Feeling Depressed? Why Your Workout Could Get You Down

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It is said that exercise is good for your physical and mental health. It also improves social health since you get to meet many people in wellness centers and sports. But if you are still feeling stressed after training, there could be something wrong that you are doing as far as your workouts are concerned.
According to many experts, one has to understand all possible challenges in fitness that can lead you to depression. Here are some areas that you must check out to ensure that they are right if your workout is getting you down.
You Are Copying Others

All fitness experts agree that each person has specific fitness needs. The approaches should also be tailored to meet such needs. This makes it dangerous to be a “wannabe” no matter how much you admire a specific person. Frustrations start when they start getting positive results while you are not.
If you need to achieve more positive results, both in the short and long term, then you need to be authentic. This means getting a perfect fitness solution for your case. A mentor should help you stay motivated but not decide what you will do.

Making Better Decisions for Your Health


Scientific and medical studies have helped the majority of us to become increasingly aware of what we should be doing in regards to our health and what we shouldn’t be doing if we want to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Easy access to this information means we’re in a better position than ever before to make informed decisions regarding what we do, what we consume, and how we live our lives in general. However, for some reason or another, a huge percentage of us engage voluntarily engage in behavior and activities that prove detrimental to us! The good news is that it’s not too late to change your ways. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you to lead a better and healthier life!

Excessive Alcohol Consumption
While alcohol is legal and easily accessible, it really isn’t good for your wellbeing. The occasional drink is fine and not anything to worry about. However, if you’re drinking on a regular basis, it’s maybe worth considering sober living for men and women. Drinking one a one-off basis can cause you to lose your inhibitions and make bad decisions. In an extreme situation, if you drink excessively, you could suffer alcohol poisoning. But there are lots of long term health consequences that stem from drinking excessively too. If you begin to feel dependent on alcohol, seek help from a medical advisor who will be able to guide you on the path to recovery.

Melvin Brewing Scholarship

Everyone has their own dreams, being a successful one day and overcome everything with their strength. As a parent I have so many responsibilities in raising my kids, I always look after their future. Being a parent is a challenge for me especially when you don't have that financial capacity to raise someone. So if there are ways to be successful don't let that opportunity slip away, grab it and take all your effort for your kid.
To truly secure your kid's future, you have to consider the fund. Nobody comprehends what the financial circumstance will be in 20 years time, yet with appropriate arranging and instruction, you can give your little one what they have to endure. Many individuals spend a fortune on purchasing the best early years instruction they can - yet disregard setting cash aside for college and tertiary training.

People Wearing Backpacks
Training is significant in our lives, it can change some portion of us. Makes dream work out. If you had a degree pitiful yet this is straightforward truth that we know, we acquire regarding when an individual realize that you have accomplished higher education, they can't trick you or cheated. I have once recollected my grandmother revealed to me that I should complete my examination since instruction is the main thing that can't be taken from me since it's in my brain and heart and yes that is genuine I had faith in her nobody can take the information inside you. Educations make you sure being an individual realizing that when you complete college, you can undoubtedly get a new line of work your fantasy work that can give your needs and successful life.
There are numerous reasons why understudies can't complete their investigation yet in this point, I'll be referencing the reason that is regular to all and that is can't bear to go school on account of monetarily not prepared to do.

Understudies after secondary school can't attend a university as well as college is because of the absence of cash, guardians can't bear to send their children to school. For poor families completing school is hard.

In this post, I'll be posting down a portion of the manners in which that an understudy can do who needs to seek after and completion school regardless of whether life's harder for them monetarily.

There are numerous organizations and people who are sent from above who are eager to help other people to accomplish their dreams. Take a favorable position of applying for a scholarship, Melvin Brewing offers grant who have objectives of the evacuation of money related obstacles to higher education. Easy to apply simply present a simple noting what a portion of the things are that keep you persuaded to continue going after your objectives and other significant subtleties.

Don't surrender on the off chance that you pursuing this do demonstration currently figure out how to arrive at that fantasy of yours, there's consistently away. Just don't surrender effectively.

Top Ways To Enjoy a Happier Outlook in Life


Life has its ups and downs. Priorities change and different stages of your life take you in a variety of directions. In some cases, this can be quite exciting, as you don’t know what’s around the corner. However, for some, this is also quite daunting. In your younger years, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and live life on a whim. But as an adult, things are very different. With bills to pay and family commitments around every corner, it’s often impossible to do anything without having a plan in place. Planning can seem like a boring concept, as who wants to be known as the one that has everything sussed out all the time. But in fact, preparing for your future even in the broader sense can help to steer your path a little more clearly to give you some peace of mind. 

Of course, there will be obstacles on the road, there always is. So giving yourself space for contingencies in a great way to weather the storms. Whatever stage you are in life, you’ll have different needs and wants. In our youth, we can afford to be a little more spontaneous but later on in life, taking charge of your future can seem a better way to plan ahead and reach your goals. 

Planning your future also doesn’t have to mean you stick to it rigidly either, as changes occur in every aspect from relationships to career choices. But how do you make the most of every opportunity so you can strive to have a happy and healthy outlook? Take a look at some of the ways to plan ahead and enjoy each moment. 

Look after both body and mind

It might seem like a simple concept, but not surprisingly, not many of us actually look after ourselves fully. Whether it’s eating lots of sweet treats or struggling with stressful situations, each can play a significant part in poor physical and mental health. The saying goes ‘everything in moderation’ but with temptation around every corner and challenges cropping up all the time, it can be easier said than done. But alas, there areas that you can explore to help you achieve a healthy body and mind. That’s starts with diet and exercise. You don’t have to run a marathon to be fitter or avoid all nice treats to have a better diet. But doing more of the healthy side of it will help to balance those indulgences. By looking after your body and mind, it will help to give you a clearer outlook on life which is ideal for planning too. 

Making tough choices

As mentioned above, life can be challenging. With these occasions, there often comes hard decisions to make. Nobody likes making tough choices but they can often help to make your life easier in the long run. In the heat of the moment, it might not seem that way, but making hard decisions makes you stronger and resilient further down the line. Tough choices come in many forms especially when relationships are involved. For example, you may have children from a previous relationship and decided that this was enough for you. But your new partner would like to have more. The decision to have a reversal vasectomy is a big one and will change your plans for the future. In other cases, a breakdown of a relationship could take your path in a different direction. At first, it might not paint your perfect outlook but adapting to a new life without this person in it could bring different opportunities and people into your life. 

Set boundaries with friends, family, and colleagues 

Many people love helping out others. But whether this is family, friends or colleagues, you need to set clear boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of. Incorporating self-care into your everyday life can help to give you time for your own pursuits. Setting boundaries can also let people know how much input you’d like to. Asking for advice is natural in any social circle, but having opinions and advice forced upon you is not, even if it is with good intentions. It’s also worth noting that you also don’t have to give people explanations for things especially if you feel uncomfortable in certain situations. It can be difficult to just say no without telling them why, but on the other hand, family and friends should appreciate that sometimes it’s just not feasible to be available all the time, no matter the excuse. 

Don’t take your work home with you

There is a culture at the moment where being busy seems to be celebrated. However, being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive. As our phones have constant access to emails and messages, it’s difficult to just put it down and distance yourself from it. But a study has suggested that looking at your emails outside of work is not only bad for you, but your partner too. Having a constant barrage of work commitments isn’t good for anyone, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to answer outside of your normal hours. Even if you are striving to get a promotion to further your career, it should not be expected that you work longer than contracted unless under extenuating circumstances. This is all to do with setting boundaries too, and if you start on the wrong foot, this will be a hard habit to break in the future which could affect your career and mental health.

Having a healthy and happy outlook about your future can be difficult especially when life presents lots of hurdles. By incorporating some of the above elements into your life, you could steer decisions and plans more clearly towards your own path rather than everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter what age you are, making plans is great for looking forward to a positive future. So why not give it a go and see how you could shape your outlook, and change your future for the better. 

Lea Salonga Instashines with a Musical Tribute

Lea introduces a whole new detergent world with Ariel Instashine

World-class talent Lea Salonga serenades the crowd as the new Ariel Instashine’s ambassador last August 1, Thursday, in her first-ever laundry musical that showcased her most iconic pieces of clothing and how she continues to keep them shining anew.

Globally acclaimed artist and Filipino icon, Lea Salonga, returns home this August as she stars in her first-ever laundry musical - “When I Shine With You”, telling the story of Lea’s most iconic pieces of clothing and how they keep shining anew.

To celebrate and recognize Lea’s mark in the Philippine music industry, the new Ariel Instashine produced a one-of-kind musical that brought her fans nostalgic joy, as she serenades them with a renewed rendition of a classic OPM song, ‘When I Met You’ by the Apo Hiking Society. Lea is joined by some of her students from The Voice, Leah Patricio, Esang de Torres, and Mica Becerro who pay tribute to their coach as they relive Lea’s journey through some of her memorable clothes in the past – as these clothes make their way back on stage and shine as if they are new. 

Lea Salonga is now part of Team Ariel
Ariel recently launched Lea Salonga as its newest addition to the growing Ariel family. Lea is the ambassador for the new Ariel Instashine - the next generation of detergent that promises to make old clothes look new again in just one wash. 

“We are delighted to welcome Lea Salonga to Team Ariel as we launch our New Ariel Instashine – the world’s first detergent with Power Boosters. Lea represents progressive Filipinas who 

continue to shine not just in the Philippines, but also on the global stage.” shares P&G Asia Regional Brand Communications Lead Louie Morante.

When I Shine with You is a sensorial, nostalgic journey

Every piece of clothing has a story. In this one-of-a-kind musical, Lea takes us on a journey down memory lane by telling the story behind some of the most treasured clothes in her iconic roles. With a history of more than four decades in the industry, Salonga had her first break at 9 years old when she played the title role in Annie in 1980.

Annie was my first big break. I was 9 then and felt a big mix of happy, scared and really just enjoying myself. Tt’s why I kept my dress after all these years: to remind myself of that girl who believed she could shine,” Salonga shares.

Since her debut, Salonga appeared in a number of theatre productions and had several television projects until 1989 when she was selected to play Kim in the debut production of the musical Miss Saigon in London. This role earned her the title as the first woman of Asian descent to win the Tony Award for her excellence in live Broadway Theatre in 1991.

She adds, “I had no idea how demanding it was going to be to play the role of Kim. As a teenager, I found it worth it because it pushed me to be more creative and thoughtful with my craft. That’s why I’ll always find the shirt I wore to the audition memorable. It may seem like a simple white one but it means a lot to me – it was the one that helped me shine and live my dreams.”

Among all the roles she played and amid her past accomplishments, Salonga takes pride the most in being a mom to her daughter Nicole, “There is so much love and reward in being a mother. It’s definitely a new chapter for me, and one of the best roles that I have the privilege of playing.”

Reminiscent of the new Ariel Instashine’s clothes renewal benefit, the musical sparked a renewed sense of inspiration as Salonga relived the highlights of this true-to-life musical journey through her memorable clothes – from when she played Annie, to her white shirt during her audition for Miss Saigon, and an apron she got when she was a new mom.

“Through stains and messy times in the kitchen, this apron marks one of my life’s biggest role – being a mom to Nicole. It’s the role that no one could have ever prepared me for. It’s continuous hard work but it brought so much joy and love to my life. It’s inspiring me to shine brighter every day for my family,” Salonga says.
New Ariel Instashine-produced laundry musical featured Lea Salonga’s The Voice mentees Esang De Torres, Mica Becerro and Leah Patricio who played the roles Annie, Miss Saigon, and Lea as a mom, respectively; and joined by digital parenting icons Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Maggie Wilson-Consunji

(L-R) The Voice mentees Esang De Torres, Mica Becerro, Leah Patricio, P&G Asia Regional Brand Communications Lead Louie Morante, new Ariel Instashine ambassador Lea Salonga, P&G Philippines Media Manager Arthur Pena, P&G Senior Purchasing Manager Phoebe Ng, fashion icon Cat Arambulo-Antonio, British-Filipino TV personality, model, TV host, vlogger Kelly Misa-Fernandez, British-Filipino TV personality, actress and entrepreneur Maggie Wilson-Consunji

These iconic clothes were brought back to life and showcased though Ariel Instashine’s Renewed Collection on stage. Along with Lea were her mentees from The Voice, singers Esang De Torres, Mica Becerro and Leah Patricio – and digital parenting icons Maggie Wilson, Cat Arambulo, and Kelly Misa, who also had their own memorable pieces displayed in the collection to attest to the superior cleaning benefits of the new Ariel Instashine.

A whole new detergent world 
Launched in June, the new Ariel Instashine is the most recent laundry detergent innovation from Ariel. As the first-in-the-world detergent with power booster beads, the product provides superior cleaning and stain removal in just one wash that helps make clothes look new again.

“We launched the new Ariel Instashine in the PH market in high hopes of addressing the highest standard of cleaning our consumers wants - cleaning clothes like they are new again. This is the 

world’s first detergent with power boosters to remove the toughest layers of stains and make your clothes shine anew in just 1 wash. As with our commitment to elevate the level of clean in the laundry, we also hope to uplift our spirits through keeping clothing pieces valuable and timeless like Lea’s iconic pieces from her roles as Annie, Miss Saigon and as a mom,” concludes P&G Country Category Leader, Laundry Philippines, Ray Pine.

It’s a long ongoing journey for Lea filled with milestones that continue to give pride to the Philippines. Ariel celebrates this true Filipino icon as she shines for all of the Filipinos here and all over the world.

To find out more about When I Shine with You, the new Ariel Instashine and how you can make your old clothes look new again in one wash, follow the hashtags #NewArielInstashine, #InstaBagoin1Wash and #WhenIShineWithLea online.

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