Productive Ways To Use Your Smart Phone

We lose a lot of time to our phones, whether we communicating and having fun, or writing on their inbuilt notepads because we can’t get to our computers. Despite this, there’s no problem with playing around on your phone; there's a reason so many games exist on app stores for you to mess around on whenever the fancy takes you. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not distracting and keep you from getting on with some good work!

So we want to be a little more productive with what we can get up to on them. It doesn’t even have to be because people look down on your for being on your phone, but that you feel like you’re stagnating a little every time you look at it. Thankfully, there’s plenty of things to get on with on your cell phone, so use a few of these ideas to get more done and feel a little more creative about your time.

Download a Learning App

When you have a few spare minutes to yourself, you can turn to your phone to learn something new. Even if you don’t have any apps on your cell to use, the instant connection to the internet either via wifi or your 4G means there’s plenty of websites for you to visit when you’re commuting or you’re just sitting around with nothing else to do. Plus, with websites being prioritised if they’re mobile friendly, it doesn’t have to be a hard stretch to find something accessible.

With things like Duolingo, which is entirely free to use, you can learn an entire new life skill in the form of another language whenever you have a spare moment. You can devote more and more time to it when you get into the habit, and it’s a good habit forming activity to get into, so try it out now!

If that’s not for you, don’t sweat it, as there’s plenty of other apps you can learn from. (A good rule of thumb is to check the education section of the stores you can download any of these kind of programmes from of course). If you’re a student on a strict revision schedule, you can use your phone to help by pinging you reminders of when to study, and then providing flashcard or quiz apps to help you do so. This can often feel like more of a security thing, so if you feel like you’re not doing enough, download something like this for your studying today!

Find Ways to Protect Your Mobile

Most people that have a cell phone have dropped it during their use of it, however, sometimes it’s a little more serious than others! If it’s accidentally gone down the toilet, or in the bath, or you’ve smashed it on the pavement, there’s some serious repairs that have to be done! You might not be able to use your phone for a good while, and it can be very expensive to get a repair, which we often can’t afford.

The first port of call is to get a good case that can absorb the damage a not so good drop can do to your phone. If you’re someone who’s accident prone, you can also get ties to go around a hole in the case which you can wrap around your wrist. These can be easily hidden under a jacket so it doesn’t have to ruin your style either. Similarly, you can also just try to keep it in your pocket more from time to time! It’s all in the name of safety, and not having to fork out for other repairs!

Yet, it’s not all an unhappy ending though. You can protect your phone with coverage services like that of Stay Mobile, which repair, protect, and accessorize all in one if need be! It’s so useful to have that on hand to handle all your phone safety worries!

Do Some Charity Work

Now this is where people can really come into their own with apps on their phone. If you’re the type of person who likes to jog, for example, you can download an app that donates money to a charity of your choice for every mile you manage. You can literally raise much needed money just by walking!

It can be a good way to keep you on a fitness regime, and you’re helping other people at the same time; the two things a lot of us feel are missing from our lives. Walk, run, jog, use a cycle, or handstand your way down a road, it doesn’t matter how you progress!

You don’t have to donate any money yourself, which is a hurdle a lot of us can’t get over because of a lack of income, so this always feels good to complete. Using your time productively like this can literally help save lives at the end of the day.

Learn How to Fix Common Phone Problems

If you’re the owner of an iPhone specifically, this is a good section for you to brush up on! Modern technology has a lot of problems, and whilst that may be because products are no longer made to last, there’s a few home fixes you can make to keep technology going a little further!

No matter the kind of phone you have however, there’s some problems associated with it. So if you play around with a model you own, you can often find solutions yourself; what better way to bring knowledge to both yourself and the masses! If you know how to fix something, you can teach others, and even run a youtube channel or the like with informative videos.

Productivity can come in oodles off of a piece of tech, so if you’re the owner of a mobile you’re either addicted to or don’t know what else to do with, try out a few of these suggestions. They can help you out a lot in your schedule, and make sure you stay focused in the most important times. 
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