Confidence Boosters You'll Love

Life as a Mom can definitely be magical and wonderful. Yet, there are times when it can get you down. Moms everywhere work hard to bring the best of what life has to offer to their children. This often means they’re neglecting themselves though. And that can drain your energy and leave you lacking in confidence ladies! So what can you do to perk yourself up once more?

Prove to the world you are still the empowered and beautiful woman you have always been. Much of our confidence comes from our past achievements. Look around and see just how much you achieve every single day. You might not have cleaned the dishes yet, but your kids went to school, happy, healthy and well-fed. And you might not have applied any makeup yet this morning, but your home is elegant and stylish and the envy of all your neighbors. Forgive yourself those little things you didn’t get around to yet.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You shouldn’t be looking at dark circles, stretch marks or a bed-head hair-do. You should be seeing a Mom who got up early to help their child with their homework and who served the hard months carrying them during pregnancy. Be proud of your sacrifices and your achievements. Can you find the confidence you need to do that every day?

You can always do more tomorrow (or even the next day.) Today could be about planning (or even dreaming.) What do you want to change? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to try a new lip gloss? Maybe you want to tone your body so you can fit in that dress again? Whatever you want, you should plan to achieve it. Nothing is beyond you if you set your mind to it. 

Refining how we look is often considered a way to boost confidence. Fancy straighter teeth? You might look into Invisalign. Want a flatter tummy? You might see if there are fitness instructors near you. Perhaps you’re after a quick fix like a new haircut, a new dress, or a fancy jacket. Don’t deny yourself the things you think will help you feel good just because you think it’s vanity. Remember, confidence can be a part of that.

Aiming for new achievements will boost your confidence straight away. Start a hobby, enroll in a training course, or assemble that flat-packed furniture. It doesn’t matter what your goal is so long as it’s realistic and achievable. Write a list of the things you want to achieve in the short term as well as the long term. Don’t forget to detail how you’re going to get there!

When was the last time you received a compliment? You might think you haven’t had one for ages, but chances are you’re not noticing them when they come. Your kids and partner probably thank you for lots of things each day. When they ask for a particular meal, that is a compliment - they enjoy how you make that dish. And when they come to you for help? That’s a sure sign they know you’re approachable and effective! Most importantly, they love you no matter what. Love yourself a little too. 

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