Mommy And Me Ideas For Spending Time With Your Daughter


When you have a daughter, it can be super fun for you both to be girly together from time to time. Not only will your little girl love spending time with you and having a lot of fun, Mommy and daughter time can also help to keep you young at heart too. Whether you’re planning activities for the summer break, or you’d just like a little inspiration for how you could spend time together, there’s a whole world of fun you could have together. From outside activities to go wild with to quiet one-on-one time, here are a few super girly ideas you could enjoy with your daughter.


Every child loves to bake. If you enjoy being in the kitchen, then it could be the perfect activity for you to do with your daughter. Getting messy and creating cookies from scratch, or whipping up a few cakes is not only exciting, but it is also educational for your little one. And the best part of all? Once you’ve both licked the bowl and cleaned up after your cook-off, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for a few days (or hours!) after.


When the weather is a little warmer, it’s always nice to get outside with your little ones. If you’re tired of going to the same parks and visiting the same nature spots, why not get out in your own garden for a change? Kids always have a lot of fun with gardening. And while you may not want to give them a shovel and ask them to plant a rose bush, there are some really cool and quirky kid-perfect crafts that you can both try out in the yard.



Whether she’s three or thirteen, every girl loves to get into her Mom’s makeup bag and play around with all of the products. You may have found your beauty box worse for wear after your little one has been through it in the past, but you don’t have you to use your day-to-day makeup to have a pamper party together. Instead, why not pick up some kid-friendly products and put together a little beauty bag for her to mark the occasion? You could also think about trying some Skin Illustrator FX makeup and creating cool looks the both of you can enjoy.

Movie Night

Sometimes, you just want to be able to enjoy some quality time with your daughter and indulge a little. If you’ve both had a tiring day or the weather is rubbish, why not cozy up on the couch and have a movie night? You can pick out her favorite films, pop some popcorn and cook a pizza to enjoy together. It could even become a regular tradition for the two of you to bond over.

Dressing Up

And then there’s always the children’s classic of dressing up. You might not fancy yourself as the next Elsa anytime soon, but it sure might put a smile on your daughter's face. You could even use this idea as a part of a themed day. You could bake Frozen (or her favorite film/character) treats, get all dressed up and enjoy a movie night together as her favorite character. It might sound crazy, but it’s undoubtedly something she’ll love.

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