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Nov 9, 2017

Lazada Philippines Online Revolution Survival Kit: 11 things you have to know before 11.11

Lazada Philippines’ Online Revolution sale has begun. Millions of online shoppers are still on the lookout for jaw-dropping deals and offers from Lazada’s brands, merchants and partners. Hours left before the most-awaited 11.11 and here are 11 ways to slay the mega day:

Be The Parachute That Helps Your Kid Land Safely In Adulthood


As a mom, you kinda have to get used to wearing a bunch of different caps every single day because the role of ‘mom’ kind of transcends any one role. You’re a chef, a secretary, a taxi driver, appointment maker, cleaner, housemaid, alarm clock, homework helper, master of the iron, packed lunch connoisseur, a best friend and above all a teacher.

Yeah. That last point is definitely the most important.

We know that school is there for a reason - to educate your not-so-little one - but there is a ton of things they ignore in their curriculums, many of which are going to set your kid up for a successful entry into the world of adulthood and, as you know, this is not an easy feat.