Staying Young Inside and Out

When people become parents, they tend to worry a lot more about their longevity. After all, we want to be around for our kids as long as possible, right? And we don’t just want to be around for a long time - we want to feel vital. Kids are so full of energy, and we often have to match and even exceed those energy levels in order to keep up and help our kids as they grow. 

This is a quick guide to helping you look and feel young and rejuvenated. We’re not going to look into products that can help you - you’ve probably heard enough about all those products that can help you “fight the signs of aging”! We’re going to focus more on habits and lifestyle approaches.

The unhealthy things

Excessive amounts of sugar and fat? Weekly alcohol consumption? Smoking? A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet? These are all common bad habits. You may still feel full of vitality (in fact, you may feel more full of life after stuff like sugar and alcohol!), but in the long run, these are the things that eventually make you feel and look older than you should. Kill your bad habits!

Dealing with health problems

This is one that a lot of people underestimate when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. More people than you may think simply ignore health problems because they don’t feel like going to the doctor, or because they don’t fancy paying medical bills. Even if those problems aren’t life-threatening, they do eventually suck the vitality out of you. This is especially true when it comes to dental problems, which can have a tremendous effect on how youthful your skin looks. Make sure you have good health and dental insurance, and don’t find excuses to skip your physical checkups and dental appointments!

A balance of exercise and relaxation

Many people either focus too much on exercise or too much on relaxation. You need to find a healthy meeting point of the two. The reason that so many people start to get inflexible, slow, and achey as they age is a lifelong lack of exercise. A reason that people start to age visibly faster than they should is due to stress - which also contributes to early deaths more than you may think. So make sure you’re getting into an exercise routine if you haven’t done so already, but take time to chill out every so often!

Stay engaged with the world

Teenagers and young adults are becoming more and more political these days - 2016 certainly made sure that that’s a phenomenon that will last a long time! But every generation, in its youth, has been full of people with their finger on the pulse of news, politics, and culture. It seems so relevant to them at the time, after all. As they grow older, they tend to recede further into their personal and family lives. 

So part of staying young on the inside is remaining intellectually and culturally smart. You shouldn’t find yourself in a position where you come across something that you simply shrug off as being the strange phenomena of “kids these days”! Keep up-to-date with the world around you.
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