How Does Parenting Change With A Chronic Illness?

It's one of the most intense moments in your life to be diagnosed with a chronic illness. Conditions that will change your life forever are never really going to become normal. We have our lives planned out and not once did we ever think we were going to either pass away sooner or live in pain for most of our remaining years. It's even more daunting when you have a young family to raise. A million worrying thoughts will go through your mind in a single moment. How will you take care of your kids, can you do chores like washing their clothes and cook them dinner or helps them with their homework? How long will you be able to manage on your own before the later and more aggressive stages of your illness begin to show up? It's an incredibly difficult set of circumstances. To stay on top of these challenges, you must plan ahead and change the way you live based around your condition.

Ask for help
Local authorities are one of the avenues you can go down to ask for help. Many local authorities will actually assign helpers and carers to families with parents that cannot cope with the number of things their children need. This may be to simply cook dinner or to help them with their homework. If parents with chronic illnesses have slowed down and are unable to provide the basics such as this, local authorities must be contacted. Such entities of governance will want to step in and provide some kind of support because the last thing they want to have to do is take the children away. So, it's within your right to ask for professional services from the local authorities to help around your home and make life as normal as possible while you cope with your health condition.

Feeling A Little Pain? What Could It Mean?!

Pain can mean a variety of different things. But what’s the one thing that we tend to do. Ignore it for weeks, maybe even months, until we actually go and do something about it. When you sit and think about it, this is such a strange thing for humans do too. It’s as though we have been conditioned to deal with the pain until suddenly we realize that this has been going on for a while, and we should probably go and ask the doctor what’s going on! But pain can be the sign of so many different things, so having this mindset is just crazy. But because we hear so many other people going on about their pain, it’s as though we think that this is the way our life should be. So instead of thinking this way, we want to show you what pain could mean, how you can have it treated and why you should never ignore it! We’re going to stick to some of the most common examples, so hopefully, we can hit the nail on the head with your pain. But if you are having any right now that has been going on for a while, get to the doctors, and read this article whilst you wait!

What Could It Mean?
Pain can mean a number of different things, and it all depends on the type of pain that you’re having, and where it’s coming from. So, one of the most common types of pains is backache. We know in the last few weeks, you would have at least heard someone say, ‘my back is hurting!’. Backache can mean a number of different things. It could be anything from how your posture has changed over the years, to something more serious, like an inflammation of the nerves that surround the spine. If you’re an extra sporty person, through either the gym or organized teams, then it might be that you’ve damaged your back through that. People who go to the gym and do heavy lifting have the common problem of a disk in their back bulging or rupturing. It’s a serious problem that can have life-limiting effects if you ignore it!

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10 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Chances Of Falling Pregnant

If you want to conceive, one of the smartest things you can do is make sure your body is ready to house a baby. You can’t smoke, drink, and party and expect your body to want to allow a baby to grow in there for 9 months. Treating yourself with care and making sure you’re doing all you can enable you to make it happen faster and in a healthy way. Below you’ll find 10 things you can do to increase your chances of falling pregnant: 

1. Know Your Stress Triggers And Remove Them From Your Life

Stress is a huge factor when women struggle to conceive. If you’re stressed, it’ll do you the world of good to figure out what your stress triggers are and remove them from your life. Is there a toxic person in your life that is bringing you down? Maybe you’re taking on too much work and you know you could do without it? Taking the time to remove these things from your life and spending more time destressing will make a huge difference. Practice deep breathing, try meditation and yoga, even nap more - do everything you can do lower your stress levels. 

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Learn as much as you can about nutrition and aim to eat healthy, balanced meals. Try to get plenty of fruit and vegetables into your diet, as well as healthy fats, protein, and carbs. Limit trans fats and other nasties. Do your research on foods that are thought to help/hinder pregnancy, too. 

For instance, some fish are higher in mercury than others. Swordfish, marlin, mackerel, and bigeye tuna are just a few you should probably avoid when you’re trying to conceive. They have been linked to fertility issues in both men and women. Mercury can stay in your system for over a year, so it could cause problems if this is something you are eating a lot. If you don’t want to give up seafood because you love it, low mercury options include cod, crab, crawfish, haddock, herring, salmon, shrimp, whitefish and more. Make sure you don’t eat any more than 3 servings a week while pregnant. 

3. Stay Away From Bad Habits Like Alcohol And Smoking
It goes without saying that any excessive drinking and smoking should stop as early on as possible, not just once you fall pregnant. Find another way to relax and unwind. The sooner you get help to quit, the sooner you increase your chances of falling pregnant. 


4. Make Sure Your Partner Is Happy And Healthy

Your partner plays a huge role in whether you conceive too, so don't neglect to make sure they are doing their part too. They should be reducing their stress triggers, eating well with you, and be just as committed to making this happen as you are. 

5.Monitor Your Weight

A healthy weight is key for falling pregnant. You should not be underweight nor overweight. Taking care of yourself with exercise and eating well should see to a healthy weight, but if you’re unsure of what to do you should visit your doctor and they will be able to give you more information. Your weight is not the be-all and end-all, so don’t get obsessed with it or make yourself sick, but it’s something you should look at if you want the best chance of getting pregnant.
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