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Motherhood: The Health Aspects You Might Forget

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It’s understandable that your view of yourself on a personal level is going to change when you become a mother. You now have a child to look after, and this beautiful new human becomes your entire world. The problem is that you might start to neglect aspects of your personal health and, as a result, struggle to do all the jobs required of a mother because you feel exhausted and ill all the time.

Your child will be demanding when they’re young, whether they’re a baby or in their early days of school, but that doesn’t mean you need to add to your stresses by failing to look after yourself. You’ll do a better job of mothering your kids if you remember to look after you too. Here are some of the health aspects you might forget when you enter the rollercoaster lifestyle of motherhood.


Your weight will be drastically different after giving birth, and that’s perfectly normal, but it isn’t shallow aesthetics that should be your main concern when you first become a mother; it’s your health that you should be prioritizing. Don’t forget to eat well, because many mothers become so focused on ensuring that their child is well fed (along with sorting out the 14239 other things that need to be done on an average day) that they often find themselves overeating, under-eating, or simply eating the wrong things because it’s easier to shove a ready meal in the microwave than spend time cooking. Time management is the key here because you need to eat healthily if you want to have enough energy to look after your kids. Perhaps you could cook your own tea whilst you cook for your child or children, as an example.


If you want to remain healthy then you need to prioritize hygiene in your life. As a mother, you likely ensure that your child lives a very hygienic lifestyle, but you might neglect to ensure that you lead a hygienic lifestyle. You clean up after your child, bathe them and generally sort out all the mess they create; just remember to look after yourself and keep your own body as healthy and hygienic as possible. Washing your hands before preparing meals and cleaning up yourself after you’ve cleaned up for your child are both crucial elements of staying healthy on a personal level so that you can also stay healthy for your child.

Dental hygiene is also vitally important. Of course, even if you’re brushing and flossing daily, you should still be regularly visiting your dentist to check for other health issues, as much as you may hate it. Still, you could research sites such as prodent to see how procedures are improving, because it’s all becoming much less invasive now. If you start prioritizing dental health today then you’ll thank yourself tomorrow when your teeth not only look beautifully pearly and white but are also healthy. You shouldn’t just be focusing on the aesthetic, of course, because your gums could still be suffering if you aren’t taking proper care of your teeth. Checking in with the dentist regularly will put your mind at ease if you want to ensure that you’re brushing, flossing and eating as you should be to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Remember "me time"?

You should, because mental health is vital. You have a lot of responsibility when it comes to looking after your child, but you also have a responsibility to look after yourself. Don’t forget to take a relaxing bath now and then or hire a babysitter to look after your children whilst you go out with their father or your friends. You need to unwind now and then so that you can be a happy and relaxed mother; or, at least, as relaxed as possible.