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Dec 5, 2017

Natural Care Products for New Mums


After giving birth, taking care of yourself and your body is of the utmost importance. Not only will proper self-care speed up your recovery, but it will also ensure the safety and health of your baby. If you decide to breastfeed your little one, you need to be mindful of the products you use because they can affect your baby, as well. From your diet to the hygiene products you use, you need to make sure to get rid of everything that might expose you and your child to chemicals and toxins. Therefore, it’s advisable that you switch to natural hygiene products to ensure your and your baby’s well-being.

Be fragrance-free

Babies’ sense of smell is quite sensitive, which is why you need to avoid products with strong fragrances. While gentle aromas may not be unpleasant to your baby, they may contain chemical substances that can cause numerous health problems, ranging from skin irritation to serious damage to your and your baby’s immune systems. Even if you choose products with natural scents, you can never be sure that they are completely free of chemicals. Therefore, choosing fragrance-free products is the safest option for a breastfeeding mom. In addition, products with strong scents can hinder your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. By switching to fragrance-free products, you will allow your baby to sense your natural scent that they will simply adore.

How to Encourage Kids to Adopt a Daily Skincare Routine  

After a busy day preparing meals, getting the kids to school, and working hard in an office or at home, a skincare routine can sometimes be the last thing we feel like taking part in. Cleansing, toning, moisturising, takes at least five minutes, yet most of us probably notice a major difference when we take the time to apply our favorite products regularly. What would you say if someone told you that skincare should actually begin in childhood? There are many reasons why keeping the largest organ in our body in optimal condition, is so much more than an adult concern.


Productive Ways To Use Your Smart Phone

We lose a lot of time to our phones, whether we communicating and having fun, or writing on their inbuilt notepads because we can’t get to our computers. Despite this, there’s no problem with playing around on your phone; there's a reason so many games exist on app stores for you to mess around on whenever the fancy takes you. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not distracting and keep you from getting on with some good work!

So we want to be a little more productive with what we can get up to on them. It doesn’t even have to be because people look down on your for being on your phone, but that you feel like you’re stagnating a little every time you look at it. Thankfully, there’s plenty of things to get on with on your cell phone, so use a few of these ideas to get more done and feel a little more creative about your time.

Download a Learning App

When you have a few spare minutes to yourself, you can turn to your phone to learn something new. Even if you don’t have any apps on your cell to use, the instant connection to the internet either via wifi or your 4G means there’s plenty of websites for you to visit when you’re commuting or you’re just sitting around with nothing else to do. Plus, with websites being prioritised if they’re mobile friendly, it doesn’t have to be a hard stretch to find something accessible.

With things like Duolingo, which is entirely free to use, you can learn an entire new life skill in the form of another language whenever you have a spare moment. You can devote more and more time to it when you get into the habit, and it’s a good habit forming activity to get into, so try it out now!

Improve Your Beauty Routine And Boost Your Confidence Today!

There are lots of small alterations you could make to your beauty routine to ensure you never suffer from low-confidence. There are also some modern techniques and procedures you might not have tried in the past. With all that in mind, it’s sensible to take a moment to read through this post before putting some of the tips into action. Far too many ladies feel less than confident when they dress up and enjoy a night out with their friends. The ideas below are guaranteed to turn that situation around and leave you feeling as beautiful as you did when you were young.

Always wash that makeup off

Lots of women make the mistake of climbing straight into bed when they arrive home after a night out on the town without removing their makeup. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that you’re going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. Those solutions are not designed to stay on your body for more than a few hours. So, ladies who fail to wash their makeup off before getting into bed will increase the chances of suffering:

  • Spots
  • Blemishes
  • Dry skin
  • Acne