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Dec 13, 2017

Enjoying a youthful Christmas season with Premium HyC 150


The holidays are here! The most wonderful season of the year that each and every Filipino look forward to. It’s the season of giving, shopping for gifts and reuniting with family and friends. With all of these Christmas activities, we can’t help but feel stressed and fatigued despite all the cheers. We prepare for heavier traffic, crowded malls, out-of-town trips and the holiday parties. Add to this, the days before the long break also brings deadlines and piles of paperwork to finish.
Although technology has designed a lot of tools to help us cope with all the stress and excitement the holidays bring like online shopping and video conference parties, Filipinos are still fond of going through the rigorous traffic and long lines of the Christmas shopping rush. This kind of dedication to the holidays is to prove to their loved ones and friends that they are special – their gifts were bought with much effort and their presence are felt during parties.

 Keeping Up With The Kids This Winter Break

Children are pretty much life’s biggest adventure and it isn’t until you are a parent yourself that you realise that there is a lot more to raising a family than just ensuring they’re fed and warm. A big part of raising children is keeping them entertained, and as a parent, this job falls to you most of the time. When the school vacation times approach, it can be stressful. Without the distraction of school and homework, children are easily bored – no matter their age.
Teenagers that prefer to spend their time holed up in the privacy of their bedrooms are just as hard to keep entertained as the three-year-old that wants to make Lego towers in the den. Winter break is probably the hardest of the school vacation breaks, as unless you live somewhere that gets a decent snowfall, you can find yourself truly stuck for ideas. Cabin fever is very real during the school vacation, but the beauty of the winter break is the sheer level of indoor activities that can be done with a festive theme. Most parents appreciate the necessity of screen time while the kids are at home, and when you have teenagers upstairs using one TV set and smaller children downstairs with another TV set, plus tablets and smartphones on the go, you need to ensure you have the right internet speed to keep up. So, before you get started with any winter activities, make sure that you’ve updated your service with Not every day will be sponsored by screen time, of course, but when the weather is harsh outside and there is housework to be done it can be an absolute blessing. Keeping the kids occupied without the use of electronics, in a day where most toys are electronic, and tablets are the go-to entertainment system, isn’t easy. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some great ways to keep the kids occupied and learning all at the same time.