Getting Fit Is Good News For Your Beauty Regimen 

Exercise helps us to lose weight and become more toned. It’s also a great stress buster and can help to relieve tension and anxiety. But did you also know that exercise makes our skin look better? As if the benefits of getting active weren’t already enough, we now know that getting fit could improve the appearance of skin. We all know that amazing skin is the perfect foundation for any look, here’s how to achieve it…

How Can Exercise Improve Our Skin 


Exercising triggers a whole range of biochemical and physiological processes. Scientists believe that every single cell benefits from exercise, which includes skin cells. Not just that, but exercise helps us to de-stress too. Stress is a common cause of spots. It also helps us to get a better night's sleep, meaning fewer puffy under-eye bags. Exercise can even improve the look of skin, making it appear replenished and rejuvenated. Here’s how you can get better skin, and get fit at the same time…

Stress Spots


Exercise is a great way to get rid of stress, and stress is bad for our skin. In particular, those with acne can find that stress exacerbates their blemishes. When we’re stressed we produce a stress hormone called cortisol. The introduction of this hormone causes an imbalance and stimulates the sebaceous gland. This gland is responsible for producing sebum, the waxy substance which blocks pores. We need sebum to keep our skin moist, but too much clogs pore and causes spots. So reducing stress could lead to a reduction in spots, so get your trainers on! 

Stress can also lead us to eat unhealthy foods and even to smoke. Both of these are also bad for our skin. Some people believe that smoking dries the skin out, whilst unhealthy foods can leave our skin looking dull. In conjunction with an exercise routine try swapping cigarettes for vapes. This will reduce the amount of smoke your skin comes into contact with Vista Vapors promo code will get you some money off any purchase you make. Similarly, try cutting down on unhealthy foods and replacing them with fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals which are great for our skin. 

Circulation Is A Skin Saviour

Any type of exercise which encourages healthy circulation will keep skin looking healthy. How? Well, when we exercise our blood flow increases which helps to nourish skin cells. Oxygen and important nutrients are moved by the blood to working cells, like the skin. This blood flow also helps by getting rid of harmful products like free radicals. This allows the skin cells to function to their best ability.  So, in effect, exercise helps to cleanse our skin, from the inside.

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