Safe and Sound: Nursery and Baby Furniture Safety Tips For A Happier Child

As parents, you do all your best to keep your bundle of joy away from harm. But,  little did you know that the safety of your child may begin right in the comfort of your own home. Beware that most threats are not that discernible.

Creating the nursery of your dreams is not only about selecting an adorable theme and considering paint colors. It is never easy to get engrossed in all the amusing stuff, but you also need to allot time when it comes to finding a safe space for your baby.

Only a few things are important, but most things, while engaging, are unnecessary. To help you out, listed below are some safety tips you can swat to create a safe environment for your child.

Make Your WIndow and Furniture Safe

One of the important things to ascertain that no single furniture will crash and come to rest on your child is the windows and furniture. Focus On Furniture like TV and dresser that is durable enough and safety for your child.  

For instance, to keep your child safe from falling pieces of furniture, and make the room child safety room, make sure you utilize furniture wall straps to fasten the furniture on the wall.

Another alarming incident that can occur in your child’s room, especially when you forget that the window is open, is that the child can crawl out of the window.

As you may know, children are careless and do despicable things. Of course, we don’t want to put our children’s life at stake. Hence, installing a window stopper or a mesh window guard is a good idea.

Avoid Using Secondhand Furniture

Refrain utilizing secondhand furniture for there might be lost parts or other architectural issues that can be bad for the wellbeing of your child. Additionally, older things might not be made up of all the assurance that brand-new models have.

Make sure that all of your furniture reach the present government safety standards. Regularly check the bolts, screws, and other important things to ensure that they are not broken or have loose parts.
Collect Toys In A Smart Way
Collecting toys and putting them aside in boxes or bins without a top covering is necessary according to the Home Safety Council. But if your toy storage boxes do not have a lid, then it should have at least a spring-loaded machinelike arm that prohibits the lid from dropping on your child’s hand.

Or even worse, trapping them inside the box. Organize the toys neatly according to their sizes and types. You can opt for a portable caddie to bring together all the toys, plus you can carry it anywhere in the room.

Be Watchful Of The Cords

Organize the room of your child so that the playpen, crib, and other furniture that are low-standing are distant from the windows. When your child is near the window, there is a possibility that your child will get caught up with window cords.

Window cords are the primary cause of strangulation threat. Make sure that you install window guards, and purchase cordless window lids if viable. If not, you can visit some online stores to order free repair kits.

Do Not Forget About The Outlets

Never overlook outlets, continuously set plug protectors in any vacant electrical outlets, considering that a persistent child can take out protectors out of the sockets. Search for the type of protector that covers completely the plate of the outlet.

Place electrical cords out of sight of your children. Insert the electrical cords behind the furniture or provide cord shorteners. Most children can go through burn injuries and severe shock if they insert things into outlets. Hence, choosing the best kind of outlet cover is critical.

Store Baby Supplies

Be mindful when it comes to proper storage solutions. Items such as baby powder, hand gel, and other baby supplies on a shelf that is out of reach of your child must be properly stored. In case you aren’t aware, consuming care and cosmetic products are one of the primary culprits of intoxicating among children.

Children can be a little curious sometimes, that is why proper storing of baby supplies is critical. Even the smallest amount of a hazardous product can harm your child severely. Lock cabinets and drawers to avoid hurting your child.


Having safe baby household properties and equipment will help you guard your child against harm. There are various safety tips and secure baby furniture which you can avail to make sure that you are giving all your best to make sure that your child is safe and create a child safety proof room.

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