It's Not The Fountain Of Youth, But It Sure Is Close! 

You’ve probably heard of the fountain of youth. A mythical entity that has the power to stop you aging and allow you to live your life forever young. Sound familiar? It’s been the MacGuffin in a number of fantasy films due to its legendary magical qualities, and that’s the point. It’s magic and fantasy. Magic and fantasy aren’t real, but science is pretty close.

In the 2011 movie Thor, the mythical God explains that what humans perceive as magic is just advanced science and if you think about it that makes sense. If we could grab someone from the middle ages and show them advance scientific beauty techniques, they would think it was magic. So, rather than searching for the fountain of youth or more likely dreaming of it, perhaps we should turn our attention towards science. It’s likely that this is where the real anti-aging tricks will come from.

Indeed, this is already starting to happen. Just this year, scientists revealed they were testing a drug that would, theoretically, stop the aging process of cells. If you can stop cells from aging, you can also ensure that your body doesn’t age either. You could, essentially, keep your youthful looks for years.

Of course, this research is perhaps still years away from realization. We may not even see that advancement in our lifetime, even if human trials to prove to be effective. However, aside from this, there are other advancements that are on the market right now, many of which are quite impressive. Let’s look at a few and figure out how you can use science to halt the aging process.

Run Your Wrinkles Away

We start with research that isn’t perhaps a groundbreaking advancement but is quite fascinating and potentially important. Research has shown that exercise can reduce the signs of aging. We’re talking about everything from wrinkles to age spots and of course, sagging skin or even middle age spread.

This probably isn’t that surprising. After all, if you work out, you will keep your body toned, and a toned, tight body is always going to be related to the concept of youth. That said, according to research, the results are perhaps deeper than this. Exercise may change how quickly cells age and as such could have great effects on your entire body. As well as looking younger, you might feel it as well. Read more about the impact of exercise on aging on

Stay Calm

Again, not massively groundbreaking but still important. We need to think about the impact that stress has on how quickly or drastically you age. Stress has been linked to everything from wrinkles and hair loss. If you are more stressed, you will struggle to fight the signs of age. Indeed, stress can even cause your body to bloat, and as mentioned, if you want to stay looking young, you need to keep your body and weight in good shape.

So, we need to think about ways to reduce the levels of stress in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of telling yourself you don’t feel stressed this won’t work. Instead, you need to come up with strategies for dealing with stress in your life. There are a number of different paths you can take here, but the best possibility would probably be yoga. Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise that relaxes the mind and works out the body at the same time.


You might also want to look into the possibility of cryo-fat freezing technology. While not quite as frightening as it sounds, this tech could make you look a lot younger, simply by shaving off the parts of your body that you don’t want. No, we’re not talking about body parts here. Rather, using this specific technique, you can target fat cells. In doing so, these cells can be injected and then targeted for freezing. Once frozen, the fat cells die, dropping off the body in waste. As such, there is no surgery and perhaps more important for some individuals, no scarring. You won’t have any sign that you have had work done.

Is it instant? Like working out or going on a diet, you’ll find this treatment does take a considerable amount of time. Indeed, it may be a few months before you see any noticeable effect. That said, exercise is not always effective, and this will be. Since it is a scientific procedure the results, when completed effectively are more or less, guaranteed.

Chemicals And Vitamins On The Skin

You may be using anti-aging creams on your skin already. But which one is the most effective at ensuring that you don’t age before your time? Now, that’s a difficult question to answer, particularly for consumers. After all, every cream you can buy has special promises on the tube about its impact and what it could mean for your looks and your beauty. Look ten years younger - they claim, but which one will actually deliver the goods? According to science and sites like, you should be looking for cream that contains high levels of Retinol. This chemical has been shown to have a wondrous effect on the skin, reducing the signs of aging and in particular, wrinkles dramatically. As such, if you do want to use anti-aging cream, this is the ingredient you need to look out for.

Aside for this, you may also want to consider the impact that different vitamins can have on your skin. An example of this would be vitamin C. As you get older, your skin becomes more susceptible to what is essentially, for lack of a better word, wear, and tear. It may seem odd to describe your skin that way, but as you get older, that’s exactly what’s happening. It won’t bounce back quite as quickly as it perhaps should. It may also start to show marks and perhaps even signs of decolorization.

If this sounds familiar, you should look into the possibility of using vitamin C more often. Vitamin C can be found in a wide range of natural fruit and veg. Consumed regularly it will increase the rate at which your skin sheds. When your skin sheds, new layers are created, building over the damaged parts of your skin and covering up the aging process.

Since we’re on the subject of skin, it is worth thinking about sunscreen. Sunscreen should be an important part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. We know what you’re thinking here. The sun isn’t out every day. That doesn’t matter. The sun doesn’t have to be shining to ensure that your skin gets damaged. In fact, it’s probably not. However, even if it’s not a sunny day UV light could still be shining down and potentially damage your skin. You can learn more about the dangers of UV light on As such, you need to be careful about this possibility and keep yourself completely protected. Wearing sunscreen every day may well keep you looking younger for longer.

Think It, You’ll Feel It And Look It

Let’s start thinking about the way you feel. Do you feel young? Those people who look younger biologically are the ones who commonly believe that middle age starts at least ten years later than most people, according to a recent study. As such, feeling young could indeed alter the way you look, bringing a whole new meaning to the idea that you’re only as young as you feel. As such, if you want to look young, stop telling yourself that you’re old. You might be amazed by the effect this could have on your skin, your body and yes your mind.

There you have it then, a few ways that science could be the answer to your aging issues

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