How to Keep Your Child Safe at Home

Home should be the one place a child knows it’s safe and secure. Keeping your home safe for your child is important, but there are often unseen dangers that we don’t know about. Children can be accident prone, but as parents it’s our job to protect them and look after them when something goes wrong. Luckily, there’s more information than ever on what may be harmful to our children and how to prevent it. Here’s what you can do to keep your child safe at home.


There are numerous ways a child can suffer from a scald from an accident in the home. If you think about it, there are hot objects everywhere. For example, a cooker, hot taps, kettle and even our hot drinks. To avoid children being scalded in the home, keep everything that may be hot out of reach. Don’t put cups of tea or coffee within grabbing range and start telling your children from a young age that the cooker and hobs should not be touched. It’s also wise to always test out the bath temperature before putting your children in.


It’s hard to avoid toxins in the home because they’re in almost everything. From the washing powder you use on your clothes to the surface cleaner you use on your kitchen counters, toxins are usually disguised as things that are good for us. To ensure your child isn’t too exposed to the many toxins in the home, teach him/her to keep their hands clean. The biggest threat when it comes to toxins is not realising they’re on your hands and then putting your hands to your mouth. You can learn more about the fight against toxins here -


You would never think that windows could be much of a danger to young children, but when they start to become interested in climbing, your children will explore anything and everything. Your windows should either be closed and locked or have a window guard on them to ensure your child’s safety. More children end up in the emergency services because of window falls than necessary.


To a young child, the stairs are a challenge and they must conquer it. Every child enjoys climbing up the stairs, especially when they know they shouldn’t. Most parents will follow their children up the stairs as the begin to climb, but it’s easy to forget that they’ll want to climb down the stairs too. You can’t keep an eye on your children every second of the day, so get a stair guard or baby gate at the top of the stairs to stop any nasty falls. If you have a particularly enthusiastic climber, you may want to get one at the bottom of the stairs too.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Having a carbon monoxide alarm can be a life-saver. It’s often called a silent killer because without an alarm, it’s entirely possible to live in your home without knowing you’re being poisoned. You can pick up an alarm here but always make sure it’s on and replaced every few years.

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