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Earning And Learning: Part-Time Prospects For Full-Time Mums

Perhaps your kids have gotten a little older, or you find yourself with some free time on your hands. Maybe you just want to earn a little extra money. Whatever the reason, more and more moms are looking for part-time jobs. Whilst this is a great step, it can be challenging to find a role to fit in around your busy schedule. Here are some tips and suggestions for full-time moms who want some part time work…

Is A Part-Time Job Right For You?

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You need to assess whether or not a part-time role is right for you. One of the biggest positives is that it will give you an extra income, whilst also being flexible enough to fit around your kids. This is one of the main things to ascertain at interviews, does the job have flexible working hours. Luckily lots of employers realize the struggles and haphazard schedule most working moms have to stick to, so they offer flexibility. Choose a role which is close to home too, or at least take into consideration the impact a commute will have on the rest of your schedule. Working from home is a great option. Some companies offer this or your could monetize your blog!

Updating Your Resume

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If you’re ready to take the plunge back into work you’ll need to update your resume. If you’ve been out of work for a while looking after your family, don’t worry. Simply be upfront and state ‘parental leave’ on your resume. If anything this actually explains the missing work for the last few months/ years. If you want to bolster your resume before applying for jobs you can do that too. Take a look at some short courses or voluntary programs in your local area. These look great on your resume and will ease you back into work. 

What Kind Of Job Is Best

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There is no right or wrong job for a full-time mom, but some work particularly well. You might, for instance, want to pitch in at a childcare centre. This is one place where you will have lots of experiences and knowledge. They’ll also be able to offer flexible hours, career development, and the chance to earn a little extra money. 

Blogging is another great option. One of the most obvious benefits is that it allows you complete freedom to work from home and to choose your own hours. It also gives you the chance to indulge in your passion, whatever it may be. From baking to business, your blog should reflect your interests. These can be forgotten when we’re looking after a growing family! A blog is a good way to reconnect with these passions and make some money. You can earn money by reviewing products and having advertisements on your website.