Illness Is Something We All Need To Talk About - Even Kids 


We try to keep our kids as children for as long as we can. It’s what they deserve. Childhood is a magical time that shouldn’t be interrupted unnecessarily - let kids be kids while they still can be. This is a time where their imagination is running rife, creativity is blooming and focus is on the things that can bring them into a magical world as quickly as they would like. However, there are some subjects that they will bump into at school, through friends or in their own personal lives which we as parents need to handle in a way that doesn’t suddenly drag them into adultness, while still giving them the information that they need. Children and adults get sick - some more so than others - and although it’s not a nice thing to think about, making your kids aware of it can be crucial in helping them to adjust and adapt to those around them.

Explain In Layman's Terms

You don’t have to dumb everything down for them, but explaining simply what is happening may help. It’s important to not go too far into detail. It’s really easy to scare children with stuff that they don’t know about. While they may pass on the information to other adults about what exactly is happening, they themselves often don’t know the meaning of the words that they are relaying. 

Get Resources To Help 

There are certain books and sites that you can visit to help them get to know what’s happening. Books are invaluable as you can read them together and children are often able to pinpoint the things that they don’t understand as well and may need a little bit more explanation. If you’re not good at simplifying things in a way that children need to be able to understand, these resources are a fantastic way of doing it all for you. 

Let Them Get Involved

Getting involved in a charity fundraiser such as the one on the No Birds Bash website can be a great way of turning something that is quite daunting into something that takes their mind off of it, even if only for a little while. Being able to channel energy into an event that is doing good rather than sitting and dwelling on it can be such a blessing at difficult times. When the outcome is that it is benefitting those who are less fortunate, there is little to question about going for it and putting your all into it. 

Speaking To Them More=Understanding More

Sitting down and talking to your children about what’s worrying them and answering any questions that they may have is comfort. It may also be more of a comfort to you than you know. Having somebody close to you become ill can see those around them closing up and not facing their feelings in order to put on a brave face and not let anybody get anymore concerned than they need to be. It’s okay to not be okay, and your children should know that. 
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