How To Make Sure Your Child Is Safe With Your Nanny


Children are our pride and joy, and we'll do absolutely anything to make sure they're safe, and well looked after.
So what about the day when you may need to hire an extra pair of hands to help out with family life? Nannies are great if you aren't able to do everything yourself, and they can play a big part in your child's happiness, essentially becoming a real friend to both you and your little one.
Whenever you decide to open your doors to someone, you should always be wary. You don't yet know this person, and if you're going to let them be around your children, you need to know they're to be trusted.

Run a background check.

Type their name in on Google along with any other information you may have on them, and see what comes up. Social media is a great tool for background checks because this way you can get a real idea of the type of person they are by the kind of pictures and videos they post online.

Pop home unannounced.

Plan to drop in without letting your nanny know, this will give you a lot of information as to what your nanny is doing with your child, if they are sticking to your rules, and if your child seems happy and comfortable with them. 
When you get home just say you forgot something or you had an errand to run. You don't want to make your nanny nervous, you just want to make sure everything is going how you want it to.

Listen to your children.

Talk to your children, ask them what they think of the nanny. Are they nice? What do you do? Do you play games? If so what kind?
Ask whatever you'd like to know, and pay close attention to your child's body language when answering too. You will know if they are being truthful or not.

Rely on your neighbors.

Don't forget that you have neighbors! Now is a better time than any to put them to good use by asking them to keep an extra eye open for things. There's no need to have them keep popping round every day, but knowing there's a watchful eye will make you feel a lot more at ease.

Set up a camera.

There's nothing wrong with setting up a camera within your home to keep a lookout for anything suspicious. There are plenty of cameras on the market that is perfect if you want to be discreet. There are even ways of using your smartphone for spying if needs be. So do your research and see what would work best for you.

Trust your instincts.

Most of all - trust your instincts. You are a Mother, and if something doesn't feel quite right, it's most likely for a reason. So don't ever think you're being silly or erratic and ignore what your gut is telling you. Your child's safety is what comes first, so do what you gotta do, Momma.

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