Let Out Your Inner Child to Bond with Your Kids

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Everyone has an inner child. You might have to grow up as you get older and especially as you start a family, but that child is still in you somewhere. If you've lost touch with your childish side, it could do you good to find it again. It can be a great way to bond with your kids and to set a good example for them in some areas too. Being an adult and a parent doesn't always have to mean being serious and responsible. Sometimes, showing your kids that it's ok to dream, be impulsive or have fun is just as important. Try these ways to get in touch with your inner child and improve your relationship with your children.

Be More Impulsive 

Children often get used to hearing the phrase "not now" or "maybe later." Sometimes, saying these things is essential when you can't give your kids what they're asking for. However, there are other times when maybe instead it could be better to say "yes." And not just to things that your kids want, but things you want to. Being a bit more spontaneous could enrich your life and the lives of your children too. Next time you have some spare time, why not pick something to do at random? Just go with your instincts and think of something that sounds fun.

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Do Something Fun and Silly

Having kids is perfect for getting you to find your silly side again. It opens up opportunities to do lots of fun and frivolous things that don't necessarily need to have a purpose. And you don't have to just watch your kids doing silly things, either. Why not join in, and show that you can have plenty of fun too? If the kids are lounging around in their PJs, watching a movie, why shouldn't their parents put on some funny adult onesies and join in? If the kids are having a water fight outside, pick up a water balloon and take part, instead of watching from the sidelines. It's the perfect excuse to relive your favorite childhood activities.

Go After Your Dreams

Encouraging kids to go after what they want is an important part of being a parent. But setting an example is also essential, and a lot of parents aren't so good at that. Maybe in the past, you chased your dreams, and you even managed to achieve some things. But dreams change and evolve and eventually you might give up on going after them. If you still have dreams you want to achieve, don't let being an adult mean you don't bother trying. While you should be realistic, you can still aim high.

Be Truthful

Another way to connect with your inner child is to be more truthful. As we get older, we learn to tell white lies or just outright lies, so we don't have to deal with things we don't want to. But sometimes, telling the truth could be best and teach your kids valuable lessons.

Letting out your childish side now and then could help to improve your family life. Just make sure you don't let it out too often.

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