Is Slim n Light works?

Being a mom requires you to take care of everything and that's include your own health.It's like for a mom it's forbidden to get sick.I always feel like that,What happen to my family if i get sick or if i feel weak.One of the things that i'm concerned is i easily get tired in house chores i can't even walk long enough l,Maybe because i gained weight so much after having two kids.So i thought to have exercise but hnestly i can't do it anymore it's not that i'm lazy maybe i need someone to push me that i need to do an exercise everyday because all i think of is doing chores and take care of my family.I don't have much time to exercise.

When i received a box of dietary supplement,I got excited to try it that since i'm looking to try out this kind of weight loss using this kind if supplement.This brand i tried is called S n L Slim n'Light a dietary supplement.

S n L Slim n'Light is a dietary supplements that is Appetite Suppresant,Fat burner and also can whitens skin.Faster and natural effecetive way of loosing weight,Ofcourse results vary from every person.

Main ingredient of this product is Hoodia Gordinii,Glutathione Activator Plus NAC,Green Te Extract and L-Carnitine.All this ingredients are familiar to us except for the first one the Hoodia Gordinii,What is Hoodia Gordinii?
Hoodia Gordinii helps it is a succulent, fleshy cactus-like plant that control your appetite that is why this Slim n Light works because of this factor.

The product itself costs Php 50 per capsule,When you buy the box bought opening side are sealed and it also indicates the date of manufacturing and expiration which is good.The box consists of 30 capsules that makes for a month of usage.In the box there's no product detailed information so if you want to know more about this you must search online.You can take this every morning before breakfast once a day.

As you can see i already consumed 14 capsules and from 73 kls,I am now 72 kls.Not bad at all,For a person like who doesn't exercise this is helpful i think it will work better if i work out and not just rely on the effectiveness of the product.I will continue to take this S n L and this time the 16 capsules remaining,I'll take it with exercise atleast every morning.

All of us wants to be healthy,Having a healthy body makes you feel healthy.This product helps to loose weight but the most effective way to loose weight is control your self,Have courage and motivate your self that you can do it.

Interested in purchasing Slim n Light ?You can check out their website at
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