermalls and SM Markets to address the needs of communities during calamities and crises.

To those who wish to send help, SM through Philippine National Red Cross is only accepting cash donation. No in-kind donations will be accepted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Donations can be deposited to the following BDO account:
Account name: Philippine National Red Cross
Peso savings: 00-453-0190938
Dollar savings: 10-453-0039482
Swift code: BNORPHMM

For more updates and announcements, visit www.smsupermalls.com or its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@SMSupermalls).

Here's How To Feel Like Yourself Again After A Pregnancy

Giving birth can leave you feeling drained both mentally and physically. This is made worse by sleepless nights with a baby who constantly cries, especially if you have to get up every four hours for feeding through the first week. That’s why it’s important to discover how to feel like yourself again. There are lots of ways to do this and discovering these options will ensure that you don’t find that the after-effects of pregnancy feel like a crushing weight. 

Dress Like You Used To
If you have just had a baby, then it’s easy for things to slip away from you and that does include your own personal sense of style. You can start to feel as though you’re not yourself when you look in the mirror. That can be rectified as long as you think about wearing the clothes that you once did and perhaps applying that makeup too. The key here is to remember how you used to act before the pregnancy and get back in that pattern. You might have issues with low confidence after your pregnancy. You could feel fat and bloated. If that’s the case explore different style choices. For instance, you could try this long-lasting glossy lipstick. With a choice like this, you can accentuate what could be one of your best features and feel attractive once more. 

Take Some ‘Me’ Time 
Once you have a baby, it can feel like every part of your life and every aspect of your being is based around that little soul. Perhaps that’s how it should be but everyone needs a break every now and then. You need to think about getting out at least once a week and taking a break from your parental duties. Whether you hire a babysitter or you choose to enlist the support of friends and family members, this is important. It guarantees that you can relax, unwind and refuel. Having a baby can be quite draining so getting the break you need might be crucial. 

Work Out 
While you will need to take it slow once you have had a baby, it’s important that you don’t just become stagnant. The longer you do nothing, the more this becomes your routine and that’s never going to be healthy. Even just going for a walk each day is going to help you a lot. Don’t forget, you can take the baby for a walk in their stroller. If they are restless or they are struggling to fall asleep, then this is also a great way to help them relax and calm down. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to ensure that you do feel like yourself again once you give birth. This is definitely more important than most people realize. By feeling like yourself, it’s going to improve how you are as a parent. It will help your mental health and ensure that you don’t feel as though you’re trapped in a life that isn’t really yours at all. 

Black Friday Great Deals!


When we are shopping we always want the best value for our money, we want to save as huge as much as possible. From gadgets, clothes and other items to small ones it is great to have savings and every shopper would love to save money just like me, as a mom I am really looking our for discounts, coupons and other promos name it when I am shopping for myself or for the family.
Christmas is coming and everyone is looking for something or a gift for their loved one. I personally struggle because of so many things to prioritize, budgeting, and other stuff. In buying gifts, of course, we don't want to get into debt just to afford the perfect gifts.

It is always best to plan, list down the people you are planning to give presents to and make time for shopping also know when is the best time to shop. Black Friday Sales are great times to take advantage of deals December might seem like the worst time to buy must-have toys, but actually, there can be lots of promotions because the competition is so high.

Getting something done in the nick of time can take some serious planning. It often feels too early to start buying Christmas presents, it will be far easier to get all of this done early. Those who don’t plan ahead will almost always find themselves buying gifts close to Christmas.

We can save a bit of money and get more value from our purchases at Target Black Friday Deals a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done before December, maximizing the early gift buying potential. Why couponing? Because couponing is a great way to get discounts on everything. Many of these coupons discounts are only available for a certain amount of time so make sure to use them up before the deal is over.

Get ready your shopping list and go check out the best deals at Slickdeals, they are bringing you the best Target Black Friday.

Deals that I am excited about are :

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Choosing the perfect gift for someone we care about can be difficult, I find it hard to figure out what family and friends would want. It is really a struggle, that is why it is best to shop ahead and plan to get our seasonal shopping done early. Let us take advantage of discounts, promo codes, and coupons.

SMagical Christmas at SM

Christmas is almost here! Not even the pandemic can take away the beloved tradition of Filipino families to celebrate this joyous season at SM. Let the wonderful, magical and truly merry Christmas at SM drive away from the blues! Sama sama tayo sa Pasko sa SM!

All throughout November and December, come and be dazzled by these exciting Holiday surprises that await you at SM:

Christmas Launches
On November 6, SM Supermalls treats everyone to a virtual, magical feast! Twelve different SM malls will light up their magnificent Christmas displays — from SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall to SM Seaside City Cebu and SM CDO Downtown Premier! SM truly brings the magic of Christmas online through fireworks, orchestra, and whimsical characters! All the SM malls nationwide follow suit with their own magical Christmas light up on November 7 and 8. Mallgoers will be delighted with a special lighting ceremony for hope and inspiration amid the pandemic, as well as singing flash mobs, cute Christmas characters, and surprise gifts.

Christmas Chorale
What’s Christmas without some music? Feel the merriments of the season by watching Holiday choir performances at select SM malls this December. Meet up with your family and friends at SM and enjoy some Holiday tunes! It will surely be an awesome experience! No need to worry because strict safety protocols are in place at SM malls, so you can just focus on the magic of the celebration.

Christmas Markets
It’s the season of giving! Help MSMEs bounce back from the negative impact of the pandemic by buying your Holiday essentials and gifts at SM’s nationwide Christmas Markets from November 9 to January 3. As part of the Kasama Ng SM campaign and DTI’s Buy Local, Support Local, the Christmas Markets will feature unique local products and goods so shoppers can buy from small businesses and help them bounce forward and recover.

Selfie with Santa
Don't fret - SM has made sure you won't miss your annual selfie with Santa this year! You can pose with a virtual Santa Claus safely and via augmented reality at SM. Wanna give it a try? Simply scan the AR markers located in select areas in SM malls and have a photo with virtual Santa. Don’t forget to share your Holiday snaps online with your family and friends!

SM Bears of Joy
Starting November 4 until Christmas Day, SM Supermalls is giving back through its annual Bears of Joy campaign. This time around, shoppers can collect special medical frontliner Bears of Joy. Throughout the Christmas season, you can buy a pair of bears for P200.00 – one bear for you to keep and the other for charity.

TikTok Fam Contest
Have fun with your family and spread some Christmas joy by joining the TikTok Fam Contest. Simply showcase your dance moves to your favorite Christmas song is your favorite SM mall and you can get a chance to win exciting prizes!

For more information, visit www.smsupermalls.com or follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms.

Starting Your Own Cosmetics Business? 9 Things You Should Study up On


Despite the widespread uncertainty in so many retail sectors, things in the cosmetics business haven’t been brighter in a long time. According to The NPD Group, a major market research firm, beauty businesses accounted for 45 percent of all gains last year.

The cosmetics industry is expected to dominate the retail industry for the next several years. This means that, at least for the next few years, it couldn’t be a better time to get into the market. Don’t waste time, however, between product development and cosmetic product testing. It all takes time that someone could be enjoying the fruits of their labors. Study up on these nine items and you could be doing just that.

Keep Up with Cosmetics Trends and Know What Customers Want
If you want to sell someone a product, you need to know what they want. It’s also critical that you understand trends to see things on the cosmetics horizon. It is only then that you can anticipate products that customers want.

Develop a Brand Personality
What kind of personality do you want your product to have? Sweet? Sassy? It all makes a difference and appeals to different groups in different ways.

It’s essential that you know what impression your product gives your customers, and that that impression is what they want to come away with. This affects much more than the product, however. For example, many customers care about products' social and environmental impact, something you will need to make sure the products engage.

Add Value to Products
Don’t enter the cosmetics market without adding some kind of value to your products—something other firms don’t have. For example, there are many cosmetics products on the market. Still, if you decide to differentiate your brand from others, it would be ideal to show how your product is specially designed for particular groups, such as those with darker skin.

Get Products Tested
To ensure the success of cosmetics products, each one must undergo product testing. This is done to ensure the products are safe and ready for consumer use.

Make Sure Products are Compliant
After all of your products are determined to be safe, the FDA must also approve of them. Do not use ingredients that are not approved.
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