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Nov 6, 2017

You're Never Too Old To Be Stylish: Late 30’s and 40’s Fashion Style Tips For Mom

While your age shouldn't be a factor on how you dress, there is always a difference between what you want towards your 20s versus what you should wear in your 30s. In case you're searching for new outfit motivation now that you've hit the age of 30 or 40, we’ve got your back. The main problem of what to wear in your prime years.

Below are some tips and idea that most women should wear in their 30s.

 It's Not The Fountain Of Youth, But It Sure Is Close! 

You’ve probably heard of the fountain of youth. A mythical entity that has the power to stop you aging and allow you to live your life forever young. Sound familiar? It’s been the MacGuffin in a number of fantasy films due to its legendary magical qualities, and that’s the point. It’s magic and fantasy. Magic and fantasy aren’t real, but science is pretty close.

In the 2011 movie Thor, the mythical God explains that what humans perceive as magic is just advanced science and if you think about it that makes sense. If we could grab someone from the middle ages and show them advance scientific beauty techniques, they would think it was magic. So, rather than searching for the fountain of youth or more likely dreaming of it, perhaps we should turn our attention towards science. It’s likely that this is where the real anti-aging tricks will come from.

Indeed, this is already starting to happen. Just this year, scientists revealed they were testing a drug that would, theoretically, stop the aging process of cells. If you can stop cells from aging, you can also ensure that your body doesn’t age either. You could, essentially, keep your youthful looks for years.

Of course, this research is perhaps still years away from realization. We may not even see that advancement in our lifetime, even if human trials do prove to be effective. However, aside from this, there are other advancements that are on the market right now, many of which are quite impressive. Let’s look at a few and figure out how you can use science to halt the aging process.

Run Your Wrinkles Away

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