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Reasons for choosing to travel to Canada with your family


Vacations are quite a problem when traveling with children is involved, but Canada is a totally different proposition altogether. Extremely secure, easily accessible and with attractions galore, Canada is one country that provides a perfectly matched holiday for the entire family. Time spent with the loved ones in this sensational place, allows everyone to immerse and mingle with the amazing natural wonders that Canada has to offer.

Families can explore trails together on foot or on the bike, spot a variety of wildlife or spend quality time rafting in the white waters of the rivers. Leisurely walks and lakeside stroll with the kids will ensure that each day will be more exciting than the last, with the oodles oodles of family bonding possibilities on offer.

One thing needs to be kept in mind when planning on a family trip to a massive country like Canada - time. The distances involved between major destinations, like say, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver is so large, that it is advisable to restrict the vacation to one area alone at a time. So in order to make the most of your family vacation to the second-largest country in the world, we have done some research to make the most of your invaluable trip, if you just following this post.


Getting there

Right from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, Canada occupies a major portion of North America. It is well connected by air with its immediate neighbor, US, as well as other countries in the world. Because of the sheer size, the flights can be a long haul with at least one stopover, but they are well worth the jet lag.


Canada has something for everyone, in an atmosphere that is extremely inviting and a landscape which speaks volumes of its natural beauty and rich history. While the modern cities have a plethora of activities for families, the 39 National Parks, and various provincial parks are well known for their beauty and child-friendly nature. In Montreal, kids will adore the Science Center and gasp in awe while witnessing the summer festival of fireworks. In Toronto, children will be enthralled with a visit to the observation deck on the CN tower.

A large number of scenic lakes and the mountains comprising of Jasper, Yoho, and Banff National Parks, together offer abundant packages for families for biking and hiking in an invigorating environment. Other outdoor sports which are fun for all,include horse riding, rafting, kayaking and whale watching, all of which will keep the entire family occupied and satisfied. These outings will ultimately expose your family to an unforgettable travel experience, designed solely to keep fun and safety in mind. Hiking is also a fun thing to do especially you are equipped with your best hiking backpack and other necessary things that make you safe and hike easier.


Traveling to Canada with a family and kids is as big an adventure as the country itself. Accommodation, therefore, plays a vital role in making or breaking a family vacation. Luxury homes in Canada  can range from rustic to modern. You will come across nice family lodges in Banff and Jasper when exploring the Canadian Rockies. The cities of Quebec and Montreal are full of historic inns and guesthouses. Most of the famous hotel chains are also willingly accord you and the kids a warm welcome. Some good places to choose from include Fairmont Springs in Banff, Fairmont Le Chateau in Quebec and Mystic Springs in Alberta.

Hotels in Canada provide extra bed options on rollaway cots, usually for a small charge. Camping is hugely popular in Canada and many campgrounds have kitchens, swimming pools and other options for kids. If you're looking for a good review of the best family camping tents check out Life In A Family Tent.

Family-friendly cities

Nearly all the cities of Canada are a big draw for tourists coming with families, and for good reason too. Quebec, for example, is a nice compact city along the St Lawrence river. If your children are school going, this is an ideal spot to take walking tours. Kids will be delighted to view the street performers outside Le Chateau Frontenac.

The nation's capital, Ottawa, can keep children entertained for hours on end with the museums. The Canadian Museum of History and Canadian Children's Museum have interactive play areas to occupy the young ones for hours. Vancouver Island is another walkable city, set up perfectly for families.  The Miniature World and the Victoria Bug Zoo are must-see places. Calgary is the gateway to the Banff National Park and an extremely family-friendly city. Attractions include the Heritage Park, Calaway Park, and the City Zoo.

Eating out

Canada is full of fast food outlets. Luckily there are enough options that allow a family to cook for themselves. Kids will love some of the easy to find and eat foods like poutine, which are french fries topped with gravy and cheese, fish and chips, bagels and pancakes. Most of the Canadian restaurants offer booster seating and child-friendly service.

When to go

There is a festival going on in Canada, from jazz to rodeos, most of the time. If your child's school schedule allows, head to Canada during the fall, when the temperature is just right and the trees are changing colors. January to April is for snow sports, fireworks, Santa parades and Christmas tree

There are many things like, jet lag, limited time available for a holiday, high cost of tickets which can make a trip to Canada daunting with children in tow. Having said, Canada is one magical country that eliminates most of these hassles and makes for a perfect entry point, towards a more ambitious vacation. With the country's 150th birthday celebrations kicking off in 2017, now is the time to travel to the Great White North.