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More Than Toys: Gift Ideas For Kids

We all know how much kids love toys, and as parents we’re used to putting tonnes of them away all the time and finding space for the ever growing supply. So if you fancy doing something a little different, or are just looking for extra things to buy for Christmas or your child’s birthday here are some alternatives.

A Day Out
Instead of a physical gift, why not treat them out to a day out instead? Is there a zoo, water park, theme park, concert, sporting event or other kind of attraction they've been asking to go to? If it was a trip to the zoo for example, you could wrap up the ticket along with a stuffed animal that they will be seeing while they're there. A day out gives you fun family bonding time while allowing them to do something they genuinely wanted to do. It could be for now, or any date in the future giving them something to look forward to.

Clothing and Nightwear
Lots of kids and especially teens take a keen interest in fashion, so clothes are something not to be overlooked. You could pick out some items for them, or set a budget and go on a shopping trip where they can help you choose things they like. Clothes are a practical gift and will still be exciting to receive. Nightmare and slippers are another good options, now that the colder weather has rolled back around some cozy nightwear will be needed. From pajamas to dressing gowns, fluffy socks and slippers these will be nice for kids to relax in the evening after they've had a bath and are doing homework or watching tv.

We all love cool gadgets and kids are no different. There are tonnes of things you could get that are suitable for them. From tablets to drones to hoverboards, you can check out things like electric scooters reviewed here for a fun and unusual gift. Whether your budget is big or small you will be able to find something suitable, check out electronics shops as well as gift shops and even places like eBay and Amazon.

Buying classes for your child are the great way to encourage them to improve their skills. It could help them to socialize, give them confidence and the opportunity to try out something new. Is there anything they have expressed an interest in? If they love helping in the kitchen, it could be cooking or baking classes for kids. If they're animal obsessed it could be horse riding lessons, it could be music- whatever suits their personality.

Something Homemade
When you create something from scratch, you get to give something that completely unique and made with love. It could be a stuffed animal, a handmade hamper with lots of little things they would enjoy or some home-baked treats. It could be an inexpensive little extra to make and something you’re likely to have fun putting together. While a child might not get the full appreciation of the time and effort put in if you make something that can be kept that could keep it for years to come and will be something which holds true sentimental value.