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Planning The Best Birthday Ever!

When you’re a parent, it can be hard to know exactly what to do to celebrate your child’s birthday. There are trends and fads going around preschools and schools that most of us will never be in on, no matter how hard we try; we will never fully understand the complexity of them and just what needs to be done to help incorporate it into a theme to be used for a party or other celebration. It’s also hard to keep to a budget when there are so many options available for them to pick from to choose their gift. More and more children are becoming increasingly aware of brands and what they mean to us in society; so do we stick to investing in this consumerism or stick to what we know and love and hope for the best? 


For Toddlers

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter as much for toddlers whether they are receiving something that is branded or unbranded. You can go as cheap as you like with them; as long as it is something to do, build or play with, they are easily entertained. Think as simple as you like - bubbles, building blocks and other such toys make for great gifts that will be played with for hours. This is the stage where they are utilizing their imagination to entertain themselves rather than depending on something in front of them to give them all of the fun that they need. Don’t assume that you’re going to need anything with batteries, that’s larger than them or that is overly expensive - most of them are actually more entertained by the packaging


Young Children

This is the age where outside influences are starting to make their way in. You can buy kids' toys from Bubbalove online which will be able to give you a good idea of the age category that you are buying for. Think Disney, Marvel and any other big brands that are taking over the toy market at the moment. Pick one of those and you are sure to be onto a winner - just make sure that you’ve got some guidance on which one they’re most into and the characters that they like from them to ensure you’ve chosen completely right. 

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Who can ever get into the mind of a teenager to work out what they want for a gift?! Make sure that you are up to date on brands of absolutely everything - from trainers to makeup and everything in-between. It doesn’t hurt to guide them towards something that’s more wholesome, such as an experience or something that’s had time and effort put into it such as a craft set or handmade piece of clothing. However, it’s also good to remember that at this age, it’s more important to have a nice day and create special memories together than it is to be focusing on material items. Getting them to realize this is something that will come in time but is especially great when they do.