Things They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, are pregnant, or are just interested in pregnancy, chances are you know a little about it. There are a plethora of programs on the TV, podcasts, Youtube videos, and all kinds of other platforms out there that can teach us what we need to know about being pregnant. 

However, there are some things that are commonly kept hidden when it comes to pregnancy, too. If you’re brave enough, read on to find out the things they don’t tell you about pregnancy:


You Might Lose Bladder Control
Maybe you think that when you lose bladder control while pregnant, you’ll simply let a bit of wee out when you sneeze. Nope. You won’t just lose control - you may find you have no control at all. Some women find that they pee every time they stand up, for absolutely no reason. No one prepares you for how much you’ll actually pee yourself after you've given birth. You will likely regain control in a week or so, so until then, sit tight. 

There’s More Stuff Up There
You not only have a baby coming out of a tiny hole, but the placenta too. Maybe you already knew that. But do you know that it’s pretty huge? Not to scare you or anything. You’ll get more contractions and have to push this out a short while after you’ve had your baby. Then, you’ll likely have somebody looking up your nether regions with a torch, just to make sure everything is ok and that nothing was left behind. Yes - things can get left behind, such as parts of the sac. Nice. 

It Isn’t Pretty
This one is for the dads. Whoever told you that the miracle of life was nice lied to you. It’s very unlikely to look anything like you imagine. Your other half will be distressed, and although you’ll want to do something to help and soothe them they’ll likely hate you all the more. You’ll see blood and placenta, and it’ll look like a scene out of Alien. Usually, preparing yourself for the grossest thing ever is best. This may not be the pregnancy advice that you want, but it should help you get realistic. Enjoy! 

Baby’s First Poo
Your baby will not poo like you expect them too at first, either. It’s going to look like black tar, and it’s going to be sticky. That’s if they don’t do it in utero, which can be dangerous. Be prepared, because many parents get freaked out at the thought of this. 

Your Feet May Get Bigger
Sure, everybody who gets pregnant also suffers from swollen feet. This is down to the fluids your body is retaining; they will puff your feet up. You might be thinking, ‘I know this already, jeez.’ However, they may not go back to their original size once the baby is here. You may have to throw out all of your shoes and buy bigger ones. Sorry.

You Will Feel Uncomfortable A Lot Of The Time
Sorry! But if you think that it’s going to be 9 months of feeling calm and serene, it is a lot of feeling sick during the first 3 months, and uncomfortable for the last 6! But it’s crucial to make sure you are telling your partner what you need to feel better, even if it means taking those pants off and walking around in your underwear! But choosing comfortable clothes will help. These stomach lift pants review guides can help you to pick the right ones. But it’s those last few weeks where you want the baby out that can be the most difficult, so take the opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques like hypnobirthing and calm your mind as best you can.
Everyone Will Comment On Your Bump - And Say The Wrong Thing
Everything anyone can say about your bump will be wrong. Whether they say it’s big, small, healthy, low, whatever - it won’t sound like a compliment to you. 

Remember, many people say they miss pregnancy, and many people do it more than once. Don’t panic!

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